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'God:    The humblest Father'
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A N T I C H R I S T  --  photo  ID'd  -  seated  in  Jewish  Temple
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False Prophet  &
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Sir  Isaac  Newton  ID'd  ANTICHRIST
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Jesus :    "FEW  will
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Divine  Warnings  to AMERICA  &  Against  Homosexuality
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Nearing  Tribulation  'Start'   -  IN PLAIN VIEW
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ISRAEL  "Dissolving" Muslim  DOME of Rock
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'Abomination  of Desolation'   Public Synagogue  Rehear- sals  --  In Plain View
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DIVINE  Forewarning to ISRAEL  in today's End Times
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Top  False Prophecy to  America  by  TV Preachers
[ 5:19 VID / ]

These men and many others have  BLINDED a whole generation.    Here's WHY >>
May   16,   2012     /    Worthy  News 
SYRIA'S  Assad   "doomed"  says  Israel's
Defense  Minister  Barak

Added in this section:   Syria / End Times
May   20,   2012      /       Huffington  Post
"Divide  Jerusalem"   for  Mideast  Peace
Debated   by   ISRAEL'S   PM  Netanyahu 
and  Former  PM  Olmert

Added in this section:    coming 3rd Temple
May   25,   2012      /      Fox Insider News
Hundreds   of   Thousands   Could   Lose 
INTERNET   in  JULY   2012   from  Online
Hackers   ---   says  FBI

Added in this section:       News/ Mark of Beast
May   31,   2012    /    Money / CNN News
U.S.A.  Economy  Slows,   Confirms  Eco-
nomic   Weakness;   Job  Market  Dismal

Added in this section:    Crashing  USA / Global Economy           (  "IRREVERSIBLE"  )
June   4,   2012         [prophetic word]
Jesus'  Alarming  Words  to Today's  End  Time  Ministers   &  TV  Religious  Broadcasters

Added in this section:     Heisnear  Prophecies 
June    6,    2012     /   News
Warnings  of  Global  Cyber-Terror   Apo-
calypse  Told  at  ISRAEL  Cyber  Securi-
ty   Conference

Added in this section:     News / Mark of Beast
June    12,    2012      /      Vatican  News
VATICAN  &   ISRAEL  "Make  significant
Progress"    in   nearing   conclusion   of
Agreement           EXCLUSIVE

Added in this section:    News / Mideast Peace
June    17,    2012     /      Telegraph  UK
World  Bank  Chief :        Severe  Global
Financial  Crisis  Ready,     IF  Eurozone         Fails     

Added in this section:   Crashing  USA / Global
Economy            IRREVERSIBLE
June    22,    2012     /     VIS  News  SVC
Benedict  XVI  Warns  Catholics  of  Pen-
tecostals  & Evangelicals  in  L. America
Added in this section:             the  Great  Harlot        
June    24,    2012      /       New   Video
'Mark  of  the  Beast'   sign:       On  1 
Billion  Foreheads  Already    (photos: 
VP Joe Biden, etc )  EXCLUSIVE
Added in this section:           Mark of the Beast        
June    26,    2012      /          AFP  News
Palestinian  Pres Abbas  Urges  Russia's
Putin  to Help  in  Mideast Peace Process
Added in this section:       Russia /  End Times        
July    1,    2012      /           New  Video
ISRAEL  Welcomes   ANTICHRIST   with
Red  Carpet       EXCLUSIVE
Added in this section:              Mideast  Peace        
July    5,    2012      /        Israel  News
Jerusalem   Temple  Mount's   'HOLY  of
Holies'    Location  desecrated  by   Mus-
lims   --   Draws   Quick   Israeli   complaints
Added in this section:      coming  3rd  Temple        
July    11,    2012      /        Worthy  News
"Two-State"   Negotiated  Final  Agree- ment  is  Key  for  Israel  &  Palestinians
---  says  EU  Commission
Added in this section:              EU  /  End Times        
July    23,    2012       /           ABC News
U.S.  Poverty on Track to Highest  since
50  Years  ago  -  Poverty  Spreading at
Record  Levels  in  USA

