In   the  very  near   future,   as  the  Great Tribulation  period   heads  towards  the  end  of  its   3  1/2  year  nightmare at  the   hands  of   "antichrist",   then  "the  kings  of  the  whole  world"   &  their  armies   (Rev.16:14)  [including China]   will have gath-  ered    together  in   Armageddon  (Rev.16:16)   in  the  Mideast.  [ graph below ].

The  world's  armies'   (Rev.19:19)  ultimate  purpose  in  their  uniting  together in  the Mideast  will  be  "to  make war against  Him  (Jesus)   who  sat  upon  the horse,   & against   His   army". (Rev.19:19).     This  final   "war"  (Rev.16:14,16)  of  Armaged- don   literally  takes  place  on  the   final  day   of  the   7  year Tribulation  period  as  Christ  Himself  returns.  (Rev.19:11,19).  
China  &   the   "beast"   (Euro-kingdom of antichrist)  &   "the kings of  the  earth  &  their  armies"  (Rev.19:19)   will  be com- pletely destroyed  in  a  moment's  time  by  the  overwhelming  &  divine  appearance  of  the  Lord  Jesus Christ.    (Rev.19:19- Rev.20:3).        
Right now,  China  is  in  its place  prophetically.   The book of Revelation  clearly stipulates that  in order  for China  to  make  its  way  towards  the   "place of  Armaggedon"  (Rev.16:16)  in the  End Times,   then  the  "great  river,  the  Euphrates &  its water  must  be  dried  up".    (Rev.16:12).  

This  awesome  soon-coming  event   will  occur  so   "that   the  way   might  be   prepared   for  the  kings  of   the  east"  (China)   to  move  their  military personnel  westward  through  the  Mid- east   terrain  &  into  the  Holy  Land.   (Rev.16:12).

Incredibly  today,   the   Euphrates River  is   literally  now  able  to   be  completely  "dried  up"   as  predicted   for   the   End Times.    This  is  because  of  the  $32  billion  Anatolia Dam  Project   in  southeastern  Turkey   which  began  in   the  late 1980's  &  is  projected  to  be completed by  2010.  [see below]  

Any   1    of   the   22   dams   already   being   built  have   the  capability  of   literally   "drying up"    the  Euphrates  River  & allowing  China   to  cross  into  "Armaggedon",  as  the  Bible predicts  for  the  End  Times.  
The  End Time  stage  is  set  TODAY...
Map  / Euphrates River  &  the water flow through the Mideast /
Southeastern Anatolia Project
The Anatolia Project
News / Dec. 2000
[International Conflict  & the potential  "water-war" in the Mideast]
The History & Disputes of  the Anatolia  22-Dam Project
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
Euphrates River dries up
[ Rev.16:12 ]
    Today > >
Return of Christ  / War of Armageddon
[Rev.19:11, 19]

Final Day of
China's military  gathers for Armaggedon,  in  Israel. [ Rev.16:14,16 ]
<===    7  year Tribulation Period    ===>
China's  military  will  trek  west  through  the dried up  Euphrates River,   to the Valley of Megiddo ( o )  in the  Mideast.
Prophecy in the News,
ready for fulfillment
July 14, 2009  /  Bloomberg News

Iraq's  Euphrates  River Dries  Up ----
[ "....because of upstream Dams in Syria and Turkey." ]

July 13, 2009   /   New York Times

Iraq  Suffers  as Euphrates  River Dwindles
[ "......the Book of Revelation prophesies  its drying up  as
a  Sign of the End Times...." ]

July 13, 2009 / News >>
Revelation 16:12
Euphrates River Drying Up
100% PROOF
of Christ's Nearness
[ 2min Video / ]
Revelation 16:12
Major  Bible  Prophecy  IN  PLAIN  VIEW, 
heading for fulfillment in the coming Great Tribulation :
AFTER  6000  YEARS  since  the  Garden  of  Eden ....
Today,  the  current  drying up  of  the  Euphrates River in the  Mideast  is  another  End Time  SIGN  and  right  on  time with  ALL  other  prophecies  which  are  NOW  in  their places,  ready  for  fulfillment.    This  shows  how  close  this generation  is  to  witnessing  the  fulfilling  of  ALL  foretold events,  including  the  miraculous  return  of  Christ. 
May 30, 2014   /   Stratrisks News

Turkey  GOVT  Shuts 
Off   Euphrates  River 

[ Rev  16:12  End Time Prophecy  coming to pass 
in plain view today ]