Spero News Dec. 14,   2006
Israeli  PM  [Olmert]  Visits  Rome  to  discuss  Mideast  Peace
Olmert  Invites  Pope  Benedict  to  Israel  ]
Olmert / Benedict
Dec 13,  2006
BBC News:   January  4,   2007
"Mubarak  &  Olmert   meet... to   re-launch   Middle East  Peace"
CBC News:   December  23,   2006
"Abbas,   Olmert   meet  in  Jerusalem  in  their  1st   meeting . . .  "
[  1st  Official meeting   "reviving hopes that peace talks can resume.... "  ]
Red Orbit News:   December  19,   2006
"Jordan   Hosts  Olmert   for   (Middle East Peace)   Talks"
ABC News:   November  28,   2006
"Israel   Prime  Minister   [Olmert]   unveils   Peace   Plan"
[ Olmert  said  Mideast  is  at  a   "historic crossroads" ..]
CBS News:   May  10,   2006
"Israel   Gives   Palestinians   A   Deadline"
[ "..until the end of year (2006)...to negotiate a final deal..." ]
China Daily News:    June  25,   2007
"Mideast  Summit  Seeks  to  Bolster  Abbas"
[  Arab  &  Israel  Leaders  held  high  profile  meeting....]
Benedict - Peres
Sept 6, 2007
Shimon  Peres    Elected in Israel /  June 2007 ;
Retired July  2014
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ISRAEL   and   the   Next   Military  Moves  Globally
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all  her  enemies   [ WW3 ] 
FOX  News:   November  27,   2007
President   "Bush:   'Time  is  Right,  Cause  is  Just'    for   Israeli-Palestinian   Peace"
Olmert - Bush - Abbas
Nov 27, 2007
Olmert  /  King Abdullah-Jordan
International  Herald  Tribune:     March  31,  2008
Abbas  to  Resume  Mideast Peace Talks  with Olmert
Fox  News:     June  7,   2008
Israel,   Palestinian  Negotiators  Begin  Drawing  Parts 
of   Peace  Accord
Fox  News:     July   13,   2008
Olmert:    'We  Have  Never  Been  As  Close  to  a  Possible  Peace  [Mideast]   Agreement  as  Today.'
Abbas,  Sarkozy,  Olmert  July 13, 2008
ISRAEL  in  the  End Times
The End Times
&   Israel
Gulf  News:     August   31,   2008
Abbas,  Olmert  Hold  New  Round  of  Middle  East  Talks
100% Proof of Christ's Nearness /
2 Min. Video from Heisnear.com
Haaretz  News:     Friday,   Oct  17,   2008
Israel's  Prime  Minister   'Peres,  Pope Benedict  XVI  Discuss  Mideast  Peace  Efforts  Near  Rome'
[  Pope:    '....the time seems particularly favorable....'   for peace   /    Peres  renewed  invitation  to  Benedict  to  visit  the  Holy  Land '  ]
YNet  News:    Tuesday,  Nov  18,  2008
Israel's  Prime  Minister:     'Peres   Sees   'Fair Chance'   for  (Middle East)     Peace  Deal........in  Next  12  months'
Shimon Peres  /
Israel  /  Nov 18, '08
Fox  News:     Feb   20,   2009
Israel's  Benjamin  Netanyahu  to  Lead   Israel's  New  GOVT
Netanyahu  /  '09
Jerusalem  Post  News:    March  25,  2009
Israeli  PM-Designate  Netanyahu:    'I'll continue Peace Talks'
Daniel 9:27
International  Tribune  News:    September  6,   2007   
"Pope   Meets   Israel's   Peres     [ Israel  Prime  Minister ]"
[  ".....an  international  push  for  peace  in  the  Middle  East...." ]
Washington  DC  News:      Aug   26,  2009
Meaningful  Mideast  Peace  Talks  Needed
Israel  Prime  Minister  Netanyahu  says
The  National  News    Dec   29,   2009
Israel:      the  Time  is  Ripe  for  Mideast  Peace  Talks
[  "The  time  for  excuses  is  over.    It  is  time  to  take  action. " /  Netanyahu  ]
Haaretz  News:     May   11,   2010
Israel's  Defense  Minister  Barak  to  Knesset:      Israel  Must  Propose  its  Own   (Mideast)   Peace  Initiative
Ehud Barak 
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Ynet  News    December   14,   2010
Israel's  President  Shimon  Peres:      "Time  is  running  out   on   (Mideast)   Peace"
News:   Israel  and  Mideast  Peace
YNET  News:     January  18,   2011             
Israel's   PM  Netanyahu   Determined  to  Advance  Mid-
east    Peace  Talks
Benjamin Netanyahu
Haaretz  News:     March  13,   2011             
Israel  Defense  Minister:      Israel  Must  Advance  Mid-
east    Peace  Talks   or   face   a    "Diplomatic  Tsunami"
Fox  News:     May  24,   2011             
PM  Netanyahu  to  U.S.  Congress:     ISRAEL'S  security  must  come  First  in  Mideast  Peace  talks  
[  29  standing  ovations  during  epic  speech  ]
Forbes  News:     May  31,   2011             
Jerusalem  will  never  be  divided        [PM  Netanyahu]
Huffington  Post:     July  29,   2011             
ISRAEL  Seeking  Formula  for  Mideast  Peace  Talks  with  Palestinians

