"And he will seize the kingdom   (EU)   by intrique...."        [Dan.11:23]
Mar 2007 / Benedict
"Out  of  this  kingdom   [ final Euro-kingdom ] ,  10 kings will arise;    and  another  [ false prophet ]    will   arise  after  them,      and   he   will   be   different       [ as  a religious  leader ]    from   the  previous    [ 10  political ]   ones ...".        [Dan.7:24].
This   MAJOR  BIBLE  PROPHECY    is   ready   to  be   fulfilled   in   full   power  at   the   Mid-Point   of   Tribulation.          [ EU  News  > ]     [ 1 World GOVT /  News > ]
The  End  Time  False  Prophet
will arise from within  and   THEN TO THE TOP   of the final  Euro-Kingdom:
4   new    'saints'    by   Benedict
[  ...."the  church  rejoices  in  the  4  new  saints...."  ]
October   15,   2006   /   BBC News
"And he will deceive those who dwell upon the earth....."      [Rev.13:14]
News  /  July 2006:   "Pope  calls  for...
aid  of   virgin  Mary..."
Vatican  Ceremony  puts  John Paul II  on  fast  track  to  Sainthood
[ ".....Benedict   waived  the  normal  5  year  waiting  period..." ]
April   1,   2007   /    Associated Content News
Pope   [Benedict]   Revises  Limbo  for  Babies
[ "....says     'children  who  die  without  being  baptized    [by  Catholic  church]          
can   go  to   heaven....  " ]             April   20,   2007   /   FOX  News 
News / September 2007:    "Look  to  Mary,   Pope  urges  faithful."
"And  he   (false prophet)   had   2  horns  like  a  lamb,  but  he  spoke  as  a  dragon."        [Rev.13:11]
Benedict  2005
Feb  2007
The  religious   False Prophet's profile   according  to  Revelation:
Pope    [Benedict]    would  like  to  Visit  Holy  Land...
CNS News     /     April  6,  2006
[Sr.  Israel  Politician  Shimon Peres  who met with Benedict:           "renewed  Israel's  standing   invitation  for  a  Papal   visit...";           Peres:    ".....I   do  believe  his  visit could  have  a  positive 
impact  on  the   [Mideast]    peace  process." ]
Pope  Appeals  to  End  Mideast  Violence
Cath News     /     January   2007
[  asks  for   "insistent  prayer  that  the  day  of  peace  arrives
as  soon  as  possible  to  this  (Mideast)   region."  ]
Greatest World Religious Leader of the End Times,
exactly as scriptures predict...     [Rev.16:13; 19:20]
the unmatched
World Acclaim  of the  Papacy of Rome
Pope  Benedict's   First  Visit  to  United  States  [2]   April  15-20th, 2008
[ addresses the  United Nations / News;    3rd  visit by  Pope ever to 
a  Jewish  synagogue   News > [1]  [2]   [ prophetical significance > ]   ... ]
On his throne:  Vatican, ROME / Dec 2006
April 2007
June 2007
June  2007    /    with  Tony  Blair: 
New Mideast Envoy / News below
A major Biblically foretold scenario on fast track TODAY for fulfillment...
Saudi King / Nov 2007
Jewish synagogue     Leader / 2005
Orthodox Leader
Orthodox Patriarch in Turkey   /    Nov 2006
September 2007
Holy See   [Pope]    Insists  that  it  has  right  to  speak    [internationally]
EWTN News     /     November  29,  2007
[...."The Holy See  is the  Holy Father  [Pope]   himself   inasmuch  as  he  is  an   independent,   universal,  spiritual  authority......" ;       ".....The  Holy  See  [Pope]    requires  a  particular status.....meaning the  Holy See  defines  for itself   its  juridical  organizations........" ]
Pope  Benedict XVI:        Jan   2,   2008   /    Catholic News Agency
Encouraged  Christians  to  entrust  2008  to  the  Virgin  Mary...
January  2008
Vatican  Tightens  Standards  for  Sainthood
February   13,   2008   /    Catholic News Agency
Mar 2007
1st appearance in United States / Apr 15-20, 2008  /  News
Benedict addressing the United Nations  /    'Urges Global Unity'   /   April 18, 2008   News  
April 18, 2008 / Benedict XVI greeting the United Nations General Assembly in
New York
Addressing United Nations/April 2008
'And behold, a white horse..& he went out conquering and to conquer'    [Rev.6:2]    at  the  'start'  of  the  7 Year Tribulation...
