Chapter 5
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Two Beasts Rising /  book - July  2008

The  term  “antichrist”…

Variations  of   “antichrist”   are   used  only   5   times  in   the  Bible.   (I  John 2:18   (2x),    v.22,    1 John  4:3,  2  John 7).    It  also   is  used  to  describe  the   future  evil   man  commonly  called    the   “antichrist”.     The   term   is   also  used   to   generally   describe   anyone   who    “denies    that  Jesus  is   the   Christ”     (I John 2:22)     causing   John   to   also   say    “many  antichrists    have  arisen.”    (I John 2:18).       He   also   stated  of   anyone   who  might  oppose   Christ  that    “This  is  the  antichrist,   the  one  who  denies  the  Father  &   the  Son.”   (I John 2:22).    When    he   said    that    “you  heard   that    antichrist   is  coming”    (I John 2:18),   he  is  referring to      the   coming   End  Time   man  of   sin      John   also   uses   the    term   to    refer   to   the    general  spiritual   mindset    that   denies  Christ   &   which    “is   coming”    upon  the   earth   in    the   Last  Days.    Today,  this  mindset  is  prevalent  globally  as  predicted  for  the  End  Times.

But,   John   referred   to  the   coming   'man'   as    “antichrist”   only  once   in   his   letters  in   90 AD.    [1John 2:18].       5  years  later   in   95 AD's   vision   John   was  given  a   closer   look    at   this    1-man,     naming   him    as    a    'False Prophet'    in   Revelation   numerous   times.

In  fact,  John  never  uses  the  term  'antichrist'   even  once   throughout the  book of  Revelation,
having  recognized  the  coming  evil  man's   more  crystallized  profile  to  be   a   'false prophet'.

Not    “2”    men   coming…..  

Within   the   body   of   Christ   today   (especially  in   the  USA)    there   exists  the   erroneous  teaching   that   there   will    be    2  men    coming   in   the   Last  Days.     So   far,   this   in- accurate   teaching   actually   enhances   the   deception  of   who   the   antichrist   really   is   &    his    true   profile   as   shown   in   scriptures.      Ironically,   some   of    today's   top   prophecy  authors   &   teachers    who   have   been   instrumental   in   popularizing   "Bible Prophecy"   are    the   same   authors   who   have   steered   God's   people   into   a   lull   &   scriptural  blindness   concerning   several   key   &   vitally   important   End  Time   topics.     

In  addition  to   "Here is Wisdom's"    accurate   teaching   concerning    "just  1   man  coming",    other   mishandled    topics   by   today's   popular   authors   are   also   handled    accurately   in   this   book   including:    the   true  profile  of   the   man  of  sin,     the   true   "timing"    (not  the  day  or   hour)    of   the   Rapture,      the   true  meaning  of   "666",      the   accurate   teaching    of    the    "mark of the beast"    &   the   true   meaning   &   profile  of   the  "Great Harlot"    of    Revelation.

But,   today's   popular  yet   erroneous   teaching  on  this  topic  of    "antichrist"    tells  us   that  there   are   "2  men"   coming  in  the  End  Times:   an    “antichrist leader”   possibly of  military   stature   plus   the   false  prophet,   the    “2nd   man”.      But,   with  close  study  of  this   Bible   topic,    it   is   100%   clear  that    there  is   not  1   scripture    that   even   remotely   suggests   that   there  are    “2   men”   coming.

the   "beast  with  7  heads  & 10  horns" :     a   "Kingdom"  ONLY,    NOT   a   MAN

Most   all    Bible   scholars   &   prophecy  authors   all   agree   that   this   1st    “beast  with   7   heads  &  10   horns”    (of  Rev.13:1-10)    most  definitely    symbolizes  the   Bible's   history  of   the    7    world    kingdoms    on   earth,      including   the   final   (7th)   kingdom     based   in   western   Europe.  

In   fact,     this   is   the   only   scripturally  accurate   interpretation.     This  is   because   John    himself   conclusively   exlplains   this    1st   beast's    exact   meaning   in   Revelation   Chapter  17:8-13.       [ In  Chapter  8   of   this  book,   this   "governmental"    beast   is    elaborated  on.].

But,   today's   error   in   believing   that   there   are    "2  men  coming"    stems  by   interpreting   this   beast   not   only   as    a     “kingdom”   (which is accurate)   but   also   as   representing    “a   man”,      the      “antichrist”     figure   himself.       As   emphasized,    this  inaccurate   belief    has    blinded   most   of    today’s    people    (both  believers  &  ministers)     as    to   the    true    profile  of    the  man  of   sin.        Most    believers  &   prophecy     "experts"    are  still   looking    for     “2   men”.        How   many   prophecy-books   have   been   written   by   authors   who  still   ponder   the    mystery   of   antichrist    who      “might   even   be   alive  somewhere  today.…”  ?      
Typically,   any   mention   of    the     “false  prophet”     from    authors   or   USA    ministers   is     minimal    or     goes    unmentioned    altogether.        This   current   blindness   amongst   Bible  teachers   &    the    body   of   Christ   epitomizes    (up  until  now)     the    words  of   the   Lord   concerning   the    End   Times.        He   said,     “Many   will   be    misled,   even   the  elect   (God’s   people)    if    possible.”            (Math.24:24). 

