<---------------      7 Year Tribulation      --------------->
Return of Christ Battle of Armaggedon
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth
Rev.6:2  Dan.9:27
Mid-7 years
Revelation 13:1-10  /  Daniel 7:24

Today's  discussions about  a  coming  '1 World Government' are  scriptural and  in plain view for  fulfillment  in  the  next coming  years  and  in this generation.

Daniel & Revelation  point to a  final  world kingdom based in  ROME  which is clearly today's  European Union.   It  is also a  Revived Roman Empire   from  2000  years  ago  as  scriptures  predict.   

Today's  EU  is literally on the  verge  of  becoming the foretold  final monstrous  Beast  [Rev.13:1-3]  which will  dominate,  rule  &  squash all  other forces  &  people  globally  who  oppose  it.

Soon, the EU  will  fulfill  its role of  a  '1  World Government'  in full  power according to Bible prophecy beginning at the  Mid- Point   of  the  final   7 Year  Tribulation  period.   Also  by  this coming  Mid-Point,   10  nations  within  today's  EU  will  have  sectioned  themselves off   [including  ROME, ITALY]   to  form this   final   kingdom  in   its   horrific   reign  during   the  Great Tribulation.    Most  World  Leaders  ( in U.N. )  will  be part    of  the  1-World  GOVERNMENT.

The FALSE PROPHET  of Revelation  will be the ultimate world leader who will also have arisen from ROME, & will arise to the top of  the EU  by the  Mid-Point.    He will  be  the  EU's  sole  Religious Icon  who  'exercises  all  the  authority of the  1st BEAST   [EU]  in  its  presence'   during the  Great Tribulation.  [Rev.13:12].     Today,  this  entire scenario is  on  the  verge of occurring   in  this  generation  TODAY.
1  World  Government
European Union of 10 nations
Mark of Beast  invoked
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
Major  Bible  prophecy  coming  rapidly  in  this  generation...
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Headline News:  Readying for the 
1-World  'Mark'
United Nations Panel on Global Financial Reform
says:    World should Get  Rid
of   'dollar bill'
Benedict XVI   Urges
G-8  Leaders  to
Re-write  Global
Financial  Rules -
to  defend  world's  poor;   wants New
"Fair  International
Trade"  system
Huffington  Post
Benedict XVI
Calls  for  Global
Authority  on
Economy   / 
'world political'
authority  to  manage  global
Russia's  Medvedev
shows off Sample
Coin of  New
"World Currency'
at  G-8  Meeting
in  Italy
Most Recent 1st
Today  >>
United Nations wants  New
Global Currency
Telegraph  News
Europe  Central Bank  President  "Favors  Global  Governance"

[ "...Global Rules should  be equally effective on  National and  Local  levels." ]
Forbes  News
EURO   "will be dead in 5 years"

[  "may not survive...for a week, 
let alone 5 years..."  say  20  of  25  leading  world economists   ]
Telegraph  News
Headline News:

1 -World Currency
Concept  Leading rapidly  to  the 'Mark' of the Beast
EU  to  be  given Prominent   U.N. Role
Telegraph  News
United Nations - Hdqtrs
New York, USA
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More  Headlines:  EU  Rising
EU  wants  USA Internet   users
to  Comply  with
New   EU   Laws    [  ie.    Facebook, Google,   Microsoft,
Yahoo  ] 
EU's  Commission/Council  building
in  Brussels, Belgium
Revelation's  End  Time
Capital  City:    ROME
Great  Harlot
EU  Observer
European  Union
wins  new  powers at  United Nations,  transforming Global  body

[  EU's  single Leader now   has   ultimate EU   voice   at   U.N.  ]
1-World GOVT  --  1-World Currency  --  1-World  Leader
Express - UK News
"On  Course 
to  become  1  Country"
Telegraph -  News
New  European  "Empire"  planned

[ *also:  false prophet  section ]
"The  whole  world   [ including the USA ]   is  NOW  in  a  final   IRREVERSIBLE   mode of  submitting  to  the  Euro- pean  Union..."    in  today's  End  Times.    [ *prophetic  word coming  to  pass   /   Oct  26,  2008  /   Rob Conrad  >> ]
Free  Republic  News
VATICAN  calls  for  "Central  World Bank"   to  be  set  up ~

[  "with  Global  Public  Authority"  to  manage  it  ]

[ *also:  false prophet  section ]
2011  /  News
2010  /  News
2009 - 10  / News
Business  Week
A  "Robin  Hood"  GLOBAL  TAX  to   Fix  the  World  Economy ?

[ Globalization  Talks ]
More  Headlines: 
2011  /  News
Zenit  News
European  Union Council  President  Visits  Pope  Benedict  XVI 

[ RE:   contributions  Benedict  XVI  wants  to  make  to  European  Union ]

[ *also:  false prophet  section ]
FORETOLD  for  Mid-7 Year point:
"And  he   (false prophet)   will  excercise all   the  authority  of  the  beast   (final  EU governmental   'beast') ...."       [Rev 13:12]
BBC  News
EU   plans   1
Internet  platform
'watchdog'   for  all  buyers - sellers
Asia  News
Benedict  XVI:
Globalization  today  calls  for  "Unity  of  human  family"
FOX  News
United  Nations  seeks  to  Regulate  Internet  globally 

More  Headlines: 
EU  Observer
European  Union  Ministers 
ponder  creation  of   EU    "Super President"   to   "streamline"
EU   decisions
EXCLUSIVE   -    W.  Europe  ready  for  ANTICHRIST
Reuters  News
"Europe  needs 
a   face"   ----
German  Finance  Head   Calls   for   Direct   Election  of  EU  President 
CNS  News
Dec  3,  2012

Benedict  XVI  calls  for  1-World  Authority   as  a   'moral  force'
to  govern  
100%  PROOF  Pope  Francis 
TIME's  2013 'Man of Year'
FOX  News
U.N.  Radical New  Plan  Ready  to  "Transform   World"  into  1-World GOVT RULE
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100%  PROOF  Pope Francis  is  ANTICHRIST
New American News
Global  Scheme
shows   World Leaders   READY 
to Fleece  World's  personal  wealth 
&  private  info

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End Time News :
POPE   to  Lead  U.N.  1-World  Govt  Official   "SIGNING"   &   Launching