The  European Union  in 
End  Times
The European Union   is  in  its  prophetical place  as  the  final dominating kingdom of the End Times.    Literally,  the  EU   is  a revived  old   Roman Empire   (from the 1st century)  which,  after two thousand years,   has   come  back  to  life  as  Revelation & Daniel  predicted  for  these  End Times.      It   has  rightly  been called  the   "kingdom of antichrist"   since   the  End Time   man of  sin  will  arise  from  this union of  nations  west  of  Palestine as  scriptures  predict.        [Rev.17:9,10;  Dan.7:24]. 

Today,  the  EU   physically  rests  on old  Roman Empire  terrain &  is    the   largest  &  most  powerful  economic  block    in  the world   in   readiness  to   fulfill   its  End  Time   role.      The  EU  was   officially    established  in  1957   in   Rome.       Soon,   10 nations   of    the   EU   will   combine   together,    which   must  take   place   before   the   Great Tribulation   occurs.    [Rev.13:1-10].        Today,  the  EU   is  rapidly   rising  in  plain  view   to  its final   1-World Government    form   as   foretold   in   scriptures.
A  Revived  old  Roman  Empire
Next  Biblical  Event  to  occur  in   the   EU:
News:   EU  and  Mideast  Peace

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The   EU   &   Mideast  Peace   in  the  End  Times
50th  Anniversary  of the  EU   [ 2007 ]
November   18,    2006:          BBC News
Mideast  Peace   is    "crucial"   -   Tony  Blair   (UK)
[  "nothing  could  have  greater  importance..."  ]
November   16,    2006:         FOX  NEWS
"Spain,  France,  Italy  Push  MIdeast Peace Plan"
[  "Europe  must  take  lead  role....."  ]
October   26,    2006:         World  News
"European  Union  (EU) ... new  push  for  Mideast  Peace"
[  EU Foreign Policy Chief:      "....more  committed  than  ever...." ]
September   1,    2006:          BBC News 
"EU   (European Union)   talks  on  Mideast  Peace  Plan"
August    22,    2006:          NY  Sun  News
"Rome   Agrees   to   lead   UN  Force"
[ Israeli  Prime Minister  Ehud  Olmert  asks  Italy   to   take  lead  in  United  Nations  force   (in  the  Mideast];    "Italy  should  lead  the  international  force."     Ehud  Olmert. )
Tony Blair
January    1,    2007:        World  News
"Mideast  Peace  on  table......"    (for European Union)
[  seeks  a   "....revival of Mideast Peace process....under Germany's  new  EU  Presidency..."  ]  
April   1,    2007:          Fox  News
"Europe  Will  Help  Mideast   'Walk the Path toward Peace'  "
June 27, 2007 / BBC News
'Blair Appointed Middle East Envoy'
[...'working on behalf of USA, Russia,  United Nations  & European Union...' ]