Added in this section:   Crashing  U.S./ Global Economies            "IRREVERSIBLE"  
July    26,    2012     /      Business Week
Report  Shows  U.S.   DROUGHT  Rapidly
Intensifying,   No  Signs  of  Abating

Added in this section:           USA Birth Pangs
July    30,    2012       /        Israel  News
Jewish  Party  Leader  Calls  for 
ReBuilding  of  Jerusalem  3rd  Temple

Added in this section:       Jerusalem Temple
August     4,    2012        /          J.  Post
Iran  Test-Fires  New  Long-Range  Mis-
sile  --  Israel's  Reply:  "Iran  should be
very  afraid... "

Added in this section:            Iran / End Times
August    10,   2012      /     New Video
ISRAEL  "Dissolving"  Muslim  Dome of
Rock  foundation  --  to Build  3rd  Jeru-
salem  Temple

Added in this section:       Jerusalem Temple
August    15,   2012    /    Worthy  News
IRAN  General:     "Israel  must  be  de- stroyed"         (Ezekiel  38 > spring-loaded)

Added in this section:   Iran/End Times
August    22,   2012     /      Israel  News
Pres.  Candidate  Romney  to  Endorse
Two-State  Solution at  Republican  Con-
vention:    Palestinians  &  ISRAEL  together

Added in this section:    Demise of America
August    27,   2012    /     Haaretz  News
GAZA   needs  urgent  action  now  for
'Liveable  Conditions'   -   U.N. Reports

Added in this section:       Israel / End Times
August    30,    2012    /      New Video
Nearing  Tribulation  'Start'  -  In Plain View  Today  :  [News confirms]

Added in this section:      7  Year Tribulation
Sept    5,    2012       /        New Video
DIVINE  Warnings  Against   Homosex-
uality  -- Sent  Lightning Strikes, Fires
to Gay Capital of World,  S. Francisco
area   (News)

Added in this section:         Divine Warnings
Sept    6,    2012      /       Google  News
Pope  Urged to Recognize Palestinian
State  as   "Guarantee"  towards   Mid-
east   "Lasting  Solution" --- Ahead of
Pope's  Lebanon  visit  next  week

Added in this section:             Mideast Peace
Sept    9,    2012      /        Assoc  Press
Pope Benedict XVI :   Lebanon trip  "is
for  entire  Mideast region"   --  "Whole
world needs  lasting peace in Mideast"
           E X C L U S I V E
Added in this section:             Mideast Peace
Sept   11,    2012      /          New Video
Mideast  VISIT by  ANTICHRIST   --   In
Plain  View          EXCLUSIVE

Added in this section:             Mideast Peace
Sept    16,   2012      /       Telegraph UK
IRAN  Prepares  for  ISRAEL  strike  
[  w/  biggest  defense  tests  in  Iran's  history ]

Added in these sections:      Iran/End Times
and    ISRAEL's  coming  Military  Victory 
Sept    20,   2012      /         New Video
DIVINE  Forewarning  to  ISRAEL   --
In Today's End Times    EXCLUSIVE

Added in these sections:   Israel/End Times
and  Prophecies 
Oct    6,    2012       /           New Video
'Abomination of Desolation'   --   Public
Synagogue  Rehearsals  In Plain View   

Added in this section:    Abomination of Des-
Oct  8,  2012  /  VIDEO
Oct     13,    2012       /        Guardian UK
U.  Nations  Warns  of  Looming  World-
wide  Food Crisis in  2013   [ Rising Food
Prices  Threaten  Global  Disaster & Unrest;   "Global  Food  Supply  Could Collapse at any  time...." ]

Added in this section:   Skyrocketing Prices
Oct     26,    2012        /        New Video
Hurricane SANDY :    NEXT SIGN of Judg- ment  on  US GOVT,  W.House,  N.Y.  & Wash DC  lawmakers  for  their  ABOM-
INATIONS  before God

Added in this section:         America's Future
Oct     30,    2012        /         Fox  News
Hurricane SANDY Aftermath :    8.2 MIL
without  power,  15,000  Airline  flights
cancelled,  "maybe worst  storm  ever"
---  N.Y.  Mayor  Bloomberg

