ISRAEL  in  today's End Times 
& Terrorists
Today >
Middle  of 7 year period
Rev.19:11-20:3  Return of Christ
Rev.  9: 14, 15, 18  
"1/3  of mankind"   dies  after  the  4 angels are released  at  the  Euphrates  River  Region 
[ Iraq  &  Iran ]       [ PLAGUES ]

3 1/2 years
Great Tribulation
TERRORISTS  in  Today's  End  Times
     A  coming  Islamic-Arab  self-destruction
1040  Window :
Located  within  10 & 40
degrees  N  Latittude  of   the  Equator
Region  of  the  1040  Window    -     4  billion  people  live here    -     over  3  billion  to  die
Red Horse
[Rev 6:4] 
"a great sword was given to him that men should slay one another"

Boiling Today and
ready  to  explode
in the 1040 region
News below

Islam's Dome of the Rock sits on  Jerusalem's Temple Mount    and   must   1st    be leveled in order for the Jews' Temple  to  be  built .   It   will  occur  RIGHT AFTER Israel's  enemies  are destroyed  just after the 'start'  of  Tribulation.  
3 1/2 years
Kamenhei / IRAN
Sheik Nasrallah
Bin Laden
Israeli  Military
on  Temple  Mount
Built Temple

FACTS  about  the  1040 Window:

The 10/40 Window is located within 10 and 40 degrees   north Latitude of the equator

68 nations across northern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia live in the 10/40 Window

Nearly 4 billion people live here, including 90% of the world's poorest of the poor

It is estimated that 1.6 billion of these people have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ  -  not even once

Every major non-Christian religion is  rooted  and  also  Headquartered  in  this  region  including:  Islam,  Buddhism,  Hinduism,  Animism,  Atheism, and  Sikhism

Two-thirds of the world’s population [4 billion] live in the  68 nations  of  the  10/40  Window

95% of these 4 billion people are unevangelized

90% are the poorest of the poor, living on an average of only $250 per family annually

In many of the 68 nations, witnessing the Christian Gospel is  illegal  and  will  result  in  imprisonment  or  death

43 of the 50 worst countries in the world for persecution of Christians are in the 10/40 Window

Child prostitution and child slaverly run rampant in many of these nations

Horrific abuse of women and children remains unchecked, including an epidemic of pedophilia

A majority of the world's terrorist organizations are based in the 10/40 Window, and children as young as 18 months old are  trained to be Jihad soldiers

End Time NEWS  in  the  1040  Window  BOILING POT:
Coming:  Over 3  billion
will  die  in  this  region;   Any  nuclear  fallout  [ie.
from  IRAN]   will   occur   mainly  here,   ironically   upon  themselves  ~
Most  Recent  NEWS  1st :
WHO'S  HEARING   the Crucial Insights at ?
The  'start' of  the  final  7  Year  Tribulation  period  is imminent in  today's  generation.   Revelation's  chronology shows  that  billions of  people   will  be   'killed'   within the    FIRST   3 1/2   years   of   the  coming  Tribulation.

Over  3  billion  people  will  die 

Specifically,   Rev. 6:8   states  that   'a  fourth of  the earth'   will  be  killed.     This  means  that  of   today's  7 billion  people  on earth   about  1.7  billion   persons   will soon  die,    leaving  about   5.3   billion.

Soon  after  that,   Rev. 9:15  states  that  another  'third of  mankind'   will  be  killed.    Overall,  this means that after  the Tribulation  begins  a   total  of  several  billion people  will  die,   leaving  roughly  3.5   billion  people  on earth,   about   HALF  of   today's   world  population.  

As  horrendous  as  this  sounds,  it  will  most  definitely take  place  and   this  generation  will  shortly  witness  it. Again,  all  of  this  will  take  place  within  the  beginning months   of   the    FIRST   3  1/2    years  of   the   coming 7  Year  Tribulation.      It   can   rightly   be   called   WW3.

WHERE  will  this  occur?      and its cause?

The  2  prime  events   causing   over  3  billion  deaths are  pinpointed  in   the  Bible.     Both  accounts   show  the region  of   the   Mideast,   East  - Central  Asia    and N.  Africa    to   be   the    focul    point    geographically   of the   bulk   of   the   coming  explosion  of   death.  

