-----------------      7 Year Tribulation      -----------------
Return of Christ Battle of Armaggedon
3  1/2 years
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth
Mid-7 years

Great  Tribulation
and  "the end" of
history  as  man
knows it
3  1/2 years
ALL  Bible  prophecies  foretold  for  today's   End  Times   are  now at
an  APEX,   confirming  the   imminent   FULFILLMENT  of   ALL  things.    
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100% PROOF of Christ's Nearness_______
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Rev.6:2  Dan.9:27
Truly  I  say to you,  this  generation  will not pass away  until all these things take place."                 [  the Lord Jesus Christ  /  Gospel Luke 21:32  ]
100% CONFIDENCE of Christ's Nearness  and Imminent  Return

After Jesus  detailed the End Time scenario by describing many prophecies which would come together JUST BEFORE His physical return, He made several concluding statements.   His  statements  were  emphatic and  give 100%  assurance   to  His   true  followers   to   recognize BOTH   His   Nearness  and   physical  return.  

Any  doubtful  speculation  heard   today   about  "Christ's Nearness  to  THIS  GENERATION"   is   by   those  who STILL  do   not   'SEE'   the  End   Time   prophecies   lined up   perfectly   today   IN  PLAIN  VIEW,    and  as   detailed with   jolting   clarity   at   Heisnear.com.

The PRIME  passage of Jesus by which today's believers can be 100% CONFIDENT  is,   "Even so, you too,  when you see all these thingsKNOW He is near, even right  at  the  door!"      (Matthew 24:33)

Without question, "ALL" of the signs foretold by the Lord Jesus are  lined up  today  simultaneously  and  world- wide  in  scope,  a  huge  KEY.   Never  before   in   his- tory   have  ALL  foretold  End  Time  prophecies   lined  up together  and  globally  in  scope   AS  THEY  ARE  TODAY. This  removes ALL doubt  about Christ's  imminent   return.                    

"This  Generation"

In  addition to  Matthew 24:33's  guarantee  for  believers to  "know" Christ is near, Jesus  also gave  100% confidence  to  End  Time  believers  in  another  state- ment   saying,  "Truly I say to you,   this generation   will not   pass  away  until   all   these  things  take  place."
(Luke 21:32).

Here  again,  this  guarantees  that  the  'generation' which  sees   "ALL"   these   things   take   place   together and   globally  in  scope,   will  ALSO  see  the   fulfillment  of   the   very   return  of  Christ   Himself.

This  includes  the  major  End  Time  prophecy  already witnessed  by  'this generation'   in  1948   with  the   Re-Birth  of  Israel  as  a  nation.   This  fulfilled  prophecy started  the  prophetical  time-clock  ticking  for  all  other foretold   prophecies  to  quickly  line  up  TOGETHER  and GLOBALLY   in  scope   as,  incredibly,   they  NOW  have.

In  fact,    ALL  End  Time   prophecies  are   AT  AN  APEX right   now   and  ready   for   fulfillment.    Literally,    "THIS GENERATION"   is  now   living  in   the   rapidly   narrowing gap  of   time   adjacent   to   the   very    'start'   of    the final   7  Year  Tribulation  period.

Today's  discussions  sometimes  heard about   'How  many years  constitute  an  actual  "generation"  according  to  the  Bible?'  are  interesting.    However,  they  are  com- pletely  secondary   to   Jesus'  #1  criteria   for   the believer  to  have  100%  confidence  of   His  Nearness. Namely, "When you  see ALL these thingsKNOW  He is near,  even  right  at  the  door."     (Matthew 24:33)

Today's  Blind Guides   and   Blind  Ministers in  America

Although  the  Lord's  criteria  to  WATCH  FOR   makes  it simple  and   clear   in   "knowing"   He  is  near,   today's popularized  BUT  BLIND  and   naturally-minded   prophecy authors/speakers   have   continually   made   it   a   huge mystery,   and  have  misled    the   body  of  Christ.     >>

How  many  self-serving  Blind  TV   Preachers   and   so-called   'prophets'   today   can   be   heard   continually talking  of   "passing  the  torch  to  the  NEXT   genera- tion"   while  leaving  out  ANY   mention  of  the  MAJOR prophecies   lined  up   right   now ?       [ Link below ]

Epitomizing  today's  spiritual  blindness  is  a recent   quote by  Bible  Translators  who  rightly  stated  that   it  could take  "at  least  15  more  years   to   finish"    their  current translating   and   publishing   of   the   entire   Bible   into text-book   form,   for   the   remaining  3rd  world  countries.

But,  their  huge  error  is  their  publicly-stated   conclusion  that  "Christ could  not  return  until  they've  finished" their   efforts.       [ News Links below ]

This  major  blunder  misdirects  God's  people  (again)  to  remain   blind  to  the   Nearness  of  Christ  TODAY  and,   in  fact,   contradicts  the  Bible   itself !

Why?  Because  Jesus  did  NOT  say  that  "the entire  Bible"   would  be  translated  into   'book  form'   just  before   His   return.

In  fact,   He  stated   that   "the Gospel"   itself   "will  be  preached  to  the whole  world,   and  then  the  end  will  come."   (Matthew 24:14).    This  specifically  shows  that   JUST  BEFORE   His   return,   then  the   'GOSPEL'  (NOT  the  "entire  Bible  in  book  form")   will  have  been  shared  and   'preached'    into  the  ears  of   the   final  souls on  earth,   providing  them  their  own  opportunity  to  'hear'   (not  'read')   the  GOSPEL  and  GOOD NEWS  of   eternal   salvation   in   Christ   as   Savior   and    Lord. 

In  fact,  this  is  NOW  being  carried  out  today  with  missionaries  who physically  are  sharing  the  GOSPEL  and  'preaching'   it  to   3rd  world  countries  who  have  not  yet   heard   the   Good  News of  Christ  and  of  His  death  on  the  cross,   His   burial   and   His   resurrection.  Also,  satellite  TV  is  being used  mightily  in   3rd   world  countries  now  to  'preach the GOSPEL'  like  never  before.
How  much  faster  can  the  GOSPEL  be  "preached"  and  heard  today  in  the final  months  and  years  before  Christ's  imminent  return,   compared  to  this  generation  waiting   another   "15  to  20  more  years"  for  today's   Blind  Guides  to    "finish their publishing"!

Unless  today's  BLIND  GUIDES,  TRANSLATORS  AND  flashy TV  MINISTERS'  spiritual  eyes  snap  open  quickly  to  the  Nearness of Christ,   then  God's  people  may  have  already  been  raptured  and  sat  down  in  heaven  at   the   Marriage  Supper   of   the   Lamb   by  the   time   they  finally   'finish'   translating  the   entire  Bible   from   Genesis   to   Revelation.

Besides,  Jesus  did NOT  say  "when you see all these  things"  lined  up  together  as  they  are TODAY.... then  it'll  be  another 10, 15  or  20  more  years  till  He  returns!
But,   He   said   we   would   "know  He  is  NEAR !"

It  bears  repeating:   ALL MAJOR  Bible  prophecies  are  right   NOW   at  a  prophetical   APEX  at   this  crucial  time  in  world  history,  CONFIRMING  the  very Nearness  of  Christ   precisely  as  the   Lord   instructed  HIs   follow- ers    to    "KNOW" ......    in   THIS  GENERATION !

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