The End Times
and   IRAN
Iran's  Next  Move   in   Today's  End  Times
[ Ezekiel  38:5  specifically  names  [Persia]  IRAN's  next  move ]
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Russia  in the End Times
3  1/2 years
Return of Christ  / War of Armageddon
[Rev.19:11, 19]

Final Day of
<==    7  year Tribulation Period    ==>
Russia attacks Israel; 
The Bible specifically names  IRAN  & other countries who join in...

Iran's  next  move  in  Today's  End  Times
     [   Ezekiel  38:5   >   names    Iran's   (Persia's)    next  move   ]

July    9,    2008   /    BBC  News
Iran  Launches  9  Test  Missiles
[   including  1  able  to  strike  Israel   ]
Feb   25,   2009   /   Global Security News
Russia,   Iran to  Sign  10  Year  Nuclear  Fuel  Contract
December   16,   2009    /    Fox  News
Iran  Test-Fires  Its  Longest-Range  Missile
[   "...capable  of  hitting  Israel....."   ]
Dec 16, 2009 / Fox News >
Jan   21,   2010    /    YNet  News
RUSSIA  to  start  Iran  Nuclear  Plant  in  2010
IRAN   and   Russia   are  already teamed   together   exactly  as  foretold  for  today's 
End  Times.
ISRAEL  will CRUSH  them ALL  in  1  day ~
Aug   19,   2010    /    Fox  News
Military  Strike  (by  Israel)  could  Delay,  Not Stop, IRAN'S  Nuclear Program,  Officials say
Nov   26,   2010    /    Fox  News
Mystery  Computer  Virus 
Infiltrates  and  Cripples   IRAN's
Nuclear  Capablilties,   escapes  undetected     ( top  computer scientists  baffled )
Jan    31,   2011      /      ABC  News
IRAN's   continued  efforts  for  Nuclear  Weapons  into   2012 
YNet  News  / Feb   4,  2011
Riots  in  EGYPT  a  Sign 
of   Islamic  Awakening
Riots  in  Alexandria
IRAN'S  Khamenei
Iran / Long-Range missle test
Feb   18,   2011    /    Daily  Mail  News
IRAN's   Warships  Provoking
Israel,   Egypt  approves
Muammar Gaddafi
and  LIBYA,  TURKEY &  Ethiopia
June    7,   2011    /    Jerusalem  Post
IRAN  sends  Fleet  of  submarines  into  Red  Sea  for  1st  time;     ISRAEL  concerned
Iranian Submarine Fleet
Iranian  patrol  ship  in  Persian  Gulf
June    28,   2011    /    Reuters
IRAN   fires  14  Test  Missiles  with  America   &   ISRAEL  as  future  prime  targets

The  next   prophetical  event  for  IRAN   in   these  End Times  is  clearly  laid  out  in   Ezekiel 38   where  IRAN is  named  as  one  of  the  countries  who  will  join  with  Russia     ['king from the north']      to   converge  on   the mountains of  Israel   in   their   End  Time  attack  upon  the   Holy  Land.     This  event   will   take  place  in   this generation  &  is   already   in  the  process  of   building  into   its   prophetical   fulfillment   as   today's   Headline  News  clearly   presents.         [ links below ]

HoweverGod's  written  word  emphatically  states  the near-future  result   of   IRAN's   effort   to  come against  Israel    will   be    IRAN's   quick   &   decisive  defeat  by   ISRAEL  &   on   the   very   mountains  of    ISRAEL.
So,   according   to  the   written  word  of  God,  IRAN's recent   threat  of   hate  to    'WIPE  ISRAEL  OFF  THE  FACE OF THE  MAP'    will   in   no  way   ever  happen.  In  fact,   Iran's   armies  will  NOT  lay  even  one  finger  upon   the   Holy  City  of  Jerusalem.

To  the  contrary,  IRAN  &  her  armies are  soon  to  be- come   a    global   embarassment   by   the   warriors  in  the   Holy  Land  of   Israel   when    Israel's   military   will  carry    out    a    miraculous   &   crushing   DEFEAT   of  BOTH   Russia's   and   Iran's   military   personnel  who  dared    to    come   against    Israel   on   her   very   own  mountains     [Ezek. 38:1-23]

An   ARAB  -  MUSLIM   unity    in   the  attack

Although   Russia    [King of the North]    will   LEAD   this  coming  convergence  on   Israel  the   Arab - Muslim  countries   who   join   Russia    are   the    prime   mo-  tivating    force    sparking   the   military   attack.  

These   are  the   proven  terrorist-type   nations   who  are  bold   and   public   today   about   wanting    Israel's  destruction.     Namely,    IRAN,   Libya,   Syria   and  Turkey,     to   name   a   few.

Today's  sudden  turmoil  and   internal   uprising  in  EGYPT   [as  of   Jan  2011]    will   continue   to   fuel  today's  ARAB-MUSLIM   hate   towards   Israel   in  nearing  this  inevitable  Russian -  Arab - Muslim  convergence   upon   the  mountains  of   Israel   as  foretold    in    Ezekiel   and    Revelation.

