Since  "The Late Great Planet Earth"  was  published  in  1970 by  Hal Lindsey,   a whole generation  of  tens of  millions of believers   and   unbelievers   worldwide  have   been   blinded   to critical   BIBLE   topics    by   his   numerous   huge   errors.
Lindsey's book  (and subsequent  books)  then  sparked a  40 year  downline   (1970 - 2010)    of   'copy-and-paste'    authors, Bible scholars  and   prophecy   'experts'   who   have,   to this day, also   perpetuated   Lindsey's   grand   errors.       [itemized  below]

Plus,  since   the  body of  Christ's  pattern  is   to   NOT  study   the scriptures,  but   to   form   their   beliefs  based   primarily   by 'listening'   to  their  favorite  'TV  Preacher'   or  Church  Pastor's opinions,  then  God's  people  are  immediately  open  to  being misled   and    to   believing   deceptions   and    false  doctrines.  

Mr.  Lindsey's   original  root  mistake   is  having   studied   these deeper  crucial  topics  of  God's  Word   by   his   'natural  mind' instead  of  by   being   taught   by   the   anointing  of   the  Spirit  as God   requires.        [1 John 2:27]

Virtually  ALL  of   this   generation's   popular   but   blind   Prophecy speakers  and  authors  in   Lindsey's   downline   also   used   their 'natural  minds'   [1Corinthians 2:14]    resulting  in  gross  errors, gross  negligence   to   Gods   people   and    misleading   millions.

According   to   the   Lord  Jesus,   this   is    one    aspect   of   what makes  a   Bible  teacher   false.    Namely,  when   he   'misleads' others  away   from   God's  Word.        [Matthew 24:4,11, 24]

Other  popularized  prophecy  'experts'  in  America  who  are  also on   public  record,   to this day,   of   holding   Hal  Lindsey's failed   views   and/or   offshoots  of   these   views  are:    Pastor John Hagee,  Jack Van Impe,   Perry Stone,  Grant  Jeffrey,  Tim  La Haye,    Hilton  Sutton,    Chuck  Missler,    David   Reagan,     Joel Rosenberg ,  Dr. Irvin  Baxter,  Jerry Jenkins  and  numerous  others.

Scripturally,  these  must  be  labeled  as   'false  teachers'

At  this point  until  they  repent,   today's  TV  Prophecy  celeb- rities   and   applauded   Prophecy  authors   must   be   viewed   as false  teachers   since   they   grossly    'mislead'   God's   people.

In  fact,   many  of   the   very   KEY  crucial   topics   which   the Lord  Jesus   foretold   for   His   followers   in    today's   End  Times to  "see"  accurately  in  order  to   "know He is near",   are  the very  topics  completely  distorted  out  of  shape   by   Lindsey   and his   unanimous   prophecy   knock-offs.          [Matthew 24:33]

Contrary  to  the  naive  notions  of   many   believers  today,  God's true,  bonafide,  anointed  and  called   Ministers  are  NOT  those who  have  a   mixed  bag  of   truth   COUPLED  WITH    false teachings  like  the  men  mentioned  here.   Nor do God's true bond-servants  teach 'mostly' accurate  teachings but  coupled with   some   'huge errors'   at   the  same  time.   

Nor  will  God's  true  prophetical  ministers  and  End  Time teachers  be  those  who   will    IN  ANY  WAY   mislead   and  blind other  souls  to   the   truth    as    these   men   already   have.     The body  of  Christ's  EYES  are  beginning  to  open  up  to   this sobering   fact.     

Try   to   imagine   if   Moses   would've   come   down   from    the mountain  top   with   'partially'    right   commandments   from  God. Or,  try  to  picture  the  Apostle Paul   having  written   two-thirds  of the   New  Testament,   yet   still    teaching   some    'huge  errors' at   the   same   time   which   'mislead'    God 's   people.

But, God's  true  5-Fold  ministers (apostles, prophets, evang- elists,  pastors,  teachers)   are  those  who  are  totally  accurate in  their   teachings  of   God's  Word   and  on   the  topics   they  expound   on   or   write  about.     His  true  Prophecy  Teachers  'handle  accurately  the  word of  truth'    [2Timothy 2:15]   and  in   no   way   will    'mislead'    God's   children  on   ANY   account.

For   today's   popular   TV  Preachers   like    Hal  Lindsey,   John Hagee,  Jack  Van Impe  and  Tim  La Haye  who have  spent  much if   not   all   of   their  concentrations   for   20, 30, 50   years   writing and   speaking   about    "prophecy",   then   it   will   take  great humility   for  them  to  recognize  and   receive   correction   on  their many  grave  errors  which  have  blinded  so  many  millions,  even reaping   financial   rewards   from   God's  unsuspecting   flock.

What  is  God's  Wisdom  through  all  of  this  MAN-MADE  confusion  and  blindness?