This   is   the  horizontal   region   referred   to   as   the 1040  Window.     Its  center  is   IRAQ   [Euphrates River] and   stretches   horizontally   eastward   through   East and   central  Asia   and   also   stretches   west    through IRAQ's   neighboring   Mideast   Muslim - Arab   nations towards  Jerusalem, Israel.   Some  N.  African   nations are  also   included   in   the  1040  Window.     [Map / info below]

The  FIRST  Major  Prophecy   to   occur    right   after the   Tribulation   'starts'    is   the    1-day   war   on  the mountains  of   ISRAEL.     Tens  of   millions    [or  more] will   die.     This  results   from    Russia    and    numerous allied   Arab-Muslim   nations    [Iran, Turkey, Libya, Ethiopia,   Iraq]    having  suddenly  converged   on   Israel to   destroy   her.       [Ezekiel  38:1-8]

However,  Israel will  miraculously  destroy  them  all including   80%   of   the   Russian   military   itself   re- quiring    "7 months"   [Ezek 39:11-13]    for    Israel   to bury    the   dead.

Revelation's   RED  HORSE    [Rev 6:4]    symbolizes    the first  stage   of  this   horrific  bloodshed  saying    "a  great sword  was  given  to  him  that   men  should  slay one  another".      We  see   this   already   boiling   today.

The   2nd  event   of   more   mass   death   also   occurs in   the    1040   region    but   is    caused   by    plagues.

Revelation  shows   this   since  the   4   angels   [of  God] which   have   been    'bound  at  the  River  Euphrates'  [IRAQ-IRAN  area]   are   suddenly   'released'.     [Rev 9:14].     This   allows  the   plagues   from   the   newly opened   bottomless   pit   to    kill   a    third  of  mankind in   quick   succession   to   the   previous    "fourth  of the  earth"    which   just   died.      [Rev 9: 2, 13-18]

At   this  point   just  months  into   the   7  Year  Tribu- lation,   over    3    billion   persons   will   have   died.

Islamic  Terrorists:         .... to  self-destruct

Importantly  in   today's  End  Times,   this   1040  region houses   most   of    today's   key   TERRORIST   nations and    is   the    #1   region   where    hate,   persecution and    killings  of  Christians   and   Jews  exist   today, including   hate   for   Israel.      [Map / Info below]    

As  an   inevitable  result,    this  exact  region   will   suffer the  brunt    of   the   fast-approaching   holocaust   to   be- come   world   history's   most   extreme  example  of   the Biblical   principles:   "all who  live  by  the  sword  will die  by  the  sword"    and     " I   (God)   will  bless those who bless you   (Abraham/Jews of Israel)   and those  who  curse you,   I  will  curse."    [Matthew 26:52  /  Genesis 12:3]       

The  Building  of  Jerusalem's  3rd  Temple

To  re-emphasize,   right   after   the  7   Year  Tribulation 'starts',   then   Russia   [king of the north]   with   its  allies of   Iran,   Libya,  Turkey,   Ethiopia   and    other   Arab-Muslim    nations   will    be    wiped   out    in    'a  day'   on Israel's   mountains.      [Ezekiel  38:18;  39:4]   

As  mentioned  before,   immediately  adjacent   to   this  will be   another  storm  of  deaths   ["third of mankind"]   in  the
Euphrates  River  -  IRAQ  region,   killing  hundreds  of millions   more    including    radical   Islamic   terrorists.

This  coming   quick elimination  of   Israel's   hateful enemies   who  also   have   military   capabilities    [Russia, Islamic   terrorists,   Arab-Muslim    enemies   like    IRAN, Syria,   Libya]     will   suddenly  allow    ISRAEL    to   have unhindered   freedom  to    BUILD   their    3rd   Temple during   the    FIRST   3  1/2   years   of   the   Tribulation as  End  Time  prophecies  specifically  foretell.    ~Rob Conrad