European Union   &   False Prophet    now   in    lock-step   prophetical   timing
Major Bible Prophecy ready for fulfillment:     Mideast  Peace
April  1,  2007
Europe  Will  Help  Mideast   'Walk  the  Path  toward         Peace' 
January  1,  2007
"Mideast  Peace  on  table......"    (for European Union)
[  seeks  a     "....revival of Mideast Peace process....under Germany's  new  EU  Presidency..."  ]  
June   9,   2007
"Pope  Urges  Mideast  Peace  Talks"
January   2007   /   Vatican City,  Rome
"Pope  Appeals  to  End  Mideast  Violence"
[  asks  for   "insistent  prayer  that  the  day  of  peace  arrives  as  soon  as  possible  to  this    (Mideast)   region."  ]
European Union
the Papacy of Rome
JANUARY  2007     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
April  2007
June  2007
December  25,  2006
"Pope  urges  Mid-East  peace"
[ "called  for  fresh  efforts  to  bring  peace  to  Mideast...";
  "...Reiterates his desire to visit the Holy Land"  ]
November  18,  2006
Mideast  Peace   is    "crucial"   -   Tony  Blair   (UK)
[  "nothing  could  have  greater  importance..."  ]
October  26,  2006
"European  Union  .... new  push  for  Mideast  Peace"
[  EU Foreign Policy Chief:  "...more committed than ever..." ]
October  /   November  2006     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
December  2006
December  14,  2006
"Pope    [Benedict]    meets  Olmert..."
[ Olmert   invited   the   Pope  to   visit   Israel  saying:   
"his    (Benedict's)    very  presence  would  increase peace  in   Israel."  ]
News Links
News Links
June   24,   2007
"Blair,   Pope   Discuss  EU   &   Middle  East..."
[ ...speculation  Blair  may  convert  to  Catholicism...]
June 23, 2007
June  2007
June   27,   2007
"Blair  Appointed  Middle  East  Envoy"
[ ...on   behalf   of    USA,   Russia,   United  Nations  &    European  Union ]
September  2007
September   3,   2007
Solana  [EU  Policy Chief] :     "...the  European  Union
has   a   role  to   play   in   the   Middle  East  Peace  Process."
September   6,   2007    /     International Tribune News
"Pope  Meets  Israel's  Peres"     [Israel's Prime Minister]
[ ".....an  international  push  for  peace  in  the   Middle  East......" ]
September  2007
Benedict  /  Peres  Sept  6,  2007
"....he    [false prophet]   tells  those  who  dwell  on  the  earth  to   make an image   [Greek: statue]   to  the   beast     [ the   final   Euro-kingdom   'beast'    of   the   End  Times ] .... "               [Rev.13:14]
BBC  News   /   May 13,  2006
"Pontiff  Statue  attracts  hundreds"
[ The  2 1/2 ton,   7 foot  statue  is    "the   United  Kingdom's  first   of  the  late  pontiff (John Paul II)...."       /        "...marble  statue....unveiled  in  Lanarkshire."  ]
Major Bible prophecy  NOW IN VIEW  for  End Time  fulfillment . . .
[At   the  mid-point  of  the  7  Year Tribulation  &  having  gained  global  ascendency  the   FALSE  PROPHET  will  direct    that  a   STATUE   be    made  of   himself   to   confirm   his  world  prominence    to   the  1st  beast     [ today's  European  Union ]     from   where   he   will   have   arisen.      [Dan.7:24].              The    final  3  1/2   years  of   Great  Tribulation   immediately   follow.]
SCMO  News   /   May  2006
"First  United  Kingdom  Statue of  John  Paul II  to  be  Unveiled"
[   "....will be unveiled in  Scotland...."   /   "...The  Image  will be blessed on May 13..." ]
2006  /  Statue of  John Paul  II
>>>>>    7  Year  Tribulation     >>>>>>
Today  > >
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
1000 year
reign of Christ >>
Return of Christ
For  1700  years   (since 314AD),   the  Roman Catholic religion  is  unmatched  in  its   idolatrous &  worshipful  rituals  towards  statues   of  Jesus,  Mary  &   various religious  icons,    resulting in demonic statue phenomena   of  statues  which   cry,   bleed,  move,   etc.       The End Time result in the days ahead:   a  statue  which  speaks.      [Rev.13:15].
