March 1999      /      Report by  Israel Ambassador Aharon Lopez
Israel's  Relations  with  the  Vatican
[SECTION  RE:    "The Significance of the Agreement"   talks  about   the  legal right given to the Vaticansigned by Israel and the Vatican  in 1994 & again in 1997,    allowing  the  Pope/ Vatican  to  freely  operate  within  the country  of   Israel   legally,      to   visit   Holy  sites   in    Israel    'at  will'    &  sovereignly,   to  conduct  Catholic  rituals  within  Israel,   etc....]

> Also shows:   history of  Papacy of ROME'S anger at the Jews for 2000 years,  Catholic Papacy history  relating  to  Israel,    etc.
April  3,  2005    /    News
The Pope,   the  Bridge  Between  the  Jews  and  Israel
[ Pope John Paul II   remembered as he   'established relations with the Jews,  signed treaties with Israel....'    &  also  shows  that,   Finally,  after  46  years of  Israel's  official  status  of  being  established  as  a  nation  in  1948,   the  Vatican   [JP II]    finally  officially  recognized  Israel    [in 1994]    as  a   nation   of  the  world...]

Relations  Between  Israel  &  the  Holy  See 
[1997]     First-ever  Legal Agreement   signed  by   Israel   recognizing  the Vatican &  the  Catholic  church's   legal  status  &   legal rights   within  the country of   Israel.
John Paul II  /  2000
at  the  'wailing wall',  the only remaining wall leftover from 70AD  when the  Roman Empire
destroyed  Jerusalem's last standing Temple.
Vatican Relations With Israel
Headline News,  Historic Documents  &  History
FIRST-EVER:    Relations  between  the  Papacy of  ROME  and   Israel   were   finally  established
in   1993,   94   and   1997    by   John Paul  II    after  almost   2000   years   of    ROME's   hate,   per- secutions   and   atrocities  towards   the   Jews    'for  killing  Jesus'.              [ Papacy of Rome history ]
2nd  Vatican  Council       [ 1965 ]
After centuries of the Popes of  ROME's  hatred & atrocities towards Jews, Vatican II   [1965] finally  deleted  the  term   'perfidious Jews'   [ie. evil, deceitful, treacherous]   from the Catholic prayer on  Good  Friday.     The  new   'Nostra Aetate Declaration'   [1965]   also   finally  re-versed   the   Popes'   accusation  for  hundreds  of   years  that  Jews  were   responsible  for  the   'deicide  [killing of God] '   &  also   finally  reversed  the  Popes'   long-standing  doctrine that  there  exists  a  collective  indictment  against  the  Jews  because of  Christ's crucifixion.
July  2007  /   News:     Benedict  XVI    reviews  version  of   'perfidious Jews'   prayer  offensive   to  Jews ]
The Fundamental Agreement 
Headline News:
[ The Fundamental Agreement which has sat on the table  since 1994  when  John Paul II  signed  it  with  Israel  has now been re-vitalized  & pushed for execution by the  Papacy of Romepushing  this  generation  to  the  nearing  signing of  a  Mideast Peace Treaty.]
November  19,   2007    /     Zenit  News
'Israel  not  keeping  its  promises' 
[Shows the Archbishop Nuncio to the United States speaking in behalf of the Vatican   [Pope Benedict]    &  condemning/badgering   Israel    for not  yet  making   the   Fundamental Agreement  [ signed between the Vatican  &  Israel, from  1993, 1994, 1997]    to    'be crystallized in an Agreement  which has International  Value..."

September   6,   2007    /    International  Tribune  News
"Pope  Meets  Israel's  Peres"     [Israel's Prime Minister]
[ "  International  Push  for  Peace  in  the  Middle  East...." ]
December  4,   2007   /    EWTN News
Israeli envoy  Promises:   Pact  with  Vatican Soon
[ ...Israel's Ambassador:   "Israel  very  close  to  concluding...long  awaited Agreement  with  the  Holy See."    ]

May  12,   2008    /    Zenit News
Pope  Urges  Israel   to  Ease  Palestinian  Suffering
[ 'Clearly,   these matters can  only  be addressed  within the  wider  context  of  the  Middle East  peace  process.'     /    Benedict XVI  ]

