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Here is Wisdom.
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2011  Ahead ....        Jan  15,  2011
Oct  26,  2008 
Prophecy  /  Rob C.

"America  will   NOT recover; ....IRREVERS- IBLE economy,  banks will close,  fast-expand- ing    unemployment  coming..."  under Obama.

All  Prophecies  RE: America's  Economy / News  confirms  >
Nov  21, 2007 / Prophecy
Pinpointed  2008  for USA Economic  crash  &  stock woes;  came to pass less  than  10  months  later   in Sept  2008.
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News  /  Sept  29,  2010
US Poverty Rate  Hits 15 Year  High
Click for Atlanta, GA Forecast
Click for Los Angeles, CA Forecast
Click for Billings, MT Forecast
Dec  28,  '09 / Prophecy "2010  Ahead" :

"More   'tables  will be turned  over'   in  2010 of Christian Ministries and   Church   Pastors who  continually   push towards  BANK  - BORROWED  LOANS-DEBTS ...."     ~Rob C.

More   "tables  will   be turned  over"    in  2011
Nov  2,  2010  /   Rob C.
News / Sept 7, 2010
TRIPLE  in  last  3 years since Dec '07 
Commodities  Prices
Nov  21,  2007
Prophecy  / 10/26/08

"Prices will continue to rise until the Mark of  the  Beast  is ful-  filled in this genera-tion ...."      ~Rob C.

News / Jan 5, 2011
United  Nations warns of potential
Food  Price  Shock / World  Prices already above 2008 Peak
News / Jan 3, 2011
Oil  hits  2-Year  High
with    NO   Peak   in Sight  -  Maybe  $200
a  barrel  coming
Oil - Wheat - Coffee - Gas
News  /  Jan  15,  2011
All  Time High  $14 Trillion Debt  for  USA
News   /  Jan  26,  2011
New  Home Sales  in  2010 Fall   to Lowest in  47  YRS
News   /  Jan  13,  2011
U.S.   Banks   Repossess
1  Million homes  in  2010 /  2011  looks to  be  WORSE
News  /  Nov  16,  2010
Current    U.S.  Unemploy-  ment     Rate:     DOUBLED
since   Recession  began   in  2007  -   still  near 10%
News / Feb 3, 2011
World  Food  Prices  Hit  Record  High --  Ever;  No  end  in  sight
News  /  March  7, 2011
OIL  Hits   2   1/2   Yr
High   -   GOLD   Hits
ALL - TIME   High

Key Partners of Patmos Ministries:   Atlanta, Georgia   /   California   /   Montana  
Judgement  coming  to  New  York      June  25,  2011
Aug  6,  2011   /   BBC  News
USA   Loses  AAA  Credit  Rating   1st   Time  EVER after  S & P's  Downgrade
P R O P H E C I E S     C O M I N G     T O     P A S S
Feb  16,  2011
God   is  now   preparing  a   GLOBAL  AUDI- ENCE    for  Christ's  Return.   >>

March  15,  2011
This  generation  is  entering  into  the fore- told   ERA  of   "men fainting from fear  and the  expectation  of   what's  coming   upon the world".     [Luke 21:26]     Each   coming GLOBAL   BIRTH   PANG    will   stir   greater global  awareness of God's mercies,  com- ing  judgements  and  the  Nearness of  the Lord Jesus Christ.   >>

Jan  31,  2011
Another,  MORE SEVERE  ECONOMIC  shak- ing  and  DOWNTURN   coming  to America. WHY?      2  Chronicles  7:14.    >>

Feb  7,  2011
The  civil  unrest  in  Egypt  will  continue  to escalate   towards   and   into   the  coming 7   Year Tribulation,   resulting   in   the  End Time   fulfillment   of    Ezekiel   38    &   39's scenario   of     ISRAEL's   TOTAL   VICTORY over  ALL  her  enemies.   >>

Recent  Prophetic  Words
March  26,  2011
AMERICA FIRST:   The judgement of God begins with the household of God.   [1Peter 4:17]  :  America,  greatest  country  EVER,is   the  most    'household  of  God'    nation on   earth.    President  Obama   was  fore-ordained  to  twist  America  out  of   its beautiful  shape,   towards  the  inevitable coming  judgement  of  nations.   [Zech 12:2,3]   More USA  Leaders  (both  politicians  AND  ministers)   will  have   'their tables  turned  over'    in   2011.
"a deceitful spirit"
Sept  11,  2008  /  Prophecy:
Obama "has a deceitful   spirit".     "With Obama as   President,  America  as  a   nation &  'kingdom' would   incur great calamity and   quick &  critical  setbacks."   ~Rob C.
News   /  July  13,  2011
Fmr U.S. Ambassador John Bolton:    "Obama  is  worst Pres.  for  Israel  ---  ever."
National,  Global
Prophecies   AT  A  GLANCE :
July  8,  2011   /   CNBC News
"USA  Jobs  Picture  Gets
Even  Worse"   [ Unemploy- ment  swells  to  9.2 %  ]
Sept  17,  2011    >>
Prophetic  Word   RE:   TBN,   Daystar  &  America's  Top  Religious  Broadcasters
[  "...have  pushed  Jesus  out..."  ]