John  saw    "these  2"    in  the  vision:      1  man   &   1   beast

In   today's   false   notion   of     "2  men  coming",     the  other   key   mistake  commonly  made    deals   with   the   verse   in   Rev.19:20.      Here,   the   Apostle  John  sees  the   final  doom  of  the    2    beasts   of    Rev. Chapter 13.       Rev.19:20   states   that     "...these   2   were   thrown   alive   into   the   lake  of   fire.....".         Top  prophecy  authors   immediately   use   this   verse   to   wrongly   &   amazingly   support   the    "2  man"    theory.

However,    from   Apostle  John's   perspective,    "these  2   live"     beings    were   clearly    diff- erentiated   earlier    in    his   vision   to   be   a     "false prophet"    [obviously  1  man / Rev.16:13]   &    the    "governmental"    beast    "with   7   heads  &  10  horns" .  (Rev.17:8-13).     In   fact,  to    make   double-sure   of   this   in   Rev.19:20,     John   starts  out   by   clarifying   this   again.   He   states,     "And   the   beast   was   seized    (with   7 heads & 10 horns)   &   with   him   the   false prophet....".         So   to   John,     "these  2"    (in  Rev.19:20)     are   exactly   consistent   with   what   John  had   differentiated   earlier.       Namely,   he   saw     only   "1   man"     (false prophet)    along   with   the   monstrous    "live"    beast    (with  7  heads  &  10  horns) .     Both   of    whom    were     "alive"     as    they    were    "thrown  into   the   lake  of   fire."        So,   no   "2  men"    theory   has   any   merit   here   whatsoever.

There   is    one   more    important   point   to   clarify   in    Rev.19:20     since    many   prophecy  authors   have    drastically   mishandled   this    verse   in    their    efforts   to   create   their     "2  men"    concept.        The   verse   simply   states   that    the    "beast"     (with  7   heads  &  10 horns)    was  thrown   into  the   lake  of   fire    "and  with  him"     the    false  prophet.      Here,   incredibly,    prophecy   authors   have   twisted   the    word    "him"    to   also   mean   that   the   beast   with   7   heads  &  10 horns   is    also    their    made-up    "antichrist-man".      However,   this   term    "him"   in    this   context   is   simple   &   common   everyday  language.    Obvious- ly,   calling   this    "governmental"     beast     "him"    is    no    different   than    if    John    (or  anyone  else)    were   to    refer    to    some    other     "live"   animal     (like   a    bear,   a   lion   or   even   a   household    "pet")     as   "him".         Neverthetheless,    many   so-called   Revela- tion     "experts"     continue   with   this   obvious  &   elementary   mistake.

Only   1   man  coming:      the   False Prophet            [Rev.13:11;  Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10]

The   Bible    is    clear   that     just    “1”   man   is   coming     in   the   End   Times.       Script-urally,    the     “false  prophet”    is     himself    the    sole     “antichrist”.         The   Apostle  John    himself     knew     this     in    viewing    both   beasts    of    Revelation  Chapter  13.        Of   the    first    beast,      John    only     referred    to    it     as      “the   beast”      or       “the   beast   with   7    heads    &   10    horns”.    (Rev.13:1-3).        But,   John     later    uniquely    identifies     this     2nd   beast     (Rev. 13:11)   as    also     a     false  prophet”,    obviously   a    man .  (Rev.16: 13,  19:20,   20:10).        Clearly,    John   specifically   pointed    to    a      false  religious   leader     who    will    appear    on     the     world’s     stage    in     the    End   Times.       John     provides    alot    of    insight   about    this    religious   fraud     in    the   book  of    Revelation   of    whose  full    profile    is     laid    out    in    the    next    Chapters  6    through   10     with   joltng   clarity.
Dozens of  shocking  Headline News  articles  spotlight  him  as  ready  NOW   to   fulfill  his  role.

This    false  prophet   is   also   called   by   Paul     “that   wicked  one”,      “the   man  of   law- lessness”,      the     “son  of  destruction”    &     “the   one   whose   coming   is  in   accord  with   the    activity   of    satan,     with   all   power   &   signs   &    false   wonders   &   with   all    the    deception    of    wickedness    for    those    who    perish….”.        (2  Thess.  2: 3-10).        

The    prophet   Daniel    also    names   him   as      “a    despicable   person”     (Dan.11:21),     a     “king….insolent   &   skilled   in   intrigue”    (Dan.8:23),     a     “little  horn  with  eyes”    (Dan.7:8)     &      “the   prince   who    is   to   come”    (Dan.9:26)     to   mention   a     few   of    Daniel’s   ref- erences    to    this    1   man.        Clearly,    all    3    writers     (Daniel,   Paul   &   John)      are    unanimous    in     pinpointing     just   1   man     (not  2)      who    will    appear    in    the    End  Times:    the  False Prophet.
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