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Major Bible prophecy soon to be fulfilled ....
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Signing of Mideast Peace  plan  by  Antichrist  (Daniel  9:27;  11:21)
Great  Tribulation
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11)
3  1/2  years
3  1/2  years

The  Jerusalem  Temple Mount  will  continue to  become  the   world's   hottest  location & focul  point  in  the  news  &  world  events of these  End  Times.      It  is sacred  to  the  3 religions   who  desire   the    legal   rights  to  the  MOUNT:    Judaism,   Islam   and   the  Roman Catholic church.      [Zech 12:1-3].

the  coming  3rd Temple...

Bible   prophecy  is   clear   that  once   a   7  year   Mideast  Peace  Agreement  is  signed  by  the   End Time  Antichrist,  then  the  3rd Temple in  Jerusalem  will  be  built  within  the   1st    3  1/2   years   of   the  Tribulation.

Revelation 11:2   clearly speaks of  a  Temple  which  is   already  built  by  the   Mid-7  year point   which  Revelation  pinpoints  as  being Chapter 13:1.      [ see graph below ]

World  reaction  to  the   3rd  Temple:

Without  a  doubt,  the constructing  of   this 3rd Temple   during  this  first   3  1/2  year  period   will   be   a   prime  cause   of    the  massive bloodshed,  terror & death  that  will  occur  worldwide  at  that  time.    A  "fourth"  of  the  earth  will  die  within  months of  the  "start"   of  this  7  year  period,  partly  from war.   [Rev.6:4,8]                 [ see:  W W 3   boiling ]

Abomination  of  Desolation      [Dan.9:27]

Once  it is  completed,  then  Antichrist  will be  the ultimate  world  leader  who will enter into  the 3rd  Temple   at  the  exact  Mid-7 year point  of  the  7 year  Tribulation  period. 
The  man  of   sin    "takes  his  seat  in  the temple of  God,  displaying  himself  as  be- ing  God."    (2 Thess.2:4; Rev.13:1-18; Dan. 9:27).   [ *View News / Abomination of Des ]

This  act will  launch  the Great Tribulation  period,   the  most  horrific &  deathly  3  1/2  year  period  that  will  ever  occur  in   world  history,   all   at   the   hands  of   Antichrist.
1000  year  millienium reign of Christ on earth  (Rev.20:6)   > > > >
Mid-7 year point
Dome  of  the  Rock  in Jerusalem;   1  of   the  most sacred   locations  in  the  world   to  Muslims.
The   "wailing Wall"   [ foreground ]   is   Israel's   most sacred  site,   &  is  only  yards  away  from  the  Dome of  the  Rock.   The WALL  was  reconstructed  with left-over   sacred  stones  from  the  original   2nd  Temple.
[ This simulated  model of  the 2nd Temple    (destroyed   in  70AD)    resembles  the   coming     3rd  Temple's   appearance ]

Today's  Temple  grid  [ shown below ]  is  a  sectioned off   35   acre  lot   in   east  Jerusalem.     The   western wailing   wall   is    the   only   actual   ancient    remains leftover   from   the  2nd  Temple   of   2000  years   ago when   the    Roman   Empire   destroyed   it    in   70AD.
"Third Temple"  event on again;  
  Israel   Gov't.  sanctions  laying  of  cornerstones
  [ "2   4.5  ton  blocks  of  marble  will  be anointed as     cornerstones  for  the  New  Temple." ]
"Muslims welcoming 3rd Jewish Temple..."
"Israel bans Temple Mount ascent of 10,000 Jews"
Dec. 2006  /  "Biblical Tour &  march to the Temple Mount   with  Gershon Salomon"
3rd Temple dialogue  /  News :
[ CURRENT  News  on  the  3rd  Temple ]
the TEMPLE MOUNT,  Jerusalem
the  cause  for  today's  Mideast  wars  and  the Ultimate  PRIZE   for  the   Jews  of  Israel,   the Muslims   and   the   Roman  Catholic  church.
The TEMPLE  MOUNT  is...
Major Bible prophecy in the News...
Revelation 11:2
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Model of the coming 3rd Jerusalem Temple
more>  Rare,  Exclusive  video  inside                          Temple Mount  [including inside                        Muslim Dome of Rock]  YNet News
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Since  the  re-birth of   Israel  as  a  nation  in 1948,   Israel   &  Jews   worldwide  are  even more  keenly  aware  of   the   absence  of  a Jerusalem  temple  for  Jews to  worship in.