Added in this section:          U.S.  Birth Pangs
Nov     14,    2012     /     Examiner News
Texas  Leads  way  w/  50  other  states
to  SECEDE  from  the  United  States

Added in this section:      Demise of America
Nov     7,    2012        /         New Video
"WORSE"  Judgments  coming  to  U.S.
Govt  Leaders  &  America     (  Leaders,
cities,  states  &  'Why?'  are  ID'd  )
[ prophetic word ]

Added in these sections:   America's Future
and    2013  Ahead
Nov     16,    2012     /         IB Times UK
Israel  calls up 16,000  reserve  soldiers
to  prepare  for  Gaza offensive  (Pales-
tinian  rocket hits ouskirts of Jerusalem
for  1st  time  in  history)   VIDEO >>

Added in this section:              WW3 ....boiling
YouTube  Site >
Nov     21,    2012      /      Rome Reports
POPE  Calls  for  Peace  in  Middle East                                                                    VIDEO >>

Added in this section:              Mideast Peace
Nov     24,    2012        /       New Video
Coming  ECONOMIC  CRASH  -----
100% Guaranteed   [ USA & Global ]
[ prophetic word ]

Added in these sections:      Crashing Global Economy    and  Prophecies
Nov     29,    2012      /       Reuters News
Benedict  XVI    Calls   for   Jerusalem's 
Guaranteed   INT'L  Status   ----   ( Pope
welcomes  U.N.'s  vote  today  in  recog-
nizing  Palestine )

Added in this section:              Mideast Peace
Dec     4,    2012      /        Times of Israel
Vatican   &   Israel   Relation   "Best  in
2000  years"  --  Israel  Pres Shimon Peres

Added in this section:              Mideast Peace
Dec     10,    2012        /          Fox News
Obama  Admin  sends  MUSLIM  Brother-  hood    U.S.   F-16   Fighter  Jets

Added in this section:      Demise of America
Dec     17,    2012       /     Catholic News
Benedict XVI :   "Israeli - Palestine Con- flict  requires  Talks"   /  Meets   w/  Pal-   estine  Leader  Abbas  in  Rome

Added in this section:              Mideast Peace
Dec     23,    2012        /         JTA  News
Netanyahu:  Western  Wall  belongs  to 
ISRAEL  despite  U.N. pronouncements

Added in this section:         Israel / End Times
Jan    7,    2013         /          New Video
Whitney  Houston   ....raised from the dead? 
[ prophetic word / Daniel 11:32 ]

Added in this section:                  2013  Ahead
Aug  5,  2013   /   prophetic  word  for those  who   hear  His  voice  and  are ready  for  His  return
Jan     13,    2013       /       Worthy News
EU   to  Offer  New  Middle  East  Peace
Plan in  March  2013,  Internationalized

Added in this section:                False Prophet
Jan  20,  2013 /   VIDEO (4:48) :
666  "guessing-game"  ENDS  HERE   [ 666  ID'd ]     [ The  FINAL WORD  on  history's  most  controver- sial  number ~ ]
Jan    20,    2013        /            New Video
666   "guessing-game"   ENDS HERE  ---  
[ 666  ID'd ]    The  Final word  on  history's  most   
controversial  number ~

Added in this section:                                   666
Jan     23,    2013        /         BBC  News
International Monetary Fund :    Global 
Economic  Recovery  "Weakening"   ---
thru  2013  &  2014

Added in this section:           Crashing  Global Economy
Jan     31,    2013        /         Jewish  Daily
ISRAEL  &   VATICAN    "On Verge"   of  
Signing  historic  Agreement   -- Danny Ayalon,   Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister

Added in these sections:        Mideast Peace
and    Vatican - Israel  Relations
Feb    6,    2013        /            New Video
Rare  2015  "SIGN"  points to  WW3  &
Final  7  Years     EXCLUSIVE

Feb     25,    2013        /         Wash Post
ISRAEL  Successfully  Tests  Incoming  Missile Defense System    [ ready in 2016 ]