July  26,  2011
Conservative voices are heard naively saying, "Obama doesn't know what he's doing."   To the contrary.   Obama knows EXACTLY  what  he's  doing  w/  PROVEN INTENT to ruin  USA's ECONOMY,  wipe out jobs,   ruin   lives  &   deceive   the  people.
at  Heisnear.com
   Wiki-Leaks Past    revelations      are  small   talk 
sobering   Global     Forewarnings   of    Heisnear.com
July  10,  2011
Obama's actions are FAR MORE in line with a Muslim-Atheistic  mindset  than a Bible-believing  "Christian"  as he claims .  [ IE.  pro-Palestine,  anti-Israel,  intent  to harm America & our economy, pro- abortion,  pro-homosexual,  etc  ]  

"See  to  it  that  no one  misleads  you." [Jesus/Matthew 24:4] /  "Have your senses trained to DISCERN good & evil."  [Hebrews 5:14]    >>

Sept  11,  2008   /   Prophetic  Word  >>
[ 55 days prior  to  Nov  2008  Election ] :

"OBAMA   has  a  deceitful  spirit....."
IF ELECTED...   "OBAMA  is  the  single greatest    'internal'   threat   right  now  to  the  United  States  of  America..."
AMERICA   is  "IRREVERSIBLY"    in  submission  to  the  End  Times'    EU       Oct  1,  2011    
June  25,  2011  /   prophecy  RE:  N.Y.
JUNE  25th   Prophecy   ID's  New York city and  state  for  Judgement;   50  days  later  New  York   slammed   with   record  RAINS and  FLOODS;  10 days after that  slammed by   Hurricane  Irene   (Aug 28),   then   (Oct 2011)  worst  snowstorm   "in  200  years".
Dec  28,  2009   /   Prophecy
"Greater  Global  Turbu- lences  in  2010"    ~Rob C.

NEWS:      Dec   20,  2010:
"2010    saw   More  Natural Disasters   and   Deaths
than   in   a   Generation"

"Global  Birth  Pangs   in  2011   ....will  be  WORSE
than  2010."    ~Rob C.
[ *came  to  pass  6 mos into
2011  /  Headline News  > > ]
Dec 28, 2009 >
Other Prophetic words  RE:  Obama
Dec   7,   2011    /    US  News
Natural  Disasters  of  2011  SMASH  previous USA  records   [ "almost  Biblical  onslaught" ]

2012  Ahead ...      Jan  21,  2012   
December  17,   2011 /
World  Magazine:
"2011   is  worst   year yet"   for  Church  fore- closures   in   USA
November   7,   2011 /
Reuters  News:
Record  High  49  million Americans  living  in  poverty
What's coming for the Body of Christ in  America ...  
[ Jan  21,  2012  prophetic  word ]
Major  End  Time  Prophecy: Antichrist's   exact    Profile
coming  to  pass 100%  and  to  the   "T"   today  ---   >>>
Feb   16,   2012   /   U.S. News  -   Congressional Budget Office:  USA  still experiencing    "Longest period  of   High  Unem-  ployment  since  Great  Depression  --   CBO predicts  over  8%  Un- employment thru 2014"   
WHO'S  HEARING   the Crucial Insights at  Heisnear.com ?
2013  Ahead ...      May  11,  2012   
rob conrad
End  Time  AMERICA:       2013,  2014  FOREWARNINGS  
July  19,  2012       YouTube  VIDEO
DIVINE  Forewarning  to  ISRAEL  -  in Today's End Times 
Sept  20,  2012       YouTube  VIDEO
12 days before
Nov 6 Pres Election
1 Day after Nov 6 Pres Election
100% PROOF Obama Re-Election Matches  spirit  of  ANTICHRIST ~ Oct 24, 2012
Prophetic word to PM NETANYAHU
& End Time ISRAEL
Sept  27,  2013  /  Crucial,  nearing  End  Time  major events &  their sequence,  disclosed to  Israel's  Knesset        *More:   End Time Israel
Feb 18, 2014
August  9,  2014  /  [*Exclusive]  :  Critical  'Last Hour'  specifics  NOT  being  told  by  the  global media or world  leaders ~      (prophetic word)
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3  days  after  this  prophetic  word   was  stated
publicly  in  the  August 21, 2016  Global  Broad- cast,  then TURKEY suddenly  began moving its Military Southward towards ISRAEL  --    (*News       on   Aug 24, 2016    shown  in  CAPTION  of  this VIDEO confirms)

"NEXT Major Military Move in Today's End Times:
--TURKEY towards ISRAEL"
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