MARK OF THE BEAST:     Major PROPHECY  in plain view for  NEAR  FUTURE  fulfillment
Mark of the Beast :     The False Prophet  will  invoke  an economical  solution  for  all  of  the  world's  people  to  live  &  eat.      He   "will cause all......to be given a mark.....&  he provides that no one be able to buy or sell,  except the one who has the mark...."         [Rev.13:16,17]
EWTN  News     /     October  16,  2007
Pope  Benedict  Calls  for  Food  to  be  Recognized  as  Universal  Right
".....efforts  made  so  far   to  guarantee  the  right  to  food  throughout  the  world    have  failed."
&     "....urging  all  countries   to  recognize  food  as  a  universal   right"..... 
&      "....universal  right......must  develop  in  all  the  countries  of  the  world...."
Fox News     /     Nov  12,  2006
Pope  (Benedict)  Calls  for  Efforts  to  Fight  Hunger
"...people around the globe do not have enough to eat....which must be combatted by changes in consumption fairer distribution..." ;      Benedict  wants  to   'eliminate  the   (structural causes tied to the)   system of governing  the  world's  economy......'
EWTN  News     /     Nov   22,   2007
BENEDICT XVI:     Ensure  that  no  one  will  Ever  be  Hungry  Again
"The time has come to ensure.... that  no  man,  woman &  child  will  ever  be hungry  again!"
Spoken  by   Benedict   at   the   Food  &  Agriculture  Organization   of  the  United  Nations,   which is   Headquartered  in   ROME.
Mideast Peace Agreement
the Abomination of Desolation      
Major Bible prophecy  NOW IN PLAIN VIEW   for  near-future  fulfillment . . .
At  the  exact mid-point  of  the  coming  7  Year Tribulation   scriptures show  the   False Prophet  will    'take his seat  in  the  temple  of  God    [Jewish temple in Jerusalem],    displaying himself as being God...'.        This  is
called   the   'abomination of desolation'.      The  act   will   'start'    the  last   3  1/2   years  of   Great  Tribulation,  the  most  nightmarish  time  on  earth,  ever.          [2 Thessalonians 2: 3,4]
Benedict XVI   'seated'   in Jewish Temple  /  Aug 2005
2nd Pope in history   to step into a Jewish temple      [ Benedict XVI's  1st   Synagogue  Visit   -  2005 ]
<full view
1st Pope in history   to  enter  a Jewish  synagogue
John Paul II  / 1986
Benedict's  2nd Visit  inside  a  Jewish  Temple
April 18, 2008   /    News
During Benedict's United States visit  he was  welcomed warmly into the New York synagogue in
a clear sign of these End Times.
April 18, 2008  /  USA VISIT
Jews welcoming Pope Benedict XVI into the  synagogue  by  wearing  white caps.
[ Dan.9:27 / Math.24:15 ]
John Paul II   'seated'  in the temple  /  News

of  Rome -
Urban the 1st  222AD - 230AD
'he will exalt himself  above every so-called god or object of worship....'      [2 Thess. 2:4]     >>>
[Rev.13:11-18; 16:13; 19:20; 20:10]
April 18, 2008 / USpapalvisit.org^
False Prophet   'will  practice  deception....'     [Daniel 11:23]
End Time False Prophet
EWTN  News     /     June   3,   2008
BENEDICT XVI:     Just  Policies  Can  End  World  Hunger,   Pope  tells  U.N.
"....hunger and malnutrition are unacceptable....."           "The real pressing problem is....the effective  distribution  [of  food] ...."       "Just  policies  could  ensure  the  basic  nutrition  for  all  of  the  world's  people....."
Cath  News     /     Jan   6,   2009
Pope  Benedict  XVI   Challenges  World  Leaders  to  Make  Major  Changes  to  Global  Financial  System
".....the   (global economic)   crisis......requires  intervention  at  its  root."  
