Prophetically  for the United States,  more  birth pangs  will hit  the USA bringing more fear & economic collapse  in order to bring the  USA to our knees until America  REPENTS once &   for  all,   for   all  of   our  continual   abominations   before Him like  aborting millions of babies,  flagrant  homosexuality, pornography  &  corruption  &  immorality   in  our  lawmakers &  society.  

God's next move  will NOT  be  "prosperity  to  the USA"  as is commonly  heard  within the  body  of  Christ  in  the  USA. But,  the  United  States  will  continue   to  suffer  even more severe  birth pangs   (earthquakes,  hurricanes,  fires,   man- made  fixtures  breaking  with  disasterous  effects.  ie. dams, bridges, buildings collapsing).

Why?   To  bring  the  USA  to   REPENTANCE  FROM  OUR WICKED  WAYS.   (2 Chron. 7:14).   The  next   birth pangs will  be  more  violent  &  frequent  than  these  last  2   wake- up   calls  (hurricanes Katrina & Rita),   unless  we  REPENT. Why would  God  dump  great  "prosperity"  into  the  pockets of  a  lukewarm  &  unrepentant  country  who murders babies &  advocates  homosexuality  &   pornography  amongst  our-selves  &  corrupts  our  children ?
REPENT!   Turn from  your  wicked  ways!   Humble  your- elves  in   My   sight   so   that  additional   warnings  will  not  come  &  so   that  you  will  not  be  uprooted  as   a   nation.  
This is God's prophetical  voice  to  His  people in  the United States today.   Then, when  America  as  a  whole  has  truly Repented!    then   we   will   see  the  new,   fresh  anointing  upon  this land  as  He  pours  out an  awesome  purging  fire throughout  His  people.   Then,  America  will be  used  even more powerfully  than  in our past days  to  bring  the  Gospel to  the remotest  ends of  the  earth  before  the  return of  our Lord  Jesus.    Then,  when  we've   turned from our wicked ways  will   God's  people  in   the  USA   truly  become   the readied   Bride of  Christ,   spotless,   blameless  &    holy  in  God's  sight,  in  preparation  to  meet  Christ  Jesus  face  to  face.         (Eph.5:27).

God  is calling  the United States  to  finally  take  heed  to God's  word  which  was  spoken  prophetically  for   8  years ('80 - '88)  by  God's servant  President  Ronald  Reagan  who repeatedly  prophesied  to   all   Americans  in   this  country:
"And  if  My  people  who  are  called  by  My  Name  humble themselves  &  pray,  &  seek  My  face,   &  turn  from   their wicked  ways,  then  will  I  hear  from  heaven,  I  will  forgive their  sins,  &  I  will  heal  their  land."             [2 Chron.7:14]

end of rhema prophecy   >>>>>   posted:  October 4, 2005  /   Rob Conrad
But,  What  is  God  saying  to  our  nation ?
God bless the USA
Sept  11,  2008:    Divine Critical Call to America
Sept  22,  2008:    Repeated Divine Warnings to USA
July  21,  2008:    Divine Act of God Upon America
October  4,  2005:    Divine Warnings to America to Return to God
America's Future posted on:
Oct  21,  2005:    Katrina-Rita:   Divine Wake-Up Call to America
Nov  21,  2007:    Specific Forewarnings for USA and Globally for 2008
Oct  2,  2008:    America's Time to Finally Repent
Oct  26,  2008:    America's and Global Economic Crash will continue
*this page  (mid-section)  originally posted:  Oct 4, 2005
June  7,   2007:     America's Future,  prophetical overview
Thank You President Bush :

For your Integrity and public service as our   43rd  President,
For protecting our country from any other attacks since 9/11/2001 ,
For forming an unprecedented and historic solid global coalition  still  strong  today  against   global  terrorism ,
For  installing  2  Supreme Court  Judges  against  abortion,
For stopping  S. Hussein from murdering [like Hitler] another  potential  millions  of   innocent   Iraqi   people ,
For  your  true and  loyal  support  of  America's  brave military   men   and   women ,
For   your   unwavering   and   bold   support   of    Israel ,
For your faith in God and constant and bold public acknowledgement   of   Him , 
And  for your continued strength and confidence and grace in the face of  the most vengeful and deceitful display against an American President in our nation's history from the  media,  hateful Americans and other anti-God extremists  and  agitators.  