Added in this section:            WW3 ....boiling
March     14,    2013         /           CNN
On 2nd day,  Pope Francis  promises
Chief  Rabbi   "renovated cooperation"  between  Catholics  &  Jews

Added in this section:          Mideast Peace
March     14,    2013        /      EJ Press
ISRAEL  President Peres  Invites  Pope
Francis  to Holy Land:   "Pope can add
bringing  peace"   to  Mideast

Added in this section:           Mideast Peace
March    27,   2013     /     Las Vegas Sun
Pope Francis  reaches out  to Jews &
Muslims,  Urges  "brotherly"  dialogue

Added in this section:          Mideast Peace
April     13,    2013          /         Video
ISRAEL's  New  Wealth enables  Pur-
chase  of  3rd  Temple Gold,  Custom
Stones,  Materials   

Added in this section:               3rd  Temple
April  21,  2013     /     VIDEO  [5 mins] Jolting insight in dealing w/ evil ~
April    25,   2013     /      Times of Israel
U.N.  Calls  for  New  MIDEAST PEACE
Efforts  by  ISRAEL  &  Palestinians

Added in this section:          Mideast Peace
April    30,   2013     /       Reuters News
POPE  accepts   ISRAEL  Pres. Shimon  Peres'   Invitation  to  Israel     [ Pope
Urges  MIDEAST PEACE  Talks ]

Added in this section:          Mideast Peace
May    15,   2013           /             Video
FINAL Prophecies  &  MIDEAST  WAR Ready - [will start "SUDDENLY" : Bible/News]

Added in this section:          WW3 ....boiling
May    29,   2013             /            Video
Israel's  KNESSET  shown  ANTICHRIST's
ID  &  coming  End Time  specifics  

Added in this section:      Israel/End Times
June    6,   2013         /      Times of Israel
Israel  Official  Meets  w/ Pope Francis
RE:  Coming  Historic  Agreement  

Added in this section:         Mideast Peace
June    12,   2013         /           The Blaze
IRS  AGENTS   now   Training   w/ AR-15
Assault  Rifles   ----  
Added in this section:     Demise of America
June    20,   2013           /             Video
FALSE  PROPHET   &   Mark  of  Beast  in
Plain  View,  READY   [News/June 20, 2013]

Added in these sections:      Mark of Beast
&   False Prophet
July    11,   2013       /          CNS News
United  Nations   grinding  VATICAN
RE:  thousands  of Child-Sex Abuse
victims   &   Priests  selling  babies

Added in this section:          Vatican Child-
sex  abuse in News
July    18,    2013          /            Video
[Content Warning]        Discerning  EVIL
SPIRITS  in  TV   Preachers/Ministers

Added in this section:         false prophets
August    20,    2013       /         Video
ISRAEL  ---   Divine  Outpouring  ---
Rapture     [EXCLUSIVE]

Added in this section:         2013  Ahead
the  Lord's  "GLORIOUS"  church
Sept     4,     2013          /           Video
Bible's   'Silence in Heaven'    ID's
Rapture  in  1st  Half  of Tribulation     [EXCLUSIVE]

Added in this section:       Rapture, when?
Sept     12,     2013         /         Video
VICTORY   over  ALL  enemies    
[ID's Timing]    [EXCLUSIVE]

Added in this section:         WW3 ...boiling
Sept    12,    2013    /    UK Telegraph
Top   ISRAEL  Rabbi  confirms  3RD
TEMPLE  ready  to  be  FAST-BUILT,
knows  Ark  of  Covenant  location

Added in this section:     New 3rd Temple
Sept    22,    2013       /        Guardian
POPE  calls  for  Global Economic
system   "without  money  at  its  center"

Added in these sections:        Mark of Beast
and   News/False Prophet
Oct    1,    2013          /          J. Post
PM  Netanyahu  to U.N. :    "ISRAEL
will   stand  alone  if   needed   to
prevent  IRAN  Nuclear  weapons"

