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The    mark  of  beast    will   be   physically   placed  onto   the    right   hand   or    the   forehead   during   the   great   tribulation.    It  will  be  a   "scratching"
 into   the  skin   which  is   the   Greek   definition  of  the   word   used   for    "mark".             (Rev.13:16).

The   mark    itself     will    be    a    tattoo   or   some sort     of     permanent    marking    into    the    skin  that   identifies   that    person's    sworn   allegiance  to     the    false   prophet   (antichrist)    during     his reign   of   terror    in   the    great   tribulation. 

The    mark    will    be    imposed    exactly   at    the   Mid-7   year     point     (Rev.13:16, 17)    &   will    be  required    through    the   duration    of    the   great  tribulation    period   for    survivability.      The    false  prophet   himself   of   Revelation   13:11-18   is    the  one    who    institutes    the    mark.         "And    he  (false  prophet)    causes    all     to     be    given    a  mark    on    their   right   hand   or   forehead".     (Rev.13:16).

The   clear    purpose  of   the   mark    is   the   false prophet's    intent    to   blackmail    the   world    into swearing   allegiance    to   him,     in   exchange   for their    own   survivability   since   the   false  prophet  (through  the   EU)    will   be    in    control    of    the world   economy   during   the   great  Tribulation.

"And     he     (false  prophet)     provides    that    no one    be    able    to    buy    or    sell ,   except   the one    who    has    the    mark...."      (Rev. 13:17).  

Every    level   of    the    world's   economy    will   be controlled    by    the   final   Revived  Roman  Empire (the  EU  as  we  see  it  today).    The  false  prophet himself   will   head   up    the    EU    &    the   ruling western    european   authorities    during    this   last 3  1/2    year   era   of    terror.         (Dan.11:21).     

"And   unless   those   days   had   been   cut    short, no   life   would   be   saved;    but    for  the  sake  of the    elect    those    days    shall    be    cut    short."   (Matthew  24:22).
Today,    He  is  near   >>
                   [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ] 
Great  Tribulation 
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
3  1/2  years
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth    (Rev.20:6)  >>
Mid-7  year  point Abomination  of  Desolation / Mark of the Beast  / false prophet  in  Jerusalem   (Dan. 9: 27)
3  1/2  years
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"And  he  (F. prophet  causes all,  the small & the great, & the rich &  the poor, &  the free &  the slaves, to be given  a  mark  on  their right  hand or their forehead,  &  he  provides  that  no  one  should be  able   to   buy  or  sell,   except   the  one  who  has   the   mark,  either   the   name  of   the  beast   or    the  number of  his   name."   (Revelation 13:16,17).  
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