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What the Bible says about:

Signing of
Mideast Peace plan by  antichrist 
(Daniel  9:27)
                [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
3  1/2  years
Mid-7  year  point 666 / Abomination of  desolation / Mark of the Beast  / false prophet in Jerusalem   (Dan. 9: 27)
Revelation  13: 18:

Here   is  wisdom.   Let  him  who  has   un- derstanding   calculate    the   number   of   the    beast;    for    the   number   is    that  of    a    man,   &    his   number    is    666. (Rev.13:18).

This   verse   refers  to    the    false  prophet,  the    future    man    of    sin    of    the    End Times.      He   is   also   called   a     "beast"   in    Rev.  13:11,    as    he    is   referred    to   again   in   this   verse  18.

The    "wisdom"   required   here   is    not    a  mathmatical   calculation.     But,    it    is    a  spiritual   application.     John   the   Revelator  is    indicating   that   "the   number"   of   this  future   false  prophet   "is"   (means   exist- ing    in   John's   own   time)   already   recog- nized    as   belonging    to    another     "man" altogether.           

This   is    the   "understanding"    that   helps  to   calculate    the    profile   of    this    future  false   prophet.     In    other   words,    this  End  Time  false  prophet   will    come   in  the    same    type    &    origin   of     another  "man"     who     existed    in     John's     own  time,     &    whose    number  "is"   already  recognized     (by   John)     as    being   666.  John   knew   this   to   be   Nero.

A    known   fact    of    past   history  is   that 2000   years    ago,    during    the    time   of  John   the   Revelator,   Caesar   Nero    was  the    reigning    emperor    of     the    Roman  Empire.       Nero    reigned    from    54  -  68  AD.        It     was     also    common    public  knowledge   then   that   Nero's    own   num- ber   was   666,   since   each   letter  of   the Greek   &   Hebrew   alphabet's   had   numer- ical    equivalents,    equalling    a     person's  name.

Therefore,   the   "wisdom"   John   used   was in  his  applying  of   Nero's   number   to   the  forthcoming  false   prophet.    This  identifies  this   End  Time   religious  imposter   as  a  magnified  extension  of  the  wicked  &   mur- derous   Caesar  Nero.     "And   his   (Nero's)   number   is    666."   

This   End Time   false  prophet   will   be  modern-day  "Caesar"    or   Roman  Emperor   so  to  speak  although  his  End Time  image   &   world  presence   will   be   solely   known   on    the   world's   stage   as    a    religious   figure.   Just  like  Caesar, he  will  also  be from  Rome.   Here  is  this  verse's  wisdom.   

Overview  of  Caesar  Nero's  life
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Caesar Nero  ^
Roman Emperor 
54 - 68AD  /

'.... and  his 
number is  666.'
3  1/2  years
Great  Tribulation
According to the Apostle John
Benedict XVI's Ultimate 
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Here is wisdom.   Let  him who has understanding calculate  (assess)   the  number of  the  beast   (the future false prophet);    for  the  number   is   (already  existed in John's own time as he wrote) that of a  man  (already belongs to   a man  who existed in John's own time);   and   his  (the man who existed  in  John's own  time)  number  is (the existing number of this man "is")  666   (specifying  Caesar  Nero).
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