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What the Bible says about:

I   Thessalonians  4:  16-18:

"For   the   Lord   Himself  will  descend  from  heaven   with   a   shout,  with  the voice  of   the  archangel ,   &   with   the  trumpet   of    God;    &    the    dead    in  Christ   shall   rise    first.      Then,    we  who   are   alive   &  remain   shall   be caught   up    together   with    them    in   the  clouds   to  meet   the   Lord  in   the  air,     &    thus    we    shall   always    be  with   the    Lord.     Therefore,    comfort  one   another   with   these   words."

I  Corinthians  15: 51- 52:

"Behold,   I   tell   you   a    mystery;   we shall   not   all    sleep   (die),   but    we  shall    all     be    changed,   in   a    mo- ment,   in   the   twinkling  of   an  eye,   at   the   last   trumpet ;  for   the   trum- pet    will  sound,  &   the   dead   will   be   raised   imperishable,   &    we   shall  be   changed."
These   scriptures    are    clearly    refer- ring    to    the   miraculous   moment   of  time    when    believers    are     "caught  up"      into      the    presence    of     the   Lord.     This   event   is   known  as   the   "rapture"   of    the   church.  

Although   Jesus   said   that     "no   one  knows    the    day    or    hour"      (Mark 13:32)    that   the    rapture   will    occur, He   did   say     that     we     will    recog- nize     the    nearness   &    the    timing   of   this   incredible   event.

Jesus  said,  "Even  so,  you  too,  when you  see   all   these   things   happening (meaning   prophetical   events   of    the  end   times),     recognize   that   He   is  near,    right    at    the   door."   
(Mark 13:29).
Rev. 13: 1
The   exact    middle   of   the   7   year   Tribulation

Rev. 19: 11 -  20:3
The   return  of   Christ   to  earth

Voice   of   ARCHANGEL
1 Thess  4:16   found  in  Revelation  10: 3,  7
    Last   and   7th            Trumpet of God   
1 Cor 15: 52  found  in    Revelation  11:15
When   will   the   rapture   occur ?

The  answer   to   this   question   starts with   close  examination  of   the  above "rapture"    passages.  

Both   the     "voice  of   the  archangel"  &   the   "last  trumpet  of  God"   in  the    above    "rapture"   passages  are   also    found   in   Revelation's   chronology  of    the   final   7   year   Tribulation   period.

Clearly,   Rev. 10:3, 7    &   Rev. 11:15 place     the    rapture   of    the   church  somewhere    within   the   1st     3    1/2  years    of    the    7    year    Tribulation  period,   &   before   the   middle   point, which   is   represented   in  chapter  13 of   Revelation.   

The  "last trumpet"   which  Paul   speci- fied,    is   clearly  shown  as   the   "7th"   &  actual  "last"   trumpet   to  be   blown in  the  entire  book  of  Revelation.     It   is   blown  in   Rev.11:15.       

<---       1st     3    1/2      years      --->
("WRATH OF GOD"  /   Rev.16:1)
   <---      final     3    1/2      years     --->
Rapture  shown  in  the  chronological  chapters  of  the  book  of  Revelation 
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7 year Tribulation shown in the book of Revelation
The  Bible's   'timing'  of   the  Rapture  event  is found  clearly  in  Revelation   in  relation   to   the chronology   of    the   coming   7   Year  Tribulation.

Many  scriptures  show   that   God's  people   will have keen awareness  of  its  nearness  which Jesus  also  referred to  by  instructing  His followers to  'know when He is near,  even right at the door.'      [Math 24:33].

However,  today's  blind  preachers  have   indoc- trinated   a  whole  generation  for   over  40  years to  believe  the  unscriptural  picture  of   the Rapture   being   'ready  to  occur  at  any  moment and BEFORE  the 7  Year  Tribulation  period  even starts.'    However,  the  Rapture  is   much  more glorious  than   this  downplayed   'sudden'   rapture concept.

One  of  the  many  scriptures  they've  misapplied is  that  the  Day of  the  Lord  'will come like a  thief in  the  night'.      [1 Thess 5:2-4; Luke 21:34]

But,  this  verse  actually  refers  to  ONLY  those who  will   have   missed  the  Rapture    since from  their  perspective   they  never  saw   it coming.    For  them,  it  will  be   'like  a  thief  in the night'   based  on  their  extreme  spiritual blindness   and   rebellion.  

In  the next  verses  Paul  specifically  contrasts these  blind  unbelievers   with  true  'believers' who   he   says   'the  day  should   NOT   overtake you   as   a   thief.'       [1 Thess 5:4].

Again,  Spirit-filled  believers  who  will  have  made themselves  ready  will  also  be   keenly   mindful  of the  unfolding   Final   Events  and   will   specifically 'know'   when   'He is near,  even right at the door' ,   referring  to  the  Nearness of Christ's physical  Return  AND  the  'timing'  of   the Rapture   itself.  
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"God is not the author of the confusion seen amongst today's  prophecy 
'experts'  in their  recent and  ongoing debates  on  TBN  and  Daystar  TV 
about   'When the  RAPTURE will  occur?'.   But,  God's Word  is  clear  in   its  teaching  on  such  a  highly critical  topic."
~Rob Conrad  

"Even so,  you too,  when you see  ALL these things, KNOW  He  is  near,  even  right  at  the  door."          -- the Lord Jesus Christ  /  Matthew 24:33
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