It   will   occur   just  after   the    'start'   of   the   fast-  approaching   7   Year   Tribulation.      [ News / WW3 boiling ]

The  Mideast   boiling   pot    has  obviously   already  captured    the   world's    eye   and    will    now   grow  more   noticeably   intensified   towards   Tribulation.
Sept    4,   2011    /    BBC  News
IRAN'S   Nuclear  Plant   is  Con- nected  to   its  Electricity  Grid     [  Israel, other nations express  fears  of  potential  nuclear  weapons  ]
Ezekiel 38:1-23
Nov    2,    2011     /     CNN  News
IRAN  threatens  to  'punish'  any ISRAELI   attack
Deceased October 2011
I S R A E L ' S    V I C T O R Y
Nov    10,    2011     /     Fox  News
IRAN'S  Top  Leader  Warns  USA,  Israel   Against  Military  attack
Dec    28,   2011    /     Huffington  Post
IRAN   begins  10-day  Naval  show  of  strength  near  strategic  OIL  ROUTE  passing 
through  Strait  of  Hormuz
Dec  28,  2011  /   News   > >
IRAN Navy Chief briefs media
Jan     2,    2012     /     MSNBC
IRAN   test   fires   2nd   long-range  missile  that  could  hit  USA,   Israel
Jan    25,   2012    /     W. Journ  News
IRAN   preparing  now  for  Armaggedon
Feb    18,   2012     /     CNN  News
IRAN'S  warships  sail  into
Mediterranean  provoking 
tensions  with  Israel
Feb 2012  /  Iranian warship in Suez Canal
Prophecy in the News TODAY
Ezekiel 38 & 39:   spring-loaded
100% PROOF of  Christ's  Nearness   [ 2 min Video / *in Jesus'  own words ]
Feb    22,   2012    /    Huffington Post
RUSSIA  warns  Israel  not  to  attack  IRAN    (or  catastrophic  consequences)
March    19,    2012    /    RT  News
SWIFT Reaction:   IRAN   "will retaliate"   by  closing  Strait 
of  Hormuz
The Bible's  MAJOR END TIME PROPHECY  of  Ezekiel  38 & 39 has  become  SUDDENLY  READY  WITHIN  a  short  12  MONTH period    [  *from   Feb  2011    thru    Feb  2012  ]   :

As of  Dec 31,  2011   with  USA's  total  withdrawal  of  troops  in IRAQ, then a CLEAR PATHWAY exists now for  IRAN's army & tanks  to  storm  westward,   UNHINDERED,   towards  ISRAEL'S 'mountains'  as  Bible  Prophecies   (Ezekiel 38 & 39)    foretell   will occur   after  the  'start'   of   Tribulation

Also,  as  of   February  2011,    LIBYA   also  now  has  a   SUDDEN CLEAR  &  FRIENDLY  PATHWAY   to  drive   their  army  &  tanks right   through  EGYPT  &   into   ISRAEL,  as  foretold.    This  re- sulted  with   the   sudden  ousting  of  Egypt's  30  year  dictator Hosni  Mubarek   who   was  friendly  towards  ISRAEL and   was immediately  replaced with  the  terrorist  organization  Muslim Brotherhood,   hateful  towards   ISRAEL.     Ethiopia  will  follow.      

All of this points to the greatest End Time Prophecy of all:   the  Nearness of  Christ's  Divine  Return  to  this  generat ion ~     Rob Conrad /
July    7,    2012    /     USA  Today
IRAN   has  Plan  to  Close  Strait  of  Hormuz,  where
one-fifth  of  world's  OIL
is  shipped
August    4,    2012     /      J. Post
IRAN   Test - Fires   new   Long- Range  Missile  -  Israel's  reply:  
"Iran  should  be  very  afraid..."
August   15,   2012   /    Worthy  News
IRAN   General:   "Israel  must
be  destroyed"
August   8,   2012    /     News: Israel   "Dissolving"   Muslim Dome   of   Rock   foundation
--   to   Build  3rd   Jerusalem  Temple
2:53 secs
Sept    16,    2012    /     Worthy  News
IRAN   Prepares   for   ISRAEL  Strike   ( with biggest defense  tests  in  IRAN   history )
Today  > >
Nov    25,    2012    /     Worthy  News
Israeli  spy   satellites   spot
IRANIAN  ship  being  loaded   with  rockets   for  GAZA  strip
Nov 25, 2012   /   Iranian Fajr-3 Missile Test
Hassan Rouhani
Hassan Rouhani / Nov 2013
Nov    29,    2013     /       CNN  News
IRAN's  Leader  Rouhani  says IRAN  will NOT  dismantle ANY 
of  its  Nuclear Facilities
IRAN's New Leader
Feb    28,    2014     /      Israel  News
IRAN :   "We  are  Preparing  to   Liberate    JERUSALEM" 
(tens  of  thousands  of  IRAN  terrorists  in  attack  drill)
March    11,   2014     /     Israel  News
IRAN's   finger  on  trigger to destroy  ISRAEL,   warns
IRAN  Senior  Revolutionary Guards  Commander
July  14,  2015   /    Israel  News
OBAMA  gives  IRAN   Nuclear  Bomb Deal ;   PM Netanyahu :  "Historic  Mistake"   for  world
NEWS  /   End Time IRAN
YouTube  Site >