Israel's  coming  1-day  miraculous Victory  >>
The  RED  HORSE  will erupt   after  the   'start'  of  the  Tribulation and
leads to  the  Russian attack  on   Israel  --
Russian missle test
W O R L D     W A R     I I I      boiling
Concerning  ISRAEL'S   foretold  End Time  Victory over  her  enemies  -  God says: "On  that  day...."    [Ezek 38:18,19]     "I   will  exalt  Myself ,  sanctify  Myself,   and make  Myself  known   in the  sight  of  many nations;   and they shall know that  I am  the  Lord  God."     [Ezek 38:23]
W W 3   boiling
Mar   4,  2011  /  Haaretz
Mideast  Unrest  may   roll  into  Palestine  Territories
April  15,  2012   /  Israel
ISRAELI   Air  Force  gear-   ing    up  for   Iran   attack,
moment  of  truth  is  near -
says   Israel   TV   Report
May  15,  2011  / Reuters
Israel --  Palestinian
Violence  Erupts  on 
Israel's   Borders
May  20,  2011   /    Fox
ISRAEL   PM   Netanyahu
emphatically   Rejects   Obama   demand   yester- day    for    a    Palestinian  state   within   Israel
Aug  31,  2011  /   Fox  News
ISRAEL   Sends  Warships  to  Egypt  Border 
[   Iran's  Fleet  in  same  waters  ]
deceased 5/1/11
Sept   5,  2011  /   News
ISRAEL  General   Predicts  All-Out  War  w/  WMD's  in  Mideast
Nov  8,  2011  /  Fox News
Israeli  Defense  minister  warns  military  strike  is  possible  against  IRAN
Feb  2,  2012  /  Bus Wk
Israeli  Military  Chief: 
Israel  needs  to  be  ready  to  strike  IRAN
Feb  27,  2012   /   FOX
ISRAEL  won't  warn  USA  before  IRAN  strike
March  4,  2012   /    UPI
ISRAEL's   Netanyahu  to  give  Iran  Ultimatum
[  Israel  estimates   6-9 
months  left  until  Iran's 
nuclear   facilities  are  protected  ]
Jan   31,  2011  /   ABC
IRAN's  continued  efforts 
for   Nuclear   weapons
Feb   2,  2011  /  YNET
Coup  Possible  in  Saudi
Arabia  and  Morocco
Jan  31,  2011  /  YNET
Intelligence  Report 
Warns of  Iranian  Nuclear  Reactor  Disaster
End Time NEWS  in  the  1040  Window  BOILING POT:
W W 3   boiling
March   29,   2012   /
Israel  National  News

ISRAEL  buys  airfield  on IRAN'S   northern  border 
( as  possible  war-ready 
Air   Force's   REFUELING 
site )
March   29,  2012  /  Haaretz  -  Israel News
ISRAEL'S   plan  to  attack  IRAN   suddenly  PUT  ON  HOLD     ( until  at  least  spring  of  2013 )
August   8,   2012    /     News: Israel   "Dissolving"   Muslim Dome   of   Rock   foundation
--   to   Build  3rd   Jerusalem  Temple
2:53 secs
August  4,  2012  /  J. Post
IRAN   Test - Fires   new   Long- Range  Missile  -  Israel's  reply:    "Iran 
should  be  very  afraid ..."
Ezekiel   38,  39  Russia      [King
of  North],   Iran, Libya,   Ethiopia, Turkey converge
on    Israel   and
are  destroyed  ~

Rev.  6: 8, 9   1/4 of  the earth dies
Feb  4,  2011  /   YNET
Riots  in  EGYPT:   Sign  of  Islamic  Global  Uprising
Sept   16,  2012   /  Teleg UK
IRAN   Prepares  for ISRAEL  Strike   ( with  big-
gest   Defense   tests   in  IRAN's   history  )
   Nov   1,  2011  /   News
   ISRAEL  successfully              Tests  Advanced   Missile      capable  of  Reaching              IRAN   w/   nuclear   war-        head
Nov   16,  2012   /  IB Times UK
ISRAEL   calls   up  16,000  reservist  soldiers  to  pre- pare   for  GAZA  offensive
(  Palestinian   rocket  hits  outskirts    of   Jerusalem for  1st   time  in  history  )
continued  -  recent  1st :
Feb   1,  2013     /     J. Post
ISRAEL  Jets  Bomb  Syrian Facility;     Iranian   Guards  Killed   also     ( Iran, Syria vow  retaliation )
Feb   25,  2013    /    W. Post
ISRAEL   successfully  Tests   Incoming   Missile System     ( ready in 2016 )
Bible  PROOF  1.5  BIL MUSLIMS  to  die
May  1,  2013  Video / 3:27 Mins
Bible  Proof  1.5  BIL Muslims  to  die  [Red Horse of Revelation]
May  15,  2013   Video  /    7 Mins
FINAL Prophecies  &  MIDEAST
WAR  Ready     ----    [ will  start  "SUDDENLY"   :   Bible / News ]
May  19,  2013     Video   /    1 Min
RUSSIA  sends  12  Warships  to  ISRAEL's   N.  Border    [ Syria > ]
[ foretold  WW3 ]
May   17,  2013    /  Times of Israel
RUSSIA   sends  12  Warships  to  ISRAEL's 
N.  Border   [Syria]
August  20,  2013        Video   /    3:45
&  ISRAEL   [Timeline of coming events]
Sept  12,  2013         Video     /     3:03
VICTORY  over  ALL  enemies
[Ezekiel 38 & 39's Timing ID'd  in relation
to nearing 7 Year Tribulation]
Major Bible Prophecy  /  Bible Foretells :
OCT   1,   2013     /    JPost
PM  NETANYAHU   to  U.N. :
"ISRAEL  will  stand  alone if  needed  to  prevent  IRAN   nuclear  weapons"