Dear friends:  God is not mocked.  (Galatians 6:7).   Although  Lindsey's  1970   errors  still   blind  the  masses  today,  God  has  used  this  last  40  year  time  period  of   blindness  to   ready   His  people  for  the  most  EYE-OPENING  explosion of  global  awareness of  Christ's  Nearness in  20  centuries,  exactly as  scriptures  foretell   for   today's  End  Times.

During  this  generation's  100%  indoctrination  to  Hal  Lindsey's  false  teachings  since  1970,  God  has  also  allowed   the   global  scenario  to  PRECISELY  shape  up  into  an  INEVITABLE  APEX  right  now  for  fulfillment.     As  stated,   this   includes  the  imminent  foretold  explosion  of  global  awareness  of  the  Nearness  of  Christ's  Return   and   the   approaching   'start'   of  the   final  Tribulation.        [Link below:   The coming Final Move of God]

Literally,  NOW  is  that  very  time  for  God's  people's  EYES  to SNAP  OPEN   to  the   'elephant  standing  right  in  the  middle of the  front  room'   of  this  generation.   Namely, Antichrist  and ALL  foretold   End  Time  events   on  the   world's  stage   today.

Interestingly,   today's  exalted  Prophecy  'experts'  named   here may   very   well   be   some   of   the   last   to    have   their   EYES OPENED  since   they   may  prove  to  have  more  desire  to   hang onto  their  own   reputations   rather  than,  in  humility,  embracing the   truths  of   God's   Word.


BELOW   are   the   PRIME  Crucial   Errors  of   "The Late Great Planet  Earth".    As  emphasized,  these  giant  errors  have literally  caused  a   whole  generation   for  40  years  to   be  100% BLINDED,  including   to   Antichrist's  identity   and  his  physical presence  on   the   world   stage   right  now    and   as   precisely shown   at   with   jolting   clarity:  


"2  men  coming":

Without  question,   this  concept   is   the  biggest  blinding  error originated by Hal Lindsey.   This  false notion  by  itself  has  caused untold  millions  of  God's  people   and   unbelievers  to  continually ponder  over   Lindsey's   mysterious   "2 men".    Not  to  mention Lindsey's   own   obvious   public   bewilderment   about   "who these  2  men  could  possibly  be?".    But,  scriptures  specific- ally    show   'only  1  man'   is  coming,   not   "2".        [Links below]

Amazing,  how  millions  submit  to  Lindsey's  'expertise'   about 'Antichrist',    yet   he    leaves   them   empty-handed   every   time.

His   books   erroneously   state  an   'unknown  first  man:    Anti- christ'    will  come  out  of   the   woodwork    in   the    End  Times, and  at   sometime  in  the  future.    Everyone  knows  that   this   is Hal  Lindsey's   devout   teaching   all   along   since  1970.

The  topic  of  Lindsey's   '2nd  person:  the  false prophet'   is passed  by  completely  in  his  discussions,  calling  him  Anti- christ's   'sidekick'.   Amazingly,  for  40  years  now,   any  mention of   the   topic   of   the   'false  prophet'   by   today's   Prophecy 'experts'   is   left  100%  untouched.    Not  even  a  mention of  it within   the  body  of  Christ  as   well. 

However,  as  scriptures  precisely  show   and   as   is   elaborated on  thoroughly  in   "Here is Wisdom"  ('84)   and    "Two Beasts Rising"  (2007),     the   false  prophet    is   the   SOLE   evil   man of   sin   himself,   and    one-and-the-same-man   as   Antichrist.

The  Apostle  John,   the  Revelator,   clearly  understood   this   even during  the  Patmos  Isle  vision  itself.    Again,  this  is  made simple   and  clear   in   these   2   books   and   in   numerous topical   sections  of          [Books/Links  below]

"No one can know who Antichrist is !"

This incredible blunder totally contradicts the Bible's vast amounts of information provided  to us  about  Antichrist.   God  isn't   in  the business  of   keeping   His  people  in   the  dark  about   Antichrist
as  Hal  Lindsey   has  ingeniously   pawned  off  to  this  generation.

To  the  contrary.    The  Bible  even   names   its   critical    infor- mation    about    Antichrist's   identity   to   be   God's  'wisdom'.  [Rev 13:18 / 17:9].     Today's   'experts'   do   not   have   this  wisdom.

In  effect,   Hal   Lindsey's   own   total   blindness  as   to   'who antichrist  is?'   has  been  successfully   sold   for   40   years   to this   generation   which   has   taken    the    bait    'hook-line-and-sinker'.

The    anti-Biblical  idea   saying   that    "No one can know who Antichrist is!"   has  completely  misdirected   God's  people  and unbelievers  globally,   causing   millions  of   readers   and   hearers to  UNANIMOUSLY   jump   into  the   'Antichrist  guessing-game' for   over   4   decades   now.

This  false  statement  coupled  with  Lindsey's   first   mistake    ["2 men coming"  theory]   have  so  completely  blinded God's people  and   unbelievers   worldwide   that   many   people   today don't    bother    giving    the    topic    a    serious    second    thought.
They  simply   have   accepted  the   false  concept   that   "Nobody knows.......".