Israel's   re-birth  as   a  nation  in  1948  was  major  Biblical prophecy being  fulfilled.    It  marked  this generation  prophetic- ally   as  the  End Time  generation  which  will  see  the  culmi- nation  of  things,  including the  return of  the Lord Jesus Christ.   
Todaythe  next  Biblically-predicted event  to  watch  for   with  Israel   is   its  current  conflict  in  the   Mideast  which  will  be mediated by  the  man of sin  (Antichrist)   in  the days  ahead.

This  foretold  Mideast Peace  Agreement/Treaty   is  already  in  process  of  being  discussed   today  and   ready  to   occur  in this  generation.   The  stage is set right now   with  this  being
the  very  NEXT  End  Time  Event  to   take  place.

Currently,   President  Shimon  Peres  &   newly  elected  Israeli   Leader   Benjamin  Netanyahu   [ Feb  '09 ]   are   in-  volved    in   serious   efforts    with    world   leaders   to   solve  the  Mideast  Conflict.   As  stated,  the  ultimate  world  leader  who  will   actually  mediate    Mideast  Peace   will   be   the  End Time   man  of  sin   himself.    It   will  be   a   7  year  agreement   which  will   trigger  the   final   7  year  Tribulation  period   as   foretold  by  scriptures.    [Dan.9:27;  Math 24:9,21;  Rev.6:2].       Rob Conrad
CNN  News:     September  20,   2011             
ISRAEL  Calls  for  Peace  Talks  
( amid  Palestinian Statehood  Bid  this  week )
Abbas  /  Sept  19,  2011
with  U.N. Secty-General
Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Haaretz  News:     August  27,   2012        >>   
GAZA   needs  urgent  action  now  for   
'Liveable  Conditions'   -    U.N. Reports
Israel  Nat'l  News:     January  12,   2012       
Israel's  Deputy Knesset  Chairman  delcares:
"Temple  Mount  is  ours!"

Also Added in this section:    Jerusalem's 3rd Temple
Sept  20,  2012
DIVINE  Forewarning
to  ISRAEL  --
In  Today's  End Times
Nov 16, 2012  ^
End Time  Wars  &  Rumors  of Wars;     ISRAEL  &  Antichrist    [ Next  Meeting   DEC  6  /  *News ]
Times UK News:   Nov  16,  2012
Israel calls up 16,000  reserve soldiers  to  prepare  for  Gaza offensive  (Palestinian  rocket hits ouskirts of Jerusalem  for 1st  time  in  history)
FULL SCOPE :    Israel & WW3 ...boiling
JTA  News:      Dec  23,   2012           
Netanyahu :     Western  Wall  belongs  to  ISRAEL  despite  U.N.  pronouncements
Israel  National  News:      May   8,   2013           
Temple  Mount  Solution  "by  Next  Year"
Israel's  KNESSET 
shown  ANTICHRIST 's  ID
Prophetic word to PM NETANYAHU
& End Time ISRAEL
Sept  27,  2013  /  Crucial,  nearing  End  Time  major events &  their sequence,  disclosed to  Israel's  Knesset
May  29,  2013
Jerusalem  Post:        Oct   1,   2013
PM  NETANYAHU   to  U.N. :
"ISRAEL  will  stand  alone  if  needed  to  prevent  IRAN   nuclear  weapons...."

"The  people  of  ISRAEL  have  come  home, 
NEVER  to  be  uprooted  again!"
Oct 1, 2013
Nov  5,  2013 :   ANTICHRIST  "will  come in  a   TIME  of  TRANQUILITY"  ::   [Daniel 11:21/News]   /    [*Exclusive /  found   no- where else]  Israel's  short   "time"  fore-told   by  Daniel  &  leading  to  the 7 Year Tribulation  is  NOW  SET.
March  10,   2014    /     News :
RUSSIA  Military  &  Warships
POISED    to   Attack    ISRAEL
[ Major   End  Time   Prophecy  In
Plain  View   &   READY  Today ]
Ezekiel 38,39 /  FOREORDAINED
Russia, Muslim  terrorists'  near-  ing Demise on Israel mountains/
ID's  timing  of  "WHEN"  Israel's COMING  1-DAY WAR  occurs
MORE Up-Close:    ISRAEL's  coming  1-DAY War [Ezek 38,39];  News, Graphs of End Time Events
April  1,   2015
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