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Return of Christ Battle of Armaggedon
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth
Mid-7 years
"a quart of wheat  for a denarius"   /   Revelation 6:6

1  World  Government
European Union of 10 nations
Mark of Beast  invoked
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
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Rev.6:2  Dan.9:27
"A  quart  of   WHEAT
for a  denarius"   [ Rev 6:6 ]  /  skyrocketing  Global  FOOD  &  Commodity  Prices  /  "peace  is
taken  from  the  earth"   [ Rev 6:4 ]
Rising WHEAT Prices in Today's  End  Times
Global  Food  Supply and   Rising  WHEAT Prices
CBC  News 
Sept   1,   2010

United Nations:

Global  Food Prices
Highest  in  2  years

More  News:   
CNBC News 
Sept   3,   2010

Fears  Grow 
Over  Global  Food  Supply

[  UN  Food  &  Agri- culture  Calls  Emer- gency  to  Discuss  Wheat  Shortages  ]
Breitbart  News      Feb   3,   2011

World  Food  Prices  Hit  RECORD  HIGH   -    no end in sight
Reuters  News         June   16,   2011

G20  Leaders    unite  to  monitor  soaring  World  Grain/FOOD  prices
&  potential  CRISIS

[   up  37%  last  1  yr  ]
Economy  News       April   4,   2011

Current   Global  FOOD  WARS  &   Riots   to  Spike  300%  ?
This  Foretold  Bible  prophecy   shows  the  Nearness  to   the  'start'
of   the  Final   7  Year  Tribulation  to  this  generation  TODAY ...
GLOBAL WHEAT - Commodity
PRICES  skyrocketing TODAY
as  foretold   for  the   'START' of   the   final  7  year   period.
TODAY's  generation  is   NOW  witnessing   the   "record- high"   explosion  of   skyrocketing  FOOD  &  Commod- ity   Prices   globally   including    WHEAT.   

This  matches  exactly   the  Bible's  foretold  scenario  for the   actual   'start'   of   the   final   7   Year   Tribulation which   is  staring   this  generation   squarely   in   the eyes   RIGHT  NOW   as  overwhelmingly  confirmed  at Heisnear.com.         [ News below ]

In  fact,   today's   exploding  WHEAT  and  FOOD  prices
are   specifically  foretold   in   Revelation  6:6  which portrays  global  skryocketing   WHEAT   prices  at   the 'start'   of  Tribulation  saying,   "a  quart of  wheat  for  a  denarius".        [ Graph below ]

This   points   to   WHEAT   and   the   overall  commodity prices   worldwide   to  be   off-the-charts   near   the 'start'   of   the   7   Year  Tribulation   so   that   the  price of   a   loaf  of  bread   [ "a quart of wheat" ]    would   cost a   whole day's  wage  [ "a  denarius"  being   the   first century's   Roman  Empire  equivalent   to  a   day's  wage, or   more. ].    

In  some  3rd world  nations  today,  this  is  already occurring  with  as  much  as   35%  of  a  family's income   being   used   to   buy   FOOD.       [ News  > ]

In  America,   conceivably   bread   could   cost    $40 - $50 or   more.

As  today's  Headlines  confirm,   this  COMING  GLOBAL FOOD  CATASTROPHE   is   so   close   to   becoming   a reality   that    the    G20   Leaders   of    the    world    are already  uniting  together    in  readying   for    sudden worldwide  kaos  among  nations  to  be  triggered  by fighting   for   food.        [ News below / June 16, 2011 ]

History and  simple  logic  prove   that,   at  any  level  of society  &   globally,   skyrocketing  unaffordable   food prices   coupled  with  hunger   equal  rioting,  anarchy or   even   wars.    

IN FACT,   THIS  IS  EXACTLY   what   Revelation shows is  coming  QUICKLY   to  this  generation   at   the 'start'   of   Tribulation  saying,   "and  peace  was taken   from   the   earth".       [Rev. 6:4]

During  the 1st  half   of Tribulation,  soaring  GLOBAL FOOD  PRICES,  food shortages  and  starvation  itself will  become  so  quickly  desperate    that  the  event- ual    'mark of  the  beast'   will   be   'forced  upon  all'  [Rev 13:16,17]   at   the   Mid-Point   of   the   7   Year Tribulation   as   the   ultimate  solution   for   "all"   to  have   FOOD   and   water.

The   False Prophet   [Papacy of Rome]   will  be   the  ul- timate   SOLE   EXECUTOR   of   the   coming    GLOBAL FOOD  &  STARVATION    'solution'   with   his    proposed 1-World   economic    'mark'.        [ News / mark of beast ]

Here  again,  the POPES   are  already   pushing   heavily [for years]   these   "World  hunger"   solutions   to   the United  Nations,   World  Health  Organization   and   world Leaders   in   precise  line   with    this   entire   soon- coming    and   foretold   scenario.     
World Bulletin News  Aug   2,   2010

Russia  Cuts  2010
Grain  Crop  Forecast
Over  Worst Drought
in  130  years
Business Wk News 
Aug   6,   2010

WHEAT  Heads for Biggest Gain in 50 years

[  "... wheat prices have doubled in less than 2 months.... "  ]
BBC  News 
Aug   15,   2010

Russia  Ban  on  Grain Export Begins

[  "...ban  likely  to  see  bread  prices  rise.... "  ]
most  recent  1st:
Pope Francis New Controversy --- BILLIONS  to die.
the  'start' of  Tribulation
Record - High  WHEAT
Coming Global FOOD Crisis
MSNBC  News         July   11,   2012

Global  Food  Crisis Looms  as  Wheat  &   Grain  Prices  SOAR    ( Worst  USA Drought  in   25   years contributing )
May  29,  2014
UK  News

World Bank Sounds  Alarm 
on  Rising Global  FOOD  &  Wheat  Prices
Rising WHEAT Prices in Today's  End  Times