Prophetically part of  the  end  time scenario  just before  Christ's  return  includes  the   increase  of   both   false Christs  &  false  prophets  

Of  the  last  generation   Jesus  Himself   foretold: 
"For  false Christs  &  false  prophets  will  arise & will   show   great   signs  &   wonders,   so  as   to  mislead,  if  possible,  even  the  elect.   Behold, I  have  told  you  in  advance."     (Math.24: 24, 25).        
Right  now   this  scenario   exists  all  around   us, 
even  within  the  body  of  Christ.    These   2   pro- files  are   similar.   They  both  are  "leader"  types  &  both  are  "false".     They  also  both   "mislead" people  away from  God  &  the  Lord  Jesus Christ.

False Christs....

The   word    "Christ"   means   "anointed  one"   in Greek.     False  Christs   may   or   may   not   be known  for   their   "religion".     That  can  be   very  much  secondary.   Most  notably,  a   false  Christ will  profess  some special  revelation  or  message  (religious or not)    that  directs  people  away  from the  Lord  Jesus  Christ  as   their  prime  focus.    

Many  of   today's   secular   &   new   age   speak- ers   fit  into  this  profile.   Their   message  is  that the   the   ultimate   controller   &   ultimate   being  that   we  should  answer   to   is   ourself.     And that  every  person's  ultimate  dependency  should rest  upon  himself.   Of   course,  this   kind   of  misleading   philosophy  exlcudes   the   need   for  the  cross   &   the   Savior,   Christ  Jesus.

False  Prophets...

False  prophets  are  more  recognized   for   their 
"religious"  image &  platform  than  a  false Christ. A   prophet   is    a   true   man  of   God.     But  a  "false"  prophet  is  a   "false"   man  of  God.   He  is   a    religious   impostor  who   wears  the   dis- guise    of    being    a    "man   of   God".   

But,   both  he  &  his  message   oppose  the  Word of   God   (the   Bible)   &   the   Lord  Jesus  Christ. This  makes   him  "false",   from  GOD's  perspec- tive      

However,   many  false  prophets  speak  favorably of   Christ.    So,   from  the   believer's   view,   this can require close  examination &  sharp  DISCERN-MENT    to   spot   the   deception.  

Today,   we   see   various    false  prophets   who represent   various   religions   who   are    mislead- ing   thousands,   even  millions   worldwide.    The Dali  Lama,   Osama  Bin  Laden,    Joseph  Smith  (Mormonism),   David  Koresh,   Jim  Jones,   Rev. Moon   &    Sheik  Nasrallah,    to   name   a    few.    
False prophets in the body of Christ

To  Christians,    the  most   alarming   part  of   the Lord's   prophecy is   that   potentially   "even  the   elect    (God's   own   people)    could   also   be   "misled".    Today,   false   prophets     within   the 
body  of  Christ    are   masterful  &   sophisticated   in   their   Christian   appearance   and    mimickry.    
It   will   take   sharp  discernment  in   these  Last   Days   for   believers   to  decipher  the   true  man   of   God  from  the  false  one  within   the  church.

Scriptures   show   that   these    false   ministers   within  the  body  of  Christ    "Are  false  apostles,  deceitful   workers,     disguising   themselves   as   apostles  of   Christ,     &   no   wonder,   for   even   satan   disguises  himself   as  an  angel  of   light.  Therefore,    it  is  not  surprising  if   his  (satan''s)  servants  also  disguise  themselves  as  servants   of   righteousness...".        (2 Cor.11:13-15). 

The  Final  End  Time  False  Prophet :

The  epitome of  the  evil  deception  that  is   shap- ing   up   right  now    in    this   generation  can  be   recognized    in     the    Bible's    profiling   of    the  False  Prophet   of  the   End Times.   (Rev.13:11;  Rev.16:13;  Rev.  20:10).     