Added in these sections:       WW3 ....boiling
and    ISRAEL / End Times     and       VIDEO
OCT    17,    2013      /     UK Reuters
Pope  meets  Abbas;   Pope urges  Israel   &   Palestinians   to  make
peace  w/  International  help

Added in this section:        News/Mideast
Peace  &  Antichrist
OCT    16,    2013      /      YNet News
PM  Netanyahu   to  meet   POPE
Francis  Next  Week  to  Discuss
Mideast  Peace  Talks

Added in this section:        News/Mideast
Peace  &  Antichrist
NOV    1,    2013       /           The Blaze
ISRAEL  officials   dismayed-angry
at  OBAMA's  continued  LEAKS of
ISRAEL's  Military  info  to  Hezbol-
lah   terrorists

Added in this section:        Demise of USA
Your  Offerings  are  KEY in
advancing  the Name of
Jesus at
March  13,  2013     Exclusive VIDEO
100% PROOF Pope Francis
Nov    26,    2013         /              VIDEO
World Leaders  &  "IRAN Deal"   at  GENEVA  a  100%  MATCH  to  End Time Prophecies  --   In Plain View 

Added in this section:        Demise of USA
Nov   10,    2013      /        Israel News
3RD  Jerusalem   TEMPLE   ready
to  be  BUILT  ---  declares  Islamist 

Added in this section:  Jerusalem Temple
Dec 12,  2013 : 
The Day the Lord showed me ANTICHRIST
---- coming to pass 100% Today
TIME  '2013  Man of Year'
WHO'S Hearing?
Dec    16,    2013         /             VIDEO
INT'L  Plan  for   VATICAN  to  con-
trol  TEMPLE  MOUNT presented to
PM  Netanyahu

Added in this section:    Antichrist/Mideast Peace
Dec    2,    2013      /        Vat News Svc
POPE Francis  &  PM Netanyahu  Meet  re:  MIDEAST  PEACE  solu-  tion    "as  soon  as  possible"  

Added in this section:    Antichrist/Mideast Peace      VIDEO  >
Dec    24,    2013          /             VIDEO
Radical  UPRISING  2014: 
USA's   "NATION  within  a  nation"
[prophetic word]

Added in this section:     America's Future
July  1,  2014    (News) 
Jan   20,  2014      /      Vatican  Insider
POPE  Francis  Invites Christians &
Muslims   to   "SHARE  their  faith" 
since  BOTH   have  "SAME  GOD"

Added in this section:         Revelation's False  Prophet
Jan 20, 2014   /   POPE Francis New Controversy  to ERUPT  ---  BILLIONS  to  die.      EXCLUSIVE
Jan   23,  2014     /       Israel Nat'l News
ISRAEL  to  Transer  Holy Sites  to
POPE  during his  MAY  2014  visit 
to  Holy Land

Added in this section:     Mideast Peace/
7  Year Agreement / ANTICHRIST
Feb   13,  2014      /      FOX  News
U.N.  Radical  New Plan Ready to
"Transform World"   into  1-World 
GOVT  Rule

Added in this section:   1-World GOVT
March   5,  2014    /     Israel  News
ISRAEL's  Knesset  forms  Temple Mount  Committee  to  Review
Jewish  Access  to  Mount

Added in this section:    New Jerusalem Temple
Major End Time Prophecy being staged In Plain View    EXCLUSIVE
April   10,   2014     /      US  News
ISRAEL Institute Prepares Priests
for  Jerusalem's  3RD  TEMPLE

Added in this section:    New Jerusalem Temple       
Major End Time Prophecy of  3RD
TEMPLE  preparations  in  ISRAEL
May    3,   2014        /           VIDEO
(to Israel MAY 2014, then Israel at
Vatican JUNE)