Even  secular  TV  Networks,  like  CNN,   have   thrown   their   own 'hats into the ring'   about    Antichrist's   identity.    They've  also reaped  the   financial   rewards  from   a   global   audience   who thirsts  for  the  truth,   but  still   receives  the   frenzied   copy-and-pasted   speculations  all   originating   from   Hal  Lindsey's  1970's major  blunders.    Hundreds  of   End  Time   websites   add   to today's   blindness  and   confusion   about    Antichrist's   identity.

Again,   to  reiterate,   scriptures  show   that    to   remain   blind    to Antichrist's   identity   is   a   critical   mistake,    even    potentially eternally  accursed   when  considering   the   'mark  of  the  beast'.

So  far,   this   generation  continues  to   leave   it   up  to  today's Prophecy   'experts'   while  continuing   to   buy  up   their   Prophecy books  filled  with  errors  and  speculations  at   record-setting  paces.    At  the  same  time, today's  blind  prophecy preachers/authors   reap  the   financial   gains   from  continuing   to perpetuate  their  own  confusion  of  having  NO  CLUE  about Antichrist's  identity.    Literally,  it  is   the   'blind-leading-the- blind'   scenario  when   it   comes  to   the   topic  of   "Antichrist".


When  Revelation 13:18   named   this  number,   it   was   precisely understood  by  the  Apostle John  the  Revelator,  even during  the  vision  itself.    It  also  was  understood  by  the  first century  believers   themselves,   and   for  centuries   later. 

In fact,  as  made  simple  and  clear  at   [Links below],   scriptures   themselves  and   a    simple   quick   look   into first  century  history   confirm   the   fact   that    '666'   was  the numerical  equivalent   of   Caesar   Nero's    name.   

This  is   part  of   the   scriptural    'wisdom'   of  God    [Rev 13:18] regarding  the  False Prophet's  (Antichrist)   exact   origin  being from   ROME,   as   was   Caesar  Nero's   Leadership   origin.    

John  the  Revelator   immediately   understood   this   when   seeing '666'   [Nero's  own  number]   being   applied   to   the   forthcoming False Prophet  of   the  End  Times.

However,   Hal  Lindsey  and  all  other  prophecy  Preachers today  UNANIMOUSLY   make  no  substantive  reference  to  this MAJOR   Bible   'wisdom'   whatsoever,   except   in   rare  passing speculations.

Again,  Lindsey  using   his   'natural mind'   in  his   Bible  studies for  40  years,  comes  up  with  another  huge  mistake  of  believing and   teaching   that   "666  is  the  mark  of  the  beast".   

But  as  scriptures  show,   666  has  absolutely  nothing  to  do  with the    "mark of the beast".         [Link below]     

Again,   Lindsey,  John  Hagee,  Jack  Van Impe,  Grant  Jeffrey, Hilton Sutton  and  Tim La Haye  are  the  most  recognizable  Prophecy  Preachers  and  authors  of  dozens  of  ill-informed  teachers   who   STILL   believe   and    teach   this   major   error.

"Antichrist  will  die,   and  satan  will   miraculously  raise  him  from  the  dead!"         -- Hal Lindsey / 1970

This  is  definitely  the   most  ridiculous   false  statement   made today  regarding   Antichrist.   This  incredible  belief  is  devoutly held   and    taught   by    Lindsey   and    the    other   false   teachers just   mentioned.    

This  belief   actually   epitomizes   the   total   blindness    and   pure folly  of    Hal  Lindsey   and    today's    Prophecy    preachers   and authors   who   hold   to   this   kind  of   tomfoolery.

Their   attributing   of   resurrection  power   to   satan    is   in   line with   blasphemy   and    insults   the    integrity   and   glory   of    the finished   eternal   work   SOLELY   conquered   by   Christ   at    the Cross.   

In  fact,   satan   can't  and  won't    raise  anybody  from  the dead.    God  alone  has  this  power!    Not  to  mention  the  fact that   there   is   not  1  Bible  passage    which   even   remotely suggests  that  the  devil  could  ever   'raise a person  from the dead'  as   promulgated  by   Lindsey,  Van Impe,  Hagee,  La Haye and   countless   other   blind   Prophecy   enthusiasts.

Their  major  blunder  is  in   their   misinterpreting  of  Revelation Chapter  13's  1st  Beast.    Revelation   itself   specifically  defines it   to  represent  exclusively   world   history's   successive   beastly '7  kingdoms',    including   the    final    End   Time    Euro-kingdom itself,   headquartered  in  Rome.       [Link:   1st  Beast - Revelation]
However,  in  1970's   'Late Great Planet Earth'   Lindsey   wrongly concocted   this  1st  Beast   to   "also  represent   a  man,   or Antichrist  himself".   As  a  result  of  this  monstrous  error, Lindsey's   '2  men  theory'   was   born   and   sprang   forth   for the   next   40   years   as   the    single-most   blinding   false teaching   of   this   generation   in   terms   of    critical    End  Time topics.    Like  Mr.  Lindsey himself,  untold  millions  worldwide today   are   still    looking   for    his    "unknown  2  men".       


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