Benedict & Pres Bush
April 15, 2008 / USA
Meeting with Muslim extremists  /  Nov 3, 2008
Churches    [in EU]    back  plan  to  Unite  Under  Pope
Feb  20,  2007   /    ewtnNEWS    [ TimesOnline News/*original ]
Pope  Benedict  may  address  Parliament  of  European Union
[ ".....EU......extends invitation......(to Benedict)......" ]
April  3,  2007   /    CNA News
[Benedict]   Europe headed into twighlight of History,  Pope Warns
[  "Pope warned leaders of the European Union"    "....Pope demanding that                European Leaders recognize....  (their)   failure to embrace the spiritual...."  ]
March  26,  2007   /    ewtnNEWS
From  Rome  to  Berlin:     Still  a  Vatican  Europe
[ ....Benedict  launched  appeal......  "You   know  that  you  have  the  task          of......building   a     'New  Europe' ....   "  ]
April  8,  2007   /    IH News
...Key End Time figure  in  PLAIN VIEW  
ready to FULFILL Major Bible Prophecies...
as precisely  MATCHED  and  CONFIRMED 
by  today's  Headline  News :
Jan 1, 2008
May 2009
May 11, 2009  / 
Benedict  Enters  Holy Land
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*Above Prophecies ready now for fulfillment in this         generation by the Papacy of Rome
Daniel 9:26,27    Israel Rolls out  Red Carpet for  Benedict XVI
Huffington  Post     /     July   4,   2009
Benedict  XVI   Urges  G-8   Leaders  to  Re-write  Global  Financial  Rules,
to  defend  the  world's  poor;     wants  New   "Fair  Int'l  Trade"   system        
Reuters  News     /      July   7,   2009
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for  Global  Authority  on  Economy   
[  wants   'world political'   authority  to  manage  global  economy  ]
Benedict XVI's Ultimate 
End Time Role ^

VIDEO  - July 7, 2009
Rob Conrad,
3rd  Papacy  Visit 
in  2000  years     [ April  -  2008 ]
C  News  Agency    /   January  6,  2010
Benedict  XVI's   Visit  to  Rome  Synagogue Confirmed for   January  17th,  2010
Vatican - Israel  Relations     [ Vatican's  'legal claims'  on Jerusalem / Vatican  'seeking control'  of  Holy Sites ]
Haaretz  News    /   January  17,  2010
Benedict  XVI   Arrives  at  ROME's  Main  Synagogue
Jan 17, 2010 /  Rome:   Benedict XVI  arrives at   Rome's   main   Synagogue  in  his  3rd Visit   inside  a   Jewish  Temple   since  he   became   Pope   in   April   2005.
Benedict 'seats' himself inside  Jewish Temple  in   ROME.    2   Chief   Rabbis  look on  as   Benedict   speaks  while   seated  in the  High  Priest  position.   /    Jan  17,  2010
4th  DRESS - REHEARSAL ---- of the  ABOMINATION  of  DESOLATION   IN  PLAIN  VIEW   /   January  17,  2010
[   1  Visit by  John Paul II   &   3  Visits by  Benedict XVI   ]
View Up-Close ^   [ Pics ]   /   Jan 17, 2010
UPI  News    /   January  18,  2010
Benedict  XVI   Visits   ROME'S   Main  Synagogue
[  seeks  better  relations  with  Jews  ]
European  Jewish  Press    /   January  17,  2010
Pope  Benedict  XVI    Welcomed  by  Chief  Rabbi  at   ROME'S   Main  Synagogue      [ photo ]
[  Benedict's  3rd  trip  to  Jewish  Synagogue  since  2005  ]
Boston  News     /      May   22,   2010
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for  Ethics  in  World  Economy  
[  calls  for  ethics  and  solidarity  in  world's  financial  system  ]
January 17, 2010  /  4th Public Dress Rehearsal  of   the   'Abomination  of Desolation'   by   a   Pope  entering  a Jewish  Synagogue
coming  1-World  Economic  'mark'
by  REVELATION'S   False Prophet
Worthy  Christian  News      /       June   21,   2010
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for   "World  Political  Authority"  
[   "there  is  urgent  need.....  to  manage  the  global  economy."  ]
Rev  6:2; 13:11,12  /  Daniel 9:27
MAJOR  END  TIME  PROPHECY     -     In Plain View,    readying  the  world:

A   7  foot  tall   STATUE of   Benedict  XVI    made  of   bronze  as  'homage'   to  the  Pope  will   be   finished   for  his  Spain  trip   in  November  2010.     All  of  this  is   PREP  TODAY   for  the  coming  Foretold   End  Time  STATUE   of  the  False  Prophet   (Pope).      [  NEWS >  ]

Aug 5, 2010
*Divine revelation sovereignly given to Rob Conrad
  in 1981  RE: ANTICHRIST coming to pass 100% /
*Terms  'Antichrist'  &  'False Prophet'  ID same man
Statue of False Prophet; mark
of the beast
STATUE of the False Prophet
Antichrist's   'coming is in accord with the activity of Satan,  with all power and signs and false wonders,  and  with all the deception  of wickedness  for  those who perish,  because  they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.'         [ 2 Thess.2:9,10 ]
Benedict  XVI's  over 1 billion followers globally  place him in his own unprecedented class as  the  #1  popular  person on earth,  as FORETOLD  of  the  False Prophet   for  today's  End  Times.