November   26,   2007        /       EU   &   United   Nations  News
Israel - Palestine:     EU  Parliament  Suggests  Future  Steps
EU's  Commission/Council  building
in  Brussels, Belgium
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April    9,    2008     /      People  Daily  News
Solana  [EU Top Diplomat] :   Israel - Palestinian  Agreement  likely  this  year  ['08]
Sept    26,    2008      /      Voice  of  America
'Mideast  Quartet     [USA / EU / United Nations / Russia]    Urges  Israeli-Palestinian   Peace  Accord  by  Year's  End'
Dec    1,    2008      /      Israel  Today  News
'European  Plan  to  Take  Leading  Role  in  Mideast    [worries  Israel] '
[   "......EU  plans  to  seize  leading  role  in  2009......"   ]
March    28,    2009      /      Haaretz  News
'European  Union  Warns  Israel  on  Two-State  Issue'
[   "The  EU  warned  Prime  Minister  Benjamin  Netanyahu.....that  EU  ties  with  Israel  could  take  a  turn  for  the  worse  IF  he  rejects......Two-State  solution...."   ]
Israeli  Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu
March  28, 2009
December    8,    2009      /      Voice  of  America  News
European Union:       "Jerusalem  Should  Be  Shared  Capital"
[   "EU  Ministers  Call  on  Israeli's  and   Palestinians  to  Revive  Peace  Talks"   ]
August   13,    2010      /      Haaretz  News
European  Union:      "Abbas  close  to  accepting  direct  Mideast  Peace  Talks"
[    "EU  Letter  says  Quartet    [EU, USA, Russia, U. Nations]    to  demand  Israel    Reaches   a   Peace   Deal   within   24   months"   ]
Palestinian  Leader  Abbas
Aug 13, 2010
May    12,    2009     /      Haaretz  News
Israel's   Peres   to   Pope  Benedict  XVI:       "This  could  be  the  Year  we  attain   Peace"     [   Red  carpet   for  Benedict  in  1st  Visit  to  Holy  Land    ]
100% PROOF of Christ's Nearness
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December   13,    2010      /      BBC  News
EU  to  Recognize  Palestinian  State   "when  appropriate"
[    "EU  emphasizes  need  for  a  negotiated  Agreement-Settlement...."    ]
January    5,    2011      /      Haaretz  News
European  Union   Pushes  Mideast  Talks
[    "Urgent  Progress  now  needed....."    ]
February    5,    2011      /      Haaretz  News
QUARTET   [  USA - U. Nations - EU - Russia  ] :     "Israel   and   Palestinian
Peace  Talks  Must  Advance  Quickly"          [  solved    "  Sept   2011"  ]
Quartet  Meeting  on  Mideast
Peace /   Feb  5,  2011
February    22,    2011     /      Fox  News
European  Union    Urges   Israel   to  Resume  Mideast  Peace  Talks  with
April    14,    2011     /      EU  Observer  News
International  Body  Endorses  Palestine  Readiness  for  Statehood
EU,    USA,    Israel,    Canada,   Norway,   Russia,    4  Arab  Nations, 
World  Bank    &    Int'l  Monetary  Fund  ]
April    19,    2011     /      Los  Angeles  Times  News
ISRAEL  Under  Pressure  to  Offer  Mideast  Peace Plan
[  or   EU,  United Nations,  USA  &  Russia  to  jump-start  ]
April   24,   2011    /     Jerusalem  Post
EU  split  over  upcoming  United  Nations  Recognition  of  Palestinian  State  within  Israel's  borders     [ Sept  '11  Voting ]
July   18,   2011    /     European Union Business News
EU  Presses  Israel,  Palestinians  Ahead  of   U.N.  Vote  on 
Palestine  Statehood     [  in  Sept  '011 ]
The   European Union   has  already   begun  pushing  itself  to  the  forefront  in  the  mediating of  the  Mideast  Peace  conflict.  This  is   shaping  up  now  in   perfect  timing  with   Antichrist  who  also  is  being   highly  sought  after  by   Israeli   &   Pales- tinian   leaders  to  mediate   Mideast  Peace   as  emphatically  pinpointed  at            [ Antichrist face-to-face / News

In  the  coming  days   ahead,   the  man  of  sin   himself   will  step   up   from   within   the   EU   and   TAKE   THE   FORE- FRONT   to   literally   negotiate   a    7  year    Mideast  Peace treaty.     This  MAJOR  Bible   prophecy  is   on  the  verge of happening  in  this  generation .         ~Rob Conrad
September    4,   2011    /     Guardian  UK  News
EU  Envoy  Tony  Blair  to  Meet  w/  Palestinian  &  Israeli  Leaders  for  Mideast  Peace  Push
September    29,   2011    /     EU  News
EU  Parliament  Supports  Palestinian  Statehood
( expects  solution  within  1  year )

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January    24,   2012    /     Reuters  News
EU  wants  "bold"   Mideast  Peace  bids  by  Palestinians
and   Israel  to  re-start  talks
March    12,   2012    /     Israel  Nat'l  News
QUARTET   ( EU, USA, United Nations, Russia )  to  Meet,  Discuss
stalled  Mideast  Peace  Process
Jerusalem Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock,  Western Wall
July    11,   2012    /     Worthy  News
A  "Two-State"   Negotiated  Final  Agreement  is  Key  for  ISRAEL  &   PALESTINIANS  ---   says  EU Commission
Jews  of  Israel Welcome  Antichrist with  Red  Carpet
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