He  will  be  the ultimate  religious  deception  in all 
of   world  history.    His   influence  &   impact   will   be   worldwide    in   scope   under    his    religious   facade.      Scriptures   are   clear   that    His   End Time    presence   in   the   world's   scenery   will   be,     initially,      welcomed    and     friendly    in   appearance   to    an    unsuspecting   world   who   reverences   him.  (Rev 6: 1, 2).     The  End  Time   
False  Prophet    "will   look  like   a   lamb,  but   he   speaks   as   a   dragon."        [Rev.13:11]
Dali Lama
Bin Laden
Joseph Smith  ^
Rev Moon
Sheik Nasrallah
Rev Jim Jones
David Koresh
Tony Robbins
[motivational       speaker]
Psychic-Medium Sylvia Browne
James Van Praagh
  spiritual medium
Self-proclaimed witch; Salem,MA. / Laurie Cabot
The  Bible  prophecy  of   false  prophets  arising  in  the 
End  Times   exists  today  and  will  increase  in  the  days  ahead...
Church President, confessed serial BTK killer / News 2005
Church Pastor  shocked  to discover  President  of  his church  is BTK serial killer/ News 2005 
Dennis Rader, 
professed Christian; confessed BTK serial killer
Ted Haggard  /  Pres. of  30 million Evangelicals
/  News: Nov 5, 2006
Admitted homosexuality
Cardinal Bernard Law: 
resigned after covering up 
for pedophile Catholic priests
News: US Catholic Sex scandal/ Feb 2005  /   phony Christian
Rev Gene Robinson / openly gay /
false Christian
Los Angeles Catholic Clergy Abuse / Landmark $660 million paid to over 500  sex abuse victims   /    10,000  child abuse charges  against  4000
Catholic  Priests  /  *News
Father Michael Pfleger  / 
April 2008  /  religious huckster 
Jesse Jackson /
proven adulterer,
in  today's  End  Times
Rev.  Jeremiah  Wright  /
arrogant racist,  fails the
Biblical reqmts for a true
man of God / News 2008
Rev. Al Sharpton /
arrogant racist, 
fails the Biblical
reqmts for a true
man of God
Kim Clement / false prophet amongst Evangelicals / 
'No recession' in USA / May 2008
[countless false prophecies / self-exalting huckster]

Bob Jones / false prophet amongst   Evangelicals /  deceitful spirit with count- less   false  prophecies / confirmed  as   molesting women  / mentor of  Todd Bentley 
Todd Bentley / false prophet w /  deceitful spirit  /  exalts Bob Jones  as  his  mentor / entertains demonic  activity
[ true miracles of God? ]
Chuck Pierce  /  
false prophet  /  peddles  ear- tickling,  generic and  self-serving  messages  which are  mostly  irrelavent  prophetically /  endorses  Todd Bentley / surrounds himself  with  other popular self-appoint- ed    false  prophets
Prophetical  Meat for the body of Christ  / equipping saints

What the Bible says about:
Rick Joyner /  false prophet tied   to  Paul Cain,   Bob Jones, Chuck Pierce & Todd Bentley

Paul Cain /  false prophet  / admitted alcoholic and homosexual
Dr.  Mike  Murdock  / false prophet /  fleec- ing  God's  people  to 'sow  your money'  to gain  God's  glories

What does the Pope believe about himself ?
POPE FRANCIS  on his throne 
Benedict XVI
What  did ALL of  these powerhouse men of God believe about the  Papacy of Rome?   John Wesley,  Martin Luther,  John Calvin,  Sir Isaac NewtonCharles Finney,   Charles Spurgeon,   John Knox,   Rev. Roger Williams,   Moody,   Fox , William Tyndale,   John Wycliffe,   King James ....
'The anger of the Lord will not turn back,  Until  He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart;  In  the last days you will clearly understand it.  I  did  not send these prophets,  But they ran.   I  did  not speak to  them,   But they prophesied.   But  if they had stood in My council,  Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way,  And from the evil of their deeds.'  [ foretold by Jeremiah the prophet   /   Jer. 23:20-22 ]
Copyright / HereisWisdom/1984,2006 

