Persecutions  in  America

Above LINK shows  News/Videos  of  persons being Arrested - Persecuted  IN AMERICA  for  Praying, Preaching  or  mentioning  the  name of   "Jesus" ~

[ 5-6  accounts  shown,  including  U.S. Govt's  efforts  in 2007  in  Pennsylvania  to  outlaw  &  punish  those  who  preach  the  Gospel  of  Jesus Christ  in  America  ]
Persecutions of Believers in Jesus:   Occurring in America
Feb   7,   2012   /   Fox News Insider
California  Court  Overturns  ban  on  gay  marriage  as  unconstitutional;  Rule  for  gay  marriages, again
January   30,   2012   /   WND  News       
Top  Bible  Translators   (Wycliffe)  removing  'Father' &   'Son of God'   from  Bible  -    for  more  "Muslim-friendly"   version                                                     > >
Pres George Washington:
"It  is  impossible  to   rightly  govern a  nation  without God  and  the Bible."

America's Future:
[ prophecies coming to pass RE:   America > ]
June   25,   2011   /   Fox News                                       
New  York  becomes  6th  state  to  legalize  Gay  Mar- riages    (Signed into law on  Friday,  June 24, 2011)     > >
JUNE  25th  Prophecy  ID's New York city  &  state  for  Judgement;  
50  days  later  > New   York   slammed   with   record RAINS and   Floods; 10 days after  that, slammed by   Hurricane Irene  [Aug   28],   then   [Oct  2011]  worst  snowstorm  "in  200  years".     [News /  full scope / prophecy > ]
June 25, 2008
Presidential  Election
of  Nov 4, 2008
July   13,   2011  /   Jerusalem Post             
Former  Ambassador  John Bolton:  "Obama  is  worst  President  for  Israel ....ever"
January   2009    /    EWTN News
Obama   selects   Gay   Minister  Gene  Robinson  for
Presidential  Inauguration  Event  to confirm  Obama's "We are one"   premise   
Barack Obama
Deceitful spirit / Christian  impostor; bases his Christianity on church membership with   Rev.  Jeremiah Wright,  known  racist /  PIC   2006:    Obama  in Muslim   turbin  &  robe  honoring  his childhood Muslim  roots -    [ false prophets / News > ]

Pres  Reagan's
fell  on 
Feb   6,   2012   /   Conservative Action Alerts / News
Supreme  Court  Decision  now  gives  POLICE  the  authority  to  enter  &  search  your  homes  without  a  search  warrant       [ VS.  4th Amendment:  'unlawful searches' ]
Feb   10,   2012   /   Christian Post News
Lawsuit  claims  TBN  founders  illegally  used  $50  MIL  for  own  personal  luxuries;   says  fired  former  TBN  Finance  Chief    [ More:   Feb 24, 2012 / News ]
In  2012  more  'tables  will  be turned over'  in  America   of  self-  serving  Ministries   &  money-changers   in  the  house  of  God.  [Jan 21, 2012 prophetic word]

[  recent  1st  ]
America  taking
Jesus out of the
> >
God's  response  to  N.Y.'s   Legalizing 
gay  marriages  on
June  24th  ?
On May 15, 2008:       California's  original  Le- galizing of gay  marriages took place.     

God's response?   Not even  6  weeks  later  8000 lightning bolts struck San Francisco & surrounding areas resulting  in  worse fires  in  California  history News /  full  scope
100% PROOF
of Christ's Nearness
[ 2min VID / ]

A N T I C H R I S T  --  photo  ID'd  -  seated  in  Jewish  Temple
[ 2min VID / ]

False Prophet  &
Mark of  Beast  -  IN  PLAIN  VIEW  TODAY
[ 6min VID / ]

Sir  Isaac  Newton  ID'd  ANTICHRIST
[ 1min VID / ]

'Abomination  of Desolation'   Public Synagogue  Rehear- sals  --  In Plain View
[ 3:30 VID / ]

DIVINE  Forewarning to ISRAEL  in today's End Times
[ 4:13 VID / ]

ISRAEL  "Dissolving" Muslim  DOME of Rock
[ 2:53 VID / ]

Top  False Prophecy to  America  by  TV Preachers
[ 5:19 VID / ]