Benedict XVI   kneels,  prays  at  the  tomb of  the  dead,  calling on them for answers to  prayer,  a  satanic  practice;   [*photo is of   Pope Pius XII's   tomb  under   Vatican]
Benedict  XVI   Proclaims  6  New  Saints
October   17,   2010   /    VOA  News
Moldova  International  News      /       Nov   15,   2010
Benedict  XVI   Calls  for   "Profound  Reform"  of  World  Economy
Gulf - Times  News      /       Oct   15,   2010
Benedict  XVI    Urges  Joint   Action   to   Fight   World   Hunger  
[   Benedict:    ".....One  of   the  most  Urgent  Goals  for  the  human  family:   Freedom  from  hunger."   ]
BENEDICT  XVI   to  Host   World  Peace  Conference  Oct   2011 
BBC  News     /      January   1,   2011
World's  TOP  Political  Leader ....    wrapped  in  a  Religious  Robe
Benedict  XVI   Receives  Pres.  of  European  Union  Parliament
[  Discussions   RE:   Relations   and   Contributions  of   Papacy   to   EU  ]
February   28,   2011    /    VIS  News
Fox  News      /       August   18,   2011
Pope   Demands  Greater  Ethics  in  Global  Economic  Policy
[   "....for  mankind."   ]
A  N  T  I  C  H  R  I  S  T       I  N       P  L  A  I  N       V  I  E  W        >
According to Revelation  The End Time   False Prophet   appears   'like  a lamb'   symbolizing  his  appear- ance   to  the  world  as  a  man  of  great  sacrifice  like  the   true  Lamb of God.....although  Revelation labels him as  the  greatest  'Christian'  religious  impostor   in 20 centuries:   the  False Prophet.    [Rev.16:13, 19:20, 20:10]
"Catholic  Church  Only  True  Church"     /   Benedict XVI
[  ...."ALL  others   like  Protestant  Denominations.... ARE NOT...."  ]      July   10,   2007   /   CBC News
As  scriptures  predict   for   the   End Times   both   the   EU   &   the   Papacy of Rome    [End Time  False Prophet]     are  now   flowing  together    in   what   will   eventually  result   in  the Biblically   foretold    'signing'    of    a     Mideast  Peace  Agreement     [Dan.9:26,27]    which will   be  made  by   the   Papacy  of  ROME   &    Israel.      This  will   trigger   the    'start'   of   the   foretold   7   Year  Tribulation  period  which   is   imminent  in  this  generation.
The   Papacy's current  PUSH  to  "fight world hunger"   is a wonderful concept which  will exalt  him quickly into the global  spotlight  as the  ultimate  humanitarian  nearing  the  'start' of  the Tribulation.   Then,  at  Mid-point  of  the  7  Years,   this  concept   will  be  used  for   EVIL   as   the   'mark of the beast'   will  be  'forced upon all'   as  the  final  Economic  solution,   requiring  total  submission  to  the  1-World Government   and   the  False  Prophet   (Papacy). 
BENEDICT  XVI    Urges  GLOBAL SOLIDARITY      [ under him > ]
EWTN  News     /      September   9,   2011
Pope  Benedict  XVI   Highlights  "Christian"  Bond  with   Islam  [   Calls  for  Christianity   &   Islam  to  Grow  Together   ]        September   23,   2011   /   VOA  News
CNS  News      /       October   17,   2011
"Freedom  from  Hunger"   for   all   --   Benedict  XVI    tells  United Nations          [  Pope  calls  for  Change  in  Global  Economics  ]
Amazingly,  both  John Paul II   and  now   Benedict XVI   are  the  only  2   Popes  in  2000 years  who  have  ever entered   a   Jewish synagogue,   a   full  Dress-Rehearsal  of   the  coming   'abomination of desolation'   in  this generation.   Literally,  the   False Prophet   [Papacy of Rome]   is  being  seen today  in  plain  view   readying  the  world  for  this  Bible  prophecy's  fulfillment  by   entering   Jewish  Temples   over  and  over  on  the  world  stage. 