EXCLUSIVE, found nowhere else  /  More >
End Time Prophecy In Plain View
Antichrist  in  Israel   /   May  25,  2014  NEWS
POPE   creates  special   MIDEAST  PEACE
Talks  with    Israel  &   Palestine  Leaders
*Also ADDED Recently:
Most Recent 1st:
Major End Time Prophecies
POPE  Francis  Warns  ANY  "personal   relationship  w/  Jesus  is  dangerous" 
SEPT   4,   2014    /     Israel  News :
POPE  Francis   to  former   Pres.  of ISRAEL :    "We  must  join  forces"
in  international  effort  for  peace
SEPT   8,   2014    /     VIDEO :
ANTICHRIST Global Spotlight Ready
SEPT   25,   2014    /     VIDEO :
U.S.  bombs  on  ISIS  readying  ANTICHRIST  appearance
SEPT   28,   2014    /     VIDEO :
MILLION+  Terrorists  within  USA, "ready"   /    35  Muslim  Terrorist Training  Camps  IN  USA,   fully operational         More >
OCT   4,   2014     /    Vatican  News :
POPE  Francis   Advocates/Urges  Sweeping  Comprehensive 
MIDEAST   PEACE   Solution
10AM (et)    Sun, Wed, Fri   Global Broadcasts
OCT   13,   2014     /     VIDEO :
Parable  of  FIG TREE   (ISRAEL)   & 
Top  World  News  events  at  APEX
NOV   7,   2014      /      VIDEO :
2015 - 2016 :   OBAMA  UNLEASHED, Darker Days        More >
NOV   20,   2014      /      VIDEO :
POPE,  ISRAEL -  7  Year Agreement to  give  him  FULL Military  Backing
NOV   30,   2014      /      VIDEO :
Historic  KNESSET  TALKS  Leading to  3rd  Jerusalem  Temple
DEC   12,   2014      /      VIDEO :
POPE  devoutly  TIES  himself  to
DEC   19,   2014      /      VIDEO :
U.N.  Official  declares  "1-STATE" 
a   Nearing  Reality  for  ISRAEL
Dec 27, 2014  /   ISRAEL  set   for  7  Year  Agree-
ment,   Dome of Rock  Removed  &   3rd  TEMPLE
JAN   15,   2015      /      VIDEO :
ISIS  'Global'  Bloodbath  coming  --
[ ID'd  to Knesset,  U.S. CentCom ]
Jan  29,  2015 :      POPE  FRANCIS  to  Lead    U.N.   1-World   GOVT   Official  "SIGNING"   &   LAUNCHING     [News]
MARCH    3,    2015      / 
Jerusalem  Post  News
Historic  First-Ever  ISRAEL  Court  Ruling  Allows  Jews  to  PRAY  on  TEMPLE  MOUNT       More >
MARCH  21,  2015
of  ROME                                  EXCLUSIVE
MARCH    23,    2015      / 
Breaking  ISRAEL  News
APRIL    12,    2015      /       VIDEO : 
1-World  GOVT  Plan  Now SIGNED by  World  Leaders,  ANTICHRIST
APRIL    28,    2015      /       VIDEO : 
POPE   calls  for  WORLD  UNITY, Urges  "Climate  Control  is  Top MORAL  Issue"   (News)
June 14, 2015 
POPE   Publicly  Verifies  Global  Role
as Executioner of  Billions EXCLUSIVE
Global  'LIVE'  Broadcasts
[ Pope;  in  USA  SEPT  2015 ]
June 24, 2015
JULY   14,   2015    /     Israel  News : 
OBAMA  gives  IRAN  Nuclear  Bomb Deal ;     PM  Netanyahu :    "Historic Mistake"   for  world          More >
JULY    27,    2015 
Private  Email  of founder  Rob Conrad  MADE  PUBLIC
AUG   2,   2015   /   Global  Broadcast 
SHOCK  &  AWE  Judgments now Coming  to  USA      (why,   where  these   Unprecedented    "State  of Emergencies"   will  occur)   More >
1 Min VID :      INFO  shocks, changes ENTIRE  perspective  RE:  POPE FRANCIS,  supposed   #1  'Christian'
SEPT   3,    2015    /     Israel  News 
POPE  Meets  w/  ISRAEL  President  RE:   Urgency  for  MIDEAST  PEACE
SEPT  11,   2015    /     VIDEO/ News : 
U.N.   to   Fly  TERRORIST  FLAG  In Time  for  POPE  Francis  U.N. Speech   (in Sept 2015)

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