November   16,   2011   /   CNS News
Benedict XVI  approves  Jan 1st,  2012  Launch of   national  expanding  of  the  Catholic Church  in USA  
Feb   14,   2012   /   Associated Press
Washington  becomes  7th  state  to  legalize  same-  sex  gay  marriage  -  Governor  signs  into  law
June   22,   2008    /    WND News
Obama:     "America is no longer a Christian nation...." 
October   5,   2011   /   Washington Post
Obama  Administration  pushing  U.S.  Supreme Court  to   rule   over  Church-State   issues,   against  U.S.  Constitution  
Obama bows to Saudi King
Feb   23,   2012   /   O.C. Register News
AGAIN?   Calif.  Mega-Church  Pastor  Rick  Warren:   "Christians   and   Muslims  worship  same  God"
1 Timothy  4:1 Now  the  Spirit speaketh expressly, that  in  the  latter times  some  shall  depart from  the  faith, giving  heed  to seducing  spirits, and  doctrines  of devils...

March   13,   2012   /   Israel National News
Obama's   former   Pastor   endorses   anti-ISRAEL  &
anti-Jew   global   protest   March  30   in  Jerusalem
Jeremiah Wright:
racist, anti-America, anti-Israel  Pastor
false prophets today
"America is in trouble." prophetic word - 1/21/12
March   15,   2012   /   Vision to America News
Obama  signs  Bill  that  potentially  Ends  Free   Speech  in   America,   making   it   a   Federal  Crime
> >
March   21,   2012   /   Breitbart News
Obama  Bypasses  Congress,   Gives  $1.5 Billion  to
Terrorist  group  Muslim  Brotherhood
March   27,   2012   /   Free Beacon News
Obama  &  U.S.  State  Dept  officially  refuse  to   identify  Jerusalem  as  Israel's  Capital          
Sept  11,  2008  /  Prophecy:
Obama   "has a deceitful   spirit".     With Obama as   President,   America  as  a   nation  &  'kingdom' would   incur  great calamity  and   quick &  critical  setbacks."

"IF ELECTED, Obama  is the  single greatest 'internal'   threat to the United  States   of   America ...."    
~Rob C.    [ All  prophecies > ]
PRAY for the Peace of Jerusalem ~
(Psalms 122:6)
Many  persons  &  religions  today  claim  to be  'the  true  children  of  God'.       [ ie.  Mormon, Islam,  Roman Catholic,  etc ]

But,  JESUS  said:
"IF  you abide in My word,  THEN  you are truly  My disciple."     [ Gospel John 8:31 ]

"The   disciples   were  first  called  Christians"
[ Acts 11:26 ]
April  20,  2012  /  Free Republic    [March 16 - News]
Obama  State  DEPT  set  to  GIVE  AWAY  OIL-RICH  Alaskan  Islands  to   RUSSIA  containing  billions  of
barrels  of  OIL        
April  7,  2012  /  News      - EXCLUSIVE -
ObamaCare  Requires  RFID CHIP  Implanted  in  Every  American  by  March  2013         
> >
'Mark of beast'
Prophetic Word :  
55  days  before   Obama's
2008 election coming to pass:
April   24,   2012   /   Fox Nation News
Obama  Admin:       'The  War  on  Terror  is  Over'  --
[  Islamism  now  a  Friend   --Obama  ]        
May   9,   2012   /   Fox Nation News
OBAMA  Announces   his  Support   for   Gay   Mar-  riage   --- 1st  President  ever      ( "I'm  a  Christian...." ? )
May 9, 2012 :   "Obama  is   no   'Christian'   as   he  claims,    FAILING   the  Bible's   criteria    profiling   God's  true   born   again   children.         [ 1 ]

Obama's  actions  disprove  his  'Christian'   status.    ( IE. favors  abortion,  favors  same-sex marriage  (May 9, 2012 ),   is  anti-Israel,    favors/supports  Muslim   terror- ists,   deceives  Americans  &  mocks the Constitution, drinks,   smokes,   parties   with   the   ungodly/atheists, guts  the  economy  which   harms  people's   lives  while deceitfully  claiming   success,   etc...)

"See  to  it  that  NO ONE  misleads  you"   was  Jesus'  instruction to His true disciples.   (Matt 24:4).    Paul's  instruction  was  as  pointed,   "Avoid  every  so-called  brother"   (1Cor 5:11)   who  leads  an  unruly  life  &  contrary  to  the  teaching  of  God's  Word.   (2Thess 3:6)  
True  discernment   identifies  Obama  is   a  mocker  of  true    Christianity    and    opposer  of   Christ,    being    a  'so-called  brother'    as    Paul    warned.        (1Cor 5:11).  
God  is  calling  His  people  in  America  to be   'trained to discern   good   &   evil"    (Heb 5:14)    &   NOT   be   naive but  "Judge with righteous judgment'   as  the  Lord instructed  His true followers  (John 7:24),   meaning sharp  discernment  while maintaining a pure heart of humility  &  love  towards  others.   Naive  ministers  & believers  are  ones  who   still   hold   to   the   UnBiblical notion   that    "Christians   just   shouldn't   judge."