[The last standing Jewish Temple  in  Jerusalem  was destroyed  by the  Roman Empire in  70 AD  leaving  Israel  with no temple since then.     Only  today's   'wailing wall'   has  been  re-constructed  in  Jerusalem  from  the  first  century's  leftover  Temple  blocks  as  a   modern  memorial  to  the  absence  of   the   temple.     Preparations  to
re-build   the   foretold   3rd  Temple   (Rev.11:2)   are  also   underway  and   right   on   time  prophetically.   News ]  
New  European  "Empire"  planned
October   22,   2011    /    Telegraph  UK 
VATICAN   Calls   for  "Central  World  Bank"   to  be  set  up [  with  "Global  Public  Authority"   to  manage  it  ]
October   24,   2011    /    Free  Republic  News
'And  he   [false prophet]   exercises  all  the  authority of  the  first  beast   [Euro-kingdom]  while in its presence...'    resulting in a soon-coming  1 World Government.    [Rev.13:12].   
Washington  Examiner        /       October   24,   2011
Benedict  XVI    Urges  Major  Global  Economic  Reform
[  based  on  'ethics'   and   'for  fair  distribution  of  world's  wealth'  ]
Huffington  Post      /       July   1,   2011
Benedict  XVI   Demands  Food  be   "guaranteed"   to  all  globally 
Over  10,000  child-sex  abuse  charges ^ against  4000  Catholic  Priests  / News
European  Union  Council  President  Visits  Pope  Benedict  XVI
[  RE:   contributions  Benedict XVI  wants  to  make  to  European  Union  ]
Nov   15,   2011    /    Zenit  News
Huffington  Post        /       December   16,   2011
Benedict  XVI    Calls  for   WEALTH   Re-DISTRIBUTION   worldwide
Pope  Benedict  XVI   Approves   7   New  Saints     
December   19,   2011   /   Washington  Examiner  News
Reuters  News        /       January   9,   2012
Benedict  XVI    Calls  for  Ethics  in  how  a   "New"    World  Economy  should  be  run
EXCLUSIVE   --   seen  nowhere  else
A N T I C H R I S T :
EXCLUSIVE  -  found nowhere else
Oct  6,  2012  /  VIDEO
'Abomination of Desolation'
Public Synagogue Rehearsals
UK  Reuters  News        /       December   14,   2012
Benedict  XVI    Calls   (again)   for  creation  of  New  Global  Economy
January  13,  2013   /    Worthy News
European  Union  to  Offer  New  Middle  East  Plan 
in   March  2013    &   Internationalized
100% PROOF Pope Francis is ANTICHRIST
POPE  FRANCIS  /  March 2013
POPE Francis / March 2013
CNS  News         /        May   16,   2013
Pope  FRANCIS  Calls  for  New  World  Economy  to  "help  poor"
March  2013  /  POPE FRANCIS
Statue POPE FRANCIS    /     May  21, 2013 - NEWS
Unveiled :   1st-ever  statue  of  Francis
U.K.  Reuters  News         /        June   20,   2013
POPE   FRANCIS :       "A  way  has  to  be  found....."    to  feed  the  world's  poor
John  the  Revelator 
saw :
False Prophet
as  1-and-same-man  >
Guardian  News         /        September   22,   2013
POPE   FRANCIS   calls   for   Global   ECONOMIC   system   "without 
money   at    its   center"
Catholic  News  Svc          /         December   3,   2013
POPE   FRANCIS   helping  to  Launch  Worldwide  Effort  to  End  Global   Hunger
Jan  20, 2014   /   POPE  Francis  New Controversy  to  ERUPT   ---  BILLIONS  to  die.
FRANCIS  / 2014
Breitbart.com   News          /         May   9,   2014
POPE   FRANCIS   Demands   "REDISTRIBUTION"   of  Global  Wealth
(News/June 2014)
POPE  Francis  Warns  ANY   "personal   relationship  w/  Jesus   is  dangerous"