Barack Obama / deceitful spirit / Christian   impostor; bases his Christianity on church membership with   Rev.  Jeremiah Wright,  known  racist /  PIC   2006:    Obama  in Muslim   turbin  &  robe  honoring  his childhood Muslim  roots -  News  /

ArchBishop Veron Ashe / false prophet
associated w/
Apostles group
Roberts Lairdon / acknowledged homosexuality
Obama selects Gay Minister Gene Robinson [above] for Inaug-uration Events to confirm Obama's  'We are One'  premise / News  / Jan 2009
Popular False Teachers Today:
Benny Hinn  

Greatly anointed Evangelist in the beginning 1970's, who has now become a  false teacher   with countless false prophecies & false teachings,  and misleads  the body of  Christ.

Jesse DuPlantis

Maybe the most popular  'ear-tickler'   on America's  TV Christian airwaves;
Makes  a  total mockery  of  true Christlikeness  with his  non-stop worldliness  and goofing-off conduct,  with arrogance  and unbecoming speech and conduct which FAIL the true  'love' of  Christ.   (1Corin
13:1-8);   is a prime 'prosperity'  preach- er   who  publicly  brags  about  his money and  wealth.

John  Hagee

A gifted teacher who has now become a false  teacher  in line  with  Jack Van Impe's  and   Hal Lindsey's   false teachings  on many crucial  End Time topics  which  mislead  millions of souls worldwide.  Hagee's   unChrist- like  arrogance  and cocky condemning attitude  and  tone  fail  miserably  the true  humility  and    'Love of  Christ.

*Other  false teachers  who MISLEAD  are:    Ed Hindson,  Chuck Missler,  Perry Stone,  David R. Reagan,  Hal Lindsey,   >>>

Popular False Teachers Today:
Mike Bickle  (International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO)

False teacher who teaches that the body of Christ will go through the Great Tribulation 
&  then Raptured afterward.   >>>

Dr. Irvin Baxter

False Bible Prophecy teacher misleading God's people on TBN airwaves  with twisted Views & speculations on crucial prophecies in today's End Times

Jack Van Impe

Formerly a good Bible teacher who has now become  a  false  Bible  Prophecy  teacher with twisted Views on  MANY  crucial  End Time prophecies;   misleads  millions to  "watch  for  2 men  coming" even implying  Obama is Antichrist;  also  teaches  for  50 years  and  STILL today  saying  the "Rapture could happen at any moment !"  --  a false  teaching.

*Other  false 
teachings  are:  666,  mark of the beast, Antichrist's identity  2 men coming,  the  false prophet,  etc etc.
Laodicea  Church  in  America
[ How  can  today's   Ministers  be so  right,   yet   so  wrong   at  the  same  time ?? ]
Jesus repeatedly warned His followers saying,  "See to it that no one misleads you!"  (Matthew 24:4).   But, since  believers in America  HAVE NOT looked at the Bible's Bulls-Eye profile of God's True Ministers,  then how can a believer be confident of  ANY TV  Preacher's  status?  Or, even a believer's own Church Pastor's  status?   Or,  "who's who?"  standing at the pulpit?    He can't.
Bulls-Eye  Profile  of  God's   True  Ministers  >>>
"See to it that  NO ONE  misleads you!"    --the Lord Jesus
Happening  TODAY  in  America  exactly  as  foretold 
of  the  body  of  Christ  in  today's  End  Times:

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;  but wanting to have their ears tickledthey will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires;  and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths."     [ 2Timothy 4:3.4 ]
*This page created in  Oct 2008  the bottom columns of   'False Teachers' created-added  in  Aug 2010  It  is  possible to  'start'  out  right  with God, but  'finish  terribly  wrong.   Scriptures  confirm this  over and over   Until the  above   current  Ministers  truly  repent,   then  they  prove  themselves to remain  in these  categories of   'False Teachers  and   'False Prophets'.
"Satan will raise  Antichrist  from the dead." --Hal   Lindsey   has   been   teaching-writing  this   false   belief   since   his  1970's   book:  "The Late Great Planet Earth"