"The  people  of  ISRAEL have  come  home,  NEVER to  be  uprooted  again!"
Sept  27,  2013         Video     /      4:22
Prophetic  word to  PM  NETANYAHU
&  End  Time  ISRAEL
[Crucial, nearing  End Time major events
&  their sequence,  disclosed to Knesset]
PRAY for the peace of JERUSALEM. 
(Psalms 122:6,7)
NOV   14,   2013    /    JPost
ISRAEL  Defense  Forces  (IDF)   complete   full-scale Military  excercise  to  pre- pare   for  northern  attack
Feb  9,  2011  /  J. Post
IRAN  threatening  to Ignite  the  Region
ISRAEL's   foretold  "TIME"   (Dan 11:21) ---- now  ready  for  ANTICHRIST
Nov  5,  2013 :   Exclusive  VIDEO,  found  no- where   else  except  at
March  10,  2014   /   News :
RUSSIA   Military  &  Warships
POISED   to   Attack   ISRAEL
[ Major  End Time Prophecy In Plain  View  &  READY  Today]
Feb  13,  2011  /  YNET
Libya  Leader  Gaddafi
tells  Palestinians  to  Revolt  against  ISRAEL

[calls for  Palestinians  to
amass on Israel's borders]
March   10,   2014  /   VIDEO
RUSSIA   Military   &   War- ships   POISED   to  attack  ISRAEL
Western  Wailing  Wall
1040  Window  Region
March   19,   2014  /    Free Beacon  News
ISRAEL  Defense  Forces (IDF)   Continue  to
Prepare  for  IRAN  strike
&  2nd  BLOOD  MOON 
           (Oct 2014)
&  2nd  BLOOD  MOON 
           (Oct 2014)
MAY 18, 2014
June   29,   2014   /   Israel National  News
ISIS   terrorists   Edging  Closer  to  ISRAEL ;   
ISRAEL   Prepared  to 
Assist  Jordan  Militarily
June 23, 2014 :   MIDEAST - World  CRISIS to  EXPLODE   :: Believers  who  MISS  the RAPTURE   (*prophetic word)
July   14,   2014   /
Sky  News
ISRAEL   Launches   1st Ground   operation   on  
N.  GAZA    w/    no   end 
of  conflict  in  sight
Feb  14,  2011   /   Fox
Israel    PM   Netanyahu:   "Arab  World  undergoing 
an  earthquake" 
July 14,  2014  /  VIDEO >
ISRAEL - GAZA   conflict  "WILL  NOT  ERUPT"  
into  All-Out  Mideast 
War  ( 3  REASONS  WHY )
*Prophetic Word crystallizes Imminent End Time events >
ISIS  terrorists in Iraq & Syria
June 29, 2014  (News below)
Ezekiel 38,39 /  FOREORDAINED
Russia, Muslim  terrorists'  near-  ing Demise on Israel mountains/
ID's  timing  of  "WHEN"  Israel's COMING  1-DAY WAR  occurs
Aug  4,  2014  / UK News
ISRAEL  &   Hamas  Agree   to   3-DAY  TRUCE   in
GAZA  Conflict
Feb  14,   2011  /  WSJ
Mideast  Unrest  Spreads
across   Arab   World

[ to  IRAN,  Bahrain,  Libya]
Aug  8,  2014  /  FOX News
3-DAY   Ceasefire 
Collapses  --   ISRAEL  resumes  strikes  on  HAMAS  targets  after  rocket  fire  from  GAZA
Aug  27,  2014  / FOX  News
Egypt   brokers    ISRAEL - 
Hamas   CEASE--FIRE   
after   7  weeks  of  conflict   in   GAZA    
Sept  6,  2014  / Israel News
ISRAEL   preparing   for
'Very  Violent'   war  against
Hezbollah   in   LEBANON 
Dec 27, 2014  /   ISRAEL  set   for  7  Year  Agree-
ment,   Dome of Rock  Removed  &   3rd  TEMPLE
Jerusalem Post
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July  14,  2015  / Israel News
OBAMA  gives  IRAN  Nuclear  Bomb  Deal ;
PM Netanyahu :  "Historic
Mistake"   for  world
Feb  18,   2011  /  Daily
IRAN's    Warships 
Provoking    Israel, 
Egypt   approves
Sept   29,  2015   /   J. Post
RUSSIA  sends  Military
&  jets  into  SYRIA ; 
Netanyahu  &  IDF  Chief tell   PUTIN   "do not test  ISRAEL"