May God bless you and your loved ones  in your new life outside  of   public  service  as  our  President.

Rob Conrad  /  Jan 18,  2009
Pres George W. Bush
2000 - 2008
[ Pres Bush in
End Times >> ]

Dec  28,   2009:       Prophecy  re:  2010 - 2011
America's Future --
God's Call to America
Feb 10, 2010  -
Rob Conrad  -  Prophecy 
[ Video / 10 min ]
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"America's economy is irreversible...;   NO Debt..."
March  12,   2010:       "America's Current Humbled State in 2010"
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June  11,   2010:       "Coming Globally  and  to America"
November   2,   2010:       "AMERICA'S  FUTURE"     in   today's  End  Times
News / Jan 3, 2011
Oil  hits  2-Year  High
with  NO  Peak  in Sight  -  Maybe $200
a  barrel coming  
[ "Prices will continue to rise
until the Mark of the Beast is  fulfilled  in this  generation ..." ~Rob C. / Nov 2007 ]
News / Jan 5, 2011
United  Nations warns of potential
Food  Price  Shock / World  Prices already above 2008 Peak
News /Jan 13, 2011
U.S.  Banks  Repossess
1  Million  homes
in   2010   /   2011 looks  to  be  WORSE
News /Jan 12, 2011
U.S.  unemployment
rate  really  near
22%  -  looks  worse
for  2011
2011   Headlines:
Nov  21, 2007  /
Rob Conrad
Prophecy  for  2008:

"Americans  face  woes  from  the  stock  market  and  the  economic  system,       poised  now   for  potentially   the  biggest  collapse  in U.S.  history."   (came
to   pass   not   even  10 months  later in Sept '08 and  still today,  with  no end in sight ...)
Oct  26,  2008   /   Rob Conrad    /    Prophecy

"America  will  NOT recover;  ....IRREVERS- IBLE  economy,  banks will close,  fast-expand- ing  unemployment  coming..."   (still coming to pass ...   &  to this day)
January   15,   2011:       More  Economic  GLOOM  for  America      WHY ?
News / Nov 5, 2010
As  of   Nov  5,  2010 BANK   CLOSURES  for  2010   surpassed 2009's   total

News / Nov 16,  2010
Current   U.S.  Unemployment   Rate:     DOUBLED
since   Recession  began   in   2007  -   still  near  10%
Prophecies   about  USA  /   sent  from  Rob Conrad
to  Global  Partners   &  posted   @

[ most recent first ]

"Another   (a 2nd,  since  Sept '08)   Economic   DOWNTURN   is  coming  to  America .... "
June  11,  2010   &
Nov  2,  2010   /  prophetic words
AMERICA'S   FUTURE   -   Like   'Job'  
May  24,  2011  /   prophecy    [ came to pass  > ]
DIVINE  WARNINGS   to  U.S. GOVT  Leaders  &  Lawmakers:
Tues   /   Aug  23,  2011   /   prophetic word
"Today's  5.8  Earthquake  in   Washington DC   &   the East  Coast   is   A  SPECIFIC  Divine  Warning    [again] to   U.S.  GOVT.  Leaders  &  Lawmakers   across   the nation (and the nation itself)   to  REPENT  from  our  evil deeds;   And  to  RETURN  to God.   Worsening  Birth Pangs are coming."    ~Rob Conrad     [ NEWS / Birth Pangs  > ]
Sat,  June  25,  2011  /  *prophecy  RE:  New York  /   Rob Conrad ~    founder,
"NEW YORK  has now suddenly spotlighted  itself  for the coming tangible divine  judgement  of  God  to  fall upon the city  &  state   because of  its  legal  ruling  [June 24, 2011]   allowing  homosexual  marriages."  
Aug  15,  2011   /   NY Daily  Mail  News
Worst  Rains  -   Flooding  in  116 
Years   in   New York
Aug  23,  2011   /  Reuters  News
Once-a-Century  5.8  Earthquake  Rattles  East  Coast   (Worst since 1897)

Aug  24,  2011  /  CNN  News  /  photos
Washington  Monument Damaged  from  Rare 5.8  Earthquake 