"After Jesus died on the cross, then during those 3 days He was buried,  the Holy Spirit could have decided  NOT  to raise Him from the dead."     --Benny Hinn   / TBN /  Aug 2010
I N C R E D U L O U S     B E L I E F S :
John Francis /
false prophet 
from England
John Ramirez  / 
Self- proclaimed    devil- worshiper  in  New York;   now   promotes   himself  and  his  book within  the
the  body   of  Christ   /  A  mirror   image  of  Simon  the   sorcerer   who   'be- lieved'   in  Jesus  while  remaining   in   darkness.  (Acts 8:13,19)
Lance Walnau /
Cocky self-sent false prophet with  twisted, secular ideas
which  mislead
the body of Christ
But  if  the  watchman  sees   the  sword  coming  and  does  not   blow   the   trumpet,  and  the people  are  not  warned,  and  a  sword  comes  and   takes  a   person  from  them,   he   is taken  away  in   his  iniquity;   but  his  blood   I   [God]   will  require   from   the  watchman's hand.      
[ Ezekiel 33:6 ]
The True Watchman:   'sees the sword coming upon the land  and  blows the trumpet and warns the people' .       [ Ezek. 33:3 ]
Related  KEY  Topics:
Steve Munsey  /  unrepentant false prophet in the body of Christ  /  fleecing God's flock to pay off his "$14 Million Church building"  (TBN  /  Nov 1,  2010)    /    countless   false prophecies  /    his  arrogance,   cockiness fail  true  Christlikeness  altogether.  News
Steve Gray / Popular huckster, false teacher promoted by DayStar TV;  brings an extreme reproach upon the Lord with his off-the-charts arrogance, condemning attitude, worldliness and unbecoming speech & behavior which fail  the  traits of  Christ's  "love"   (1Cor 13) Gray's  unChristlike behavior & fake demon- strations  of   "God's  power"   fool  many.
"See to it that no one misleads you."    (Jesus / Matt 24:4)

"Keep your eye on those who cause dissensions &  hindrances   (Greek = "occasions of stumbling")   con-  trary   to  the  teaching,   and turn away from them."   (Apostle  Paul / Romans 16:17) 
Jonathan Welton
Huckster   w/  evil  spirits who  disguises   himself  as  a  Christian  minister  within the body of  Christ;   promoted   on   Sid  Roth  TV  in  October  2011.
"Have your senses trained to discern good and evil."   [Hebrews 5:14] 
Jonathan Morris  / 
Roman  Catholic  Priest  spokesman  for  Fox  TV;   part of Papacy  of  Rome's new   2012  effort  to expand  the Catholic Church   in   America
Great Harlot in America:
Timothy Dolan / New  York  /
Phoney   Religious
Leader   of   Rome's
Great  Harlot  in  U.S.
Sept  30,  2012   /   VIDEO ^
2 Chronicles 7:14 :    
Top  False  Prophecy  to America  by  TV  Preachers
(by Founder Rob Conrad)
Todd Coontz:
Cocky,  self-exalting  false prophet  who fleeces  the body of Christ Mike Murdock knock-off.
Arnold Murray                 Dennis Murray  [son] 
Shepherd's Chapel  TV  /   False Teachers  who
completely  decimate  many  truths  of   God's  Word  particularly  deeper  topics of  the  Spirit;   they  mock 
&  laugh  at  Bible  doctrines  like  tongues  Rapture  
of   the  church  and   the  gifts  of   the  Holy  Spirit.  
Joel  Osteen :   delivers watered- down   elementary  sermons   pep- pered   w/   jokes  &   cute   stories about  himself  &   his  experiences which   tickle    ears   &   lead    his fans   into  the   same  naivity   and timidity   as   himself.      (Heb 6:1,2)
Mark  Chirrona :
self-exalting   false  prophet with  only  short-sighted,   gen- eric  prophecies  which  tickle  ears   but   leave  out  any  link to  the major prophecies  lined  up   today   which  Jesus   told  
His  followers  to  "see".  (Matt 24:33);   has  no possible  clue  to  what  God  is  doing  in USA or  globally.   