After  Israel's  1st  temple  in  Jerusalem  was destroyed  by  enemies, a   2nd  temple  was built   (before  Christ)  only  to   be  destroyed  by  the  Roman  Empire  in  70AD.  

Now,  after almost  2000  years of  having  no temple,  construction  of  the  3rd  Jerusalem Temple   is  a  thriving  dialogue amongst  the Jews  of  Israel.   Prophetically,   this is  right on  time  with  all  other   End  Time  prophec- ies    which  have  divinely  lined  up  together.
Major End Time Prophecy:
Building  the  3rd  Temple
Construction of  the  3rd Jerusalem  temple  will   begin   soon   after    the signing  of   the   7  year  Mideast  Peace   Agree- ment.    [ Rev.11:2 ] 
The  temple  will  be  finished  completely   by  the  Mid-7  year  point.     Revelation   11:2   states  that   the   new  Temple   "will   be  tread  under  foot   by  the  Gentiles  for   42   months",    during   the  next   3   1/2    years   of   Great  Tribulation.
*most  recent  1st
May  2009  /  Jerusalem
Red Carpet  for
the  Pope's  1st  Visit
                 [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
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As Foretold: 
The  World's   #1 Leader   today, Papacy  [Antichrist],   is  NOW  ready   to   TAKE  THE  LEAD  ROLE  in  Mediating   Mideast   Peace with   ISRAEL    [Daniel 9:26, 27] resulting  in  the  building  of   the 3rd  Temple.
Sanhedrin  / Re-convened  2005
to discuss building Jerusalem's 3rd Temple
March   15,   2012   /   2  Min  You Tube  Video  from      
ANTICHRIST  Photo  ID'd  --  seated  in  Jewish  Temple    [  EXCLUSIVE,   found  nowhere  else  ]

March  30,  2011 / YNET
UN  Chief: 
"Divide  Jerusalem"    
[  "a way  must  be  found
... with arrangements   for Holy Sites  acceptable  for  all."  ]
October   25,    2009
Israel  Knesset Members  and Leading  Rabbis
attended  Meeting