Benedict:   '...Much work has gone into  formulating the agreements  [Fundamental  Agreement]   which  have  been  signed  thus  far between  Israel and  the Holy See  (the Papacy) ........'
Benedict:   ' ....I  speak on  behalf  of  many  when  I  express  the  hope that these    agreements  may  soon  be  integrated  into  Israel's  legal  system.......'
Benedict:   ' .....Only  when  these  difficulties  are  overcome,   will  the   (Catholic)  Church  be  able  to  carry  out   her   religious,  moral,  educational  and  charitable works  in  the  land   (Holy  land  of  Israel)........'
Authored,  signed by John Paul II  /  1993 - '94 and then pushed onto Israel's table to sign:
January   18,   2010      /    Reuters  UK  News
Israel   and   Vatican   Negotiating  Over  Holy  Sites
[    Catholic  Church  acquired  large  amounts  of  land  in  Israel  before  the 
19th  Century  and  before  Israel  became  a   nation  in  1948....   ]
Dec   9,   2009      /     Catholic Culture News
Vatican,   Israel   Resume  Talks  on  Juridical-Legal Agreement    [  "are  latest rounds of  Talks.....establishing the rights of    the Catholic Church in the Holy Land"  /   Talks  "are in their final stages" ]
Most Recent 1st
June   15,   2010      /      Catholic  Culture  News
Vatican,   Israel   Close  to  Agreement ?    
[   Two  sides    "may  be  close  to  a  final  agreement...."   ] 
June   15,   2010      /      Israel  National  News
Israel,   Signing  Agreement  with  Vatican ?    
The  Vatican's  'claims'  of  the  'legal  right'   to  rule  over Jerusalem   are   NOW   leading   to   Fulfillment   of   the   Major   End  Time  Prophecy of   the  7  Year Mideast  Peace  Agreement CONFIRMED   by   ANTICHRIST :     the  PAPACY  OF  ROME   [ Daniel  9:26, 27 ]
V A T I C A N     R E L A T I O N S     W I T H     I S R A E L      /      MAJOR  BIBLE  PROPHECY
April  18,   2008    /    Council  of  Foreign  Relations
Israel,   Vatican  Closer  to  Diplomatic  Pact
'....the two sides have agreed to accelerate the pace of discussions......'