Kunneman : 
false  prophet  who  wants  so  desperately  to  be recognized  as  a  true  prophet  that he  constantly  re- minds  his   audi- ence   that  he's  a 'prophet';    talks more  about   him- self   since   he's  blind  to what God is   truly  doing  in USA  &  globally.

TRINITY   Broadcasting  
TV  Network :      Used  to
spread  the  Gospel  in  the 1980's   but  from   the  90's has   thrown  out   the   true Gospel  &   prophets  &  re- duced  TBN   to  the world's #1  ear-tickling  Lukewarm Religious   TV   network.
Bishop  Clarence  McClendon :
cocky,  self-sent   false prophet;   is heavily  promoted   by   TBN;    deli- vers   a   "prosperity  now"    mes- sage   with   only   ear-tickling   and self-serving  prophecies .  Pure  re- ligious   folly  while  fleecing  God's people. 
---According  to  Jesus 
April 2013 / VIDEO
Evil-spirited  teacher in the house of God fooling millions  "for many days"  & promoted by DayStar TV.
For Ministers & believers 
False  Prophets   [ of  TBN,  DayStar TV ]      VS.   God's True  Prophets  >
Feb  18,  2014  /   VIDEO :

Ken  Copeland   entrusts   him- self   &   the  body of  Christ  to  "UNITY"   with    Pope  Francis 

"My  dear sir,  thank you  so,  from  the  bottom  of  our hearts ......"  
FULL TEXT of Copeland / News  > )   
Feb  25,  2014 :    prophetic word  / 
Rob Conrad,  founder
"No  true born again believer who  knows his/her  own  Bible  has ANY  part whatso- ever  with  the  POPE  of  Rome.   NONE."  ~rob conrad
June  9,  2014   /  Osteen meets  w/ 
Pope Francis   in   favor  of   Pope's deceptive  &   FALSE   global  beck- oning   for   "all  persons  to  UNITE" under  his  PAPAL  helm.      (VIDEO)

Paul Begley  
Walid Shoebat  
Perry Stone  
Anita Fuentes 
Lisa Haven
Renee M
Lyn Leahz 
Tom Horn
Rita Williams
Steven BenDenoon
Lisa Dennis Sparks

Hal Lindsey
Tim LaHaye  
Mark Hitchcock  
Irvin Baxter

Scott Clarke   
[ EternalRythmFlow ]

Chuck Missler
Jack Van Impe
Jimmy Swaggart 
Joel Richardson
Joel Rosenberg
Johnny Enlow
Jonathan Cahn  
Joseph Prince
Sid Roth
Marcus  Lamb    
Bill  Salus
Bill  Cloud

Gary  Stearman
Calvary  Chapel  Pastors
Hagman  &  Hagman

Now the End Has Begun
Believers Central 1

Prophecy Watchers
Seho Song
BP  Earth
Doug Batchelor   [ 7th Day
Adventist  Leader;   Now 
being  promoted   by   
Trinity  Broadcasting  TV
Network  /  June  2015  &
DayStar TV ]

Section created 7/6/14 :
'LIVE'  Global Broadcast 

FALSE  BIBLE  TEACHERS  on  the  INTERNET  &  YouTube with   WEBSITES  &  VIDEO  channels  which  promote   propaganda  under   their   self-label
of   "Bible Prophecy"  ministries   while   mis- leading  thousands,   millions  worldwide :
Brian Carn:   total  huckster  fleecing  the  naive  body of  Christ.    "The Lord  told me  to tell  you  to   give  me   all  your money  &  then  in  7  days  you will   become   a    millionaire."   [ TBN  /  Feb 24, 2015  /   Benny Hinn's  program ]
Ear-tickling  self-exalting False Prophet
CLICK PIC :   2021 Prophetic Word RE: False Ministers