New York,  E. Coast, Washington DC  /  NEWS :
Oct  4,  2005   /   Prophetic word      Rob Conrad,  ~founder
P R O P H E C I E S     C O M I N G     T O     P A S S
100% PROOF
of Christ's Nearness________
2 min VIDEO  /
Aug  28,  2011  /  News
New York  &  E.  Coast
"God looks at the earth,  and  it trembles."   (Psalms 104:32)
Aug  29,  2011   /   prophetic word   ~Rob Conrad

God  desires   AMERICA'S  FULL  ATTENTION.    He will have  it.    [2 Chronicles 7:14

The   "Tangible Judgement Coming Upon NEW YORK"  [prophecy 6/25/11]  did  not  come-and-go  or  'end'  with  Hurricane  IRENE  on  August  28th.    It  still  remains.

MORE,  WORSENING  Natural  Disasters - Birth Pangs  &  more severe  ECONOMIC GLOOM  coming  to America,  and  also  Globally.
Other prophecies / LINKS  ADDED
OCTOBER  1,  2011   /   prophetic word   /   Rob Conrad
"TODAY,   the  whole  world     [including  the  USA]     is  NOW    in   a   final   IRREVERSIBLE  mode  of  submitting  to  the  European  Union ....".     [ Oct 26, 2008  > *original prophetic word coming to pass;  states why... ]
Pres George Washington:
"It  is  impossible  to   rightly  govern a  nation  without God  and  the Bible."
Oct  31, 2011 /
Washington Post
Historic Snow Storm smashes  New York, Massachussetts,  East Coast   [ rarest storm  in  200  years leaves millions  without power, deaths ]
Oct  31, 2011 /
Reuters News
Rarest  October snowstorm  in  2 centuries hammers New York,   N.E. USA
60 days  after AUG 29 prophecy:
Began coming to pass 
50 days after JUNE 25  prophecy:
Oct   31,  2011    /    Washington  Post
Historic,   Rarest  Snowstorm   in   200  years  smashes  New York,   Mass.   and   E. Coast   [ millions with- out   power,  deaths ]
then,  8  days  later..
then,  5  days  later..
then,  60  days  later..
Dec  8,  2011  /  Prophetic word
God's  Call  to  His  people  in  AMERICA    >>  
Jan  21,  2012  /  Prophetic word
2012  Ahead ....       [  "America is in trouble."  ]       >>  
Jan  21,  2012  /
What's coming to
the Body of Christ in America .....
"Coming  HURRICANE SANDY  is  NEXT TANGIBLE SIGN  to USA  W. House,  GOVT  Lawmakers,  New York &  Wash DC  for their continued  REBEL- LIONS & ABOMINATIONS before God;  and  for laws which kill babies,  legalize same-sex marriages,  etc... ;

Judgment  on  N.Y.  "still remains..."  /  [ *Aug 29, 2011 / prophetic word / below ] . "      ~Rob Conrad
Hurricane Sandy
Oct 26, 2012  / YouTube  prophetic word  3  days  in  advance   of    H.  SANDY
Oct  26,  2012    /    Prophetic word ,  Rob Conrad   -founder  :      posted @ Twitter / YouTube / Facebook  & Global PTRS  & :
Oct  30,  2012
News / photos  >>

AFTERMATH  of Super Storm  Hurricane
Sandy :
"may  be worst storm ever" ---   N. Y.  Mayor Bloomberg 
Nov  7,  2012   /   Prophetic word - Rob Conrad

"WORSE"  Judgments  coming  to  U.S.  Govt  Leaders   &   America     ( Which  Leaders,  cities, states  &  'WHY?'   are  ID'd )
Nov 7, 2012
Oct  24,  2012  /   VIDEO
100%  PROOF   Obama  Re- Election   Matches  spirit   of   ANTICHRIST
Prophetic word 12 days
before Pres Election NOV 6th 
1 day after Pres Obama Re-Election
End Time AMERICA   
[ July 4, 2013 / prophetic word ]
End Time AMERICA :
2013,  2014
End Time AMERICA: 
2013, 2014  FOREWARNINGS
Radical  UPRISING  2014 :
USA's  'NATION  within a nation' 
[ Dec 24, 2013  / prophetic word ]
End Time AMERICA :
2013,  2014
End Time America:    RED CARPET for Antichrist
Sept 24, 2015
posted on JAN 3, 2017 @