To  the  contrary,   true  born  again  believers  are  to be the ones  with  the  most  SOLID  judgments  & discernments   in  their daily  lives,   having  been  given 'sound judgment'   from  God  (2Tim 1:7).    WHY?    In order  to  NOT   be   'misled'   (Matt 24:4)   or   fooled  any longer  by  those  who  twist  the  scriptures,   and   then hold  themselves  up  as  God's people.      Jesus  made countless  right   judgmental  statements  but  always  in humility  and   love,    not  with  condemnation.     God's people  &  prophets  will  do  the  same,    by   'speaking the  truth  in  love'.      (Ephesians 4:15)

Besides,  history  proves  many   evil   men/women   have claimed  to  be   'Christian'.      Scriptures  are  clear: Even  demons  believe.      (James 2:19).  "

"Not  everyone  who  says  to  Me  'Lord, Lord'   will  enter  the  kingdom  of  heaven.   But  he  who  does  the  will  of My  Father  who  is  in  heaven".      ( Jesus /  Matt 7:21 )
Rob Conrad,     founder, Patmos Ministries 
May  9,  2012
OBAMA   Re- declared   "I'm a Christian..."   (on  same day he now  "supports  same-sex marriage")  and shows  he's  betting that  on  ELECTION  DAY  in   Nov  2012  naive  Americans  will  ultimately  choose  a  "Christian"  over  a  Mormon  as  Romney.   But,  God  has  not  obligated  Himself  to   hear  NOR  answer  either  one  of  these  men's  prayers:    1  being  part  of  a  Mormon satanic  cult   and  the  other  being  a  'Christian'  impostor.

Rob Conrad
May 9, 2012

"America  is  in trouble... "    >>
[ Prophetic word / Jan 21, 2012 ]
June   12,   2012   /   Fox 8 News
Principal  Bans  song   "God  Bless  the  USA"   from
Grad  Ceremony   --    the  song   "offends"   others
June   28,   2012     /     News :   Rush  Limbaugh .com
The  Supreme  Court  Rules,   Upholds  ObamaCare :  the  Largest  Tax   Increase  in   the  History  of   the   World     ( "We were all deceived..."  /  Rush L. )
Rush Limbaugh
RFID chip
The  "MARK" : 1  BIL Already  READY   >>
End Time AMERICA: 
2013,  2014,  2015  FOREWARNINGS
August    22,   2012     /     Times of  Israel  News
Pres.  Candidate   Romney   to   Endorse   Two-State  Solution   at  Republican  Convention:   Palestinians  and   ISRAEL   Together
August    31,   2012     /       ABC  News                      > >
1st   Time   in   U.S.   History:        Obama  uses  White  House  to BREW  his  own BEER  recipe,  & promote it
Oct     9,    2012      /         Assoc  Press  News
ISRAELI  Lawmaker:    Obama  is  no  friend  of  Israel
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Nov     6,    2012      /         Fox  News
Obama  defeats  Romney,   Wins  2nd  President  Term
Oct  24,  2012  /   VIDEO
100%  PROOF   Obama  Re- Election   Matches  spirit   of   ANTICHRIST
Nov  7,  2012  /
1 day after  Pres Election    
"WORSE" Judgments  com- ing   to  U.S.  Govt  Leaders &  America    ( Which Leaders,  cities,   states  &   'WHY?'    are  ID'd )
12 days  before  Nov 6th  Pres Election
Nov     14,    2012      /         Examiner  News
Texas  Leads  way  with  50  other  States  to  SECEDE from  the  United  States
Dec     10,    2012      /         FOX  News
OBAMA  Admin  sends   20  U.S.  F16  fighter  jets  to
MUSLIM  Brotherhood  in  Egypt
Feb     6,    2013      /         Guardian  News
OBAMA  to  Release  Legal  Rationale  for  killing  US citizens   with  drones
May     1,    2013      /         Breitbart  News
PENTAGON   Plans   to   Court  Martial   U.S.  Soldiers  who  share  their  Christian  Faith
Radical  UPRISING  2014 :
USA's  coming   'NATION  with-
in   a  nation'   /   Dec 24,  2013
Rare  2015  "SIGN"  -- 
points  to  7  YR Trib  &  WW3
Feb  6,  2013  /   VIDEO  (5:50)
May     22,    2013      /         The  Blaze  News
OBAMA  Admin  Admits  Killing  4  U.S.  Citizens
The  Front   Page  Magazine  News          (March 5, 2013)
PRES OBAMA :      USA's   #1   Financier  &  Supporter 
of  Islamist  Terrorists  Worldwide       [ in Egypt, Syria, USA, etc ]    
June    12,   2013      /         The  BLAZE  News
IRS  AGENTS   Training  with   Assault  Rifles   [AR-15s]
----  as  eye-witnessed  by  Republican  Rep.         > > 
IRS agent w/ AR-15
Welcome to
End Time America
July    22,   2013      /         WND  News
'OBAMA  SECRET  PLAN'   Forfeits  Jerusalem  Temple  Mount    to   MUSLIMS                                       
Aug     7,    2013       /          Israel  Nat'l  News    [1/9/13]
OBAMA   Hires   known   MUSLIM   BROTHERHOOD  RADICAL   as   Homeland  Security  Advisor     (Plus
5  other  Islamists  as  PAID  White  House  staff)