December   25,    2009
Model of  Altar  Built by  Israel  Institute:  "....We  really  want  a  Temple ...."
March   18,   2010
Temple  Institute  Petitions   Israel's Supreme Court  to  Offer  a sheep  for Passover  Sacrifice
April    5,    2011   /    YNET
Israel  Rabbi  calls  for
Animal  Sacrifice  on
Temple  Mount
May    4,    2011   /   Israel National   News
More  Jews  going  to  Temple  Mount
June   2 ,   2011   /   Israel National   News
1st  Time:
On  Temple  Mount,
Priestly  Blessing 
Recited  with  hundreds  of  religious Jews
June   5 ,   2011   /   World Net  Daily  News
2nd  Jerusalem Temple Identified  underneath Temple  Mount  by prominent  Israeli  archaeologist   [ ready to  be  excavated ]
December   25 ,   2011   / Israel  National  News
Jerusalem  archaeolo- gists  find  2nd  Temple  priestly   'seal'   under- neath   Temple  Mount
January   12 ,   2012   / Israel  National  News
ISRAEL'S  Deputy Knesset  Chairman declares:  "Temple Mount  is  ours !"
February   15 ,   2012   / Israel  National  News
Key  Zionist  Org  calls on  Israel  GOVT  to  allow  all  Jews  access  to  Temple  Mount
April    3 ,   2012   /  Jewish Press
Jerusalem  Jews  Unite  in  Slaughter  of  Goat,  Preparing   for   Pass-  over   &   Re-Built   3rd  Temple     [ Photos ]
May    20 ,   2012   /   Huff - ington   Post
"Divide  Jerusalem" 
for  Mideast  Peace  Debated  by  Israel's  PM  Netanyahu   &  Former  PM   Olmert
July   5,   2012    /    Israel  News
Temple  Mount's   'Holy of  Holies'    Location  desecrated   by  Muslims  --   draws  quick   Israeli  complaints
July   30,   2012    /    Times of  Israel
Jewish  Party  Leader  Calls  for  Re-Building  of  Jerusalem  3rd  Temple
August    8,     2012    / Israel   News
ISRAEL   "Dissolving"  Dome  of  Rock  Foundation  to  Build  3rd  Jerusalem 
Temple  -   says  PA  TV
August   8,   2012    /     News: Israel   "Dissolving"   Muslim Dome   of   Rock   foundation
--   to   Build  3rd   Jerusalem  Temple
and the Temple Mount
We stand with ISRAEL 100%
Revelation  11:2
He is near
He is near
ISRAEL's  New Wealth enables  Pur- chase  of  3RD  TEMPLE   Gold,  Cus- tom  Stones,  Materials   [ Apr 2013 ]
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July  25,  2013     /      EXCLUSIVE  VIDEO
Historic    VATICAN - ISRAEL   Negotia- tions   leading   to   End  Time   7  Year  Tribulation
ISRAEL   to  give   POPE  "Legal 
Custody"  of  TEMPLE  MOUNT
ISRAEL   to  give   POPE  "Legal 
Custody"  of  TEMPLE  MOUNT
NOV    10,    2013    /   Arutz Sheva    (Israel  News)
3rd  Jerusalem  Temple ready  to  be  Built  ---- says  top  Islam  Sheik
SEPT    12,     2013    /
UK  Telegraph   News
Top  ISRAEL  Rabbi  confirms  3rd  TEMPLE READY   to  be   FAST- BUILT,  knows  Ark  of Covenant  location
Temple  Mount  News
May     8,     2013 
Israel National  News
Temple  Mount 
"by  Next  Year"
August    4,     2013  Jerusalem  Post
ISRAEL   giving  funds towards  building  the
Feb   25,   2014 
Israel National  News
Historic  KNESSET  Debate   tackles  Jewish  rights  &  sovereignty  at  Jerusalem's 
March   5,   2014 
Israel  National  News
Israel's  KNESSET  forms  Temple Mount  Committee  to  review  Jewish  access  to  Mount
April   10,   2014 
US  News
Israeli   Institute Prepares  Priests  for  Jerusalem's  3rd  TEMPLE
*Recent Major News / Videos
3rd  TEMPLE  to 
be  BUILT  by  "MID
7  Year  Tribulation
August  2012  / Dome of Rock foundation eroded away
June   13,   2014 
Israel  National  News
ISRAEL  planning NEW  3rd  TEMPLE 
on  RUINS  of  Muslim DOME  of  ROCK
July   28,   2014 
Israel  National  News
Prime  Jerusalem  Organization  AIMS to  BUILD 
OCT   20,   2014    /  VIDEO
DOME  of  ROCK  to be  "REMOVED"  for 
3rd  Temple  &
Jesus'  Return
DEC   27,   2014    /  VIDEO
ISRAEL  set  for 
7 Years,   Dome of
Rock  Removed  &
3rd  TEMPLE  Built
MARCH   3,   2015   / Jerusalem  Post
Historic  First-Ever  Israel  Court  Ruling  Allows  Jews  to 
Pray  on 
April 10, 2014
*Exact  Meaning  of  1st Blood Moon  on April 15, 2014 / 3rd Temple preparations
JULY   26,   2015   /
ISRAEL  Nat'l  News
Architectural  Plans
Have  BEGUN  to
Build  the  3rd  TEMPLE
( *VIDEO of appearance of  coming Temple )

APRIL   19,   2016   /
Israel's  Temple  Mount Jewish  Priests  call  for Muslim  DOME  of  Rock REMOVED,  &   3RD TEMPLE  Built