November   14,   2010      /      Zenit  News             
Progress  in  Papacy   (Holy  See)  and   ISRAEL  Talks
[  Next  Meeting  in  Dec  at   Israeli  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs  ]
June   15,   2010      /      Zenit  News
Papacy  (Holy See) -  Israel  Talks  Take  Steps  Forward   [   Both  make  progress    "on  the  next  steps  toward  conclusion  of  the  Agreement ...."   ]       
December    9,    2010       /       Vatican  Info  Svc            
VATICAN   and    State  of   Israel   Meeting --
Discussed  Next  Steps  towards  Conclusion  of  their  Agreement
[  *Meeting  held  in  Israeli  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs  ]
WHO'S  HEARING   the Crucial Insights at ?
'And  he   [ Antichrist - Papacy of Rome ]   shall  confirm  the covenant   with  the   many   [ End Time Jews of  Israel ]   for  one  week    [ 7 years ] .....'       [Daniel  9:27]
Daniel  9:27
April    1,    2011       /       Asia  News       [ J. Post  News ]           
Top   VATICAN  -   JEWISH   Delegates  Meet 
Express  hope  for   "speedy  ratifying  of   a   Bi-lateral  Agreement"  between  the   Vatican  and   Israel
A B O M I N A T I O N   of   D E S O L A T I O N
The  Vatican's  End  Time   temporary  and  surface   gestures  only ...
The  true  profile,   nature  and  historic  track record of  the   Papacy  as shown at   is  rapidly  "opening eyes"   today,   as  foretold.     [Matthew 24:33]
The  Papal  Killing  Machine:       (the Great Harlot of Revelation)
The  1st  century  Roman  Empire  destroyed  Jerusalem's  Temple  in 70AD leaving the Jews of Israel without a Temple for 2000 years and today.   Also,  for almost  2000 years  (until the mid-1800's),  history proves  ROME  as the  #1  PERSECUTOR  and  killer   of  Jews  (and born again Christians)  who defied the Pope's rule during the Crusades, Papal Inquisitions and  Reformation era.   Even after  Israel's miraculous and foreordained  RE-BIRTH as a nation in 1948,  ROME's Popes (the Vatican)   STILL did not formally  recognize Israel   as  an official  nation,   dragging  its  feet  for  another  46  years  ('94)   to  the Vatican's  "Fundamental Agreement".   Today,  the  Papacy  is now in its  End Time position to  rear  its ugly head  again  as the False Prophet  'beast':   ANTICHRIST.    The  coming Biblically foretold final killing spree of the Vatican will be world history's worst,   ever,  in  the   fast-approaching  Great  Tribulation.   The coming newly built  3rd Temple in Jerusalem will be the Pope's ultimate conquest and prize,  for himself     [ Great Men of God agree ]
May     9,     2011       /       Zenit  News:           
Benedict  XVI    Appoints   Jewish  Priest   as   'judge'   in
Vatican -  Israel   Relations       [  expert  Priest  instrumental  in  1993   "Fundamental  Agreement"  ]
June    14,     2011      /      JTA  News          
VATICAN,   ISRAEL   meeting   makes    "very  significant  progress"    toward   Finalizing   an   Agreement         [ 2 ]
Dec   30,  1993      /      NY  Times News
Israel  &  Vatican  Agree  on  Diplomatic  Relations
[Vatican long demanded international control over Jerusalem;  Vatican promised to keep out of Arab-Israel  politics;  Vatican's  steadfast  refusal  over  the years to recognize  Israel  angered Israel  leaders]     [ *Dozens of News articles  over the last 20 years showing the  Papacy  not   'keeping out'  of  Israel and Mideast  politics as the  Papacy promised,  but  in fact,   taking  the  world's  forefront  TODAY  in  publicly  demanding  Israel's  compliance  with the  Vatican's  unmatched continued global demand for  Israel's  submission. ]
Dec     15,      2011     /      Israel  National  News           
(Vatican)  Benedict  XVI:      Demands   (again)   control   of  Jerusalem's   Temple  Mount  and  Holy  Sites      [  "No  Mid-  east   Peace"   until   Israel  gives   them   up,   Vatican   tells  Israel  ]
Jan 17, 2010 /  Major Prophecy IN PLAIN VIEW:
Benedict XVI --   'takes his seat'   inside  the   Jewish Temple in  the 4th Public Dress Rehears-   al by a Pope of the foretold  'Abomination of  Desolation';   a  MAJOR PROOF of how  near this  generation  is  to  the  'start'  of  the  Final  7   Year  Tribulation.
Bible pinpoints Antichrist  'from Rome'
Jan      27,     2012      /       Catholic  Culture  News            
( Israel ):     VATICAN   &   ISRAEL   Negotiations  progress  toward   long-overdue   Diplomatic   Accord         [ 2 ]
April     5,      2012     /      NPR  News           
VATICAN,   ISRAEL   spar  over  Ownership  Rights  to  Key
Holy  Land  Site   [ current  negotiations  "at  a  critical  moment"
with  an   Agreement  as  early  as  JUNE  2012 ]
[ 2 Min VIDEO / Exclusive ] 
ANTICHRIST  Photo ID'd -- seated in Jewish Temple
June     12,      2012     /      Vatican  Radio  News           
VATICAN   &   ISRAEL   "Make  significant  progress"    in
nearing  Conclusion  of  Agreement        2  ]
Jan     31,     2013      /    Jewish  Daily  News
ISRAEL  &  VATICAN   "on verge"  of  Signing  historic  Agreement   --   Danny Ayalon,  Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister            [  Next  Meeting in June 2013 for finalization  ]
June     6,     2013      /    Times  of  Israel  News
ISRAEL  Official  Meets  w/  POPE  Francis  RE: Coming
Historic  Agreement       [ Next  Meeting at  end  of  2013 ]
Israel Official  w/  POPE Francis
June 6, 2013  / Mideast News >
Historic FIRST Agreement Between Israel and the Holy See [ John Paul II ]     [1997]      [Opens 1st  Diplomatic Relations in  2000 years]

ISRAEL   to give   POPE   "Legal          Custody"   of  Temple  Mount
VIDEO  (4:04)
July 25, 2013
found nowhere else
April 2013
Benedict XVI
May 2009
Benedict XVI  /  2009
at  the  'wailing wall'
July     10,     2014      /    Israel  Nat'l  News     /    VIDEO
ISRAEL's  KNESSET  admits  "hidden deal"  ALREADY
MADE  w/  VATICAN  to  control  Holy  Site     [ July 9, News ]
Pope Francis  /  May 26, 2014
at  Jerusalem's  'wailing wall'
June     14,     2015      /    VATICAN  News     /    VIDEO
VATICAN,  ISRAEL  Agreement   "Nearing  Completion"
[ June 11, 2015 / NEWS :   5th paragraph,  LAST sentence  >  "nearing completion" ]