( 2 )   Former  Repub.  National  Security  Official  Frank Gaffney documents  details  of  OBAMA  ISLAMIST  GOVT  HIREES                    
more below
OCT     17,    2013        /          CNN Money News       >
U.S.  GOVT   fiasco   &  16  day   GOVT   SHUTDOWN
...... just  cost  Americans  ANOTHER   $24  BILLION                    
Crucial End Time Headlines NOT   AIRED   at  FOX, CNN, MSNBC
NOV     1,    2013         /           The Blaze News
ISRAEL  officials  dismayed-angry  at  OBAMA's  con-
tinued    LEAKS   of   ISRAEL's   Military   Info  to  Hezbollah  terrorists                   
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End Time Prophecies w/ jolting  clarity
NOV     24,    2013         /           Fox News                  >
OBAMA   makes  deal  with  IRAN   allowing  IRAN's 
continued  NUCLEAR  BOMB  efforts,   threatening
Nov  26,  2013   /   GENEVA  "IRAN Deal" & World Leaders  a  100%  MATCH  to End Time  Prophecies  ---  In Plain View
prophetic word
March     6,    2014         /          Free Beacon News     
OBAMA   Admin   releases   another   $550  MIL    to
IRAN    just   days    after   IRAN    announces   new
weapons  &  ballistic  missiles  being  made   (total
of   $4.2  BIL  to  be  released   to  IRAN  by  Obama
over  next  several  months)          
March     17,    2014         /          FOX  News     
OBAMA  Admin   plans  to  RELENQUISH  control of
INTERNET   Oversight   for  its   "Global"   future
( current  Internet  CEO  Fadi Chehade,  Muslim BIO > )   
1.6  BIL hollow-point  Bullets bought  by  Dept  of Homeland Security     ( Forbes News  > )

DHS   buys  ARMORED  MILI - TARY    Trucks   for     "home- land   security"    (PIC  below)
Headline News:
June     10,    2014         /          Israel  Nat'l  News     
OBAMA  to  Fund  New  Terrorist   Hamas-Palestin-   ian   Unity  GOVT   
Obama, Saudi King Abdullah
2009 / Obama, Saudi Arabia
Aug     7,    2014         /          Washington  Times     
RUSSIA's  bombers  penetrated  U.S.  air-space  at
least  16  times  in  past  10  days   
March 11, 2013 / Forbes News
MILLION +  Terrorists within USA,  "ready"  / Sept 28, 2014
35  MUSLIM  Terrorist  Train-  ing  Camps  in  USA,   FULLY  OPERATIONAL   ( FoxNews)
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Oct     4,    2014            /             Channel 4 News     
Outrageous:     OBAMA   Sends  Special   Note  of    Thanks  to Oklahoma  Beheader's  Terror  Mosque 
2015 - 2016 :   OBAMA  UNLEASHED,  Darker Days  for America       
Nov  7, 
Nov  7,  2014   prophetic  word
for  2015  - 2016   "will  quickly come to pass ....".    Rob C.

ie.   Nov  20,  2014 /  News  Obama unilaterally  signs into law  amnesty  for   5  million illegals,  against  Constitution