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VeriChip   Backs  RFID  Bill   -  July  8,  2009  ]
"And   he   [F. Prophet]   causes  all,   the  small  &  the  great,  &  the  rich  &  the poor,  &   the  free  &  the  slaves,   to  be  given  a   mark  on   their  right   hand  or  their   forehead,   &  he   provides   that  no  one  should  be  able   to   buy  or  sell,   except   the  one   who   has   the   mark,    either   the   name  of   the  beast   or   the   number  of   his   name."          (Revelation 13:16,17). 
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[ Real ID Act of 2005:  history / News ]
Other  major  countries  using  embedded chips  or  single ID cards  &  who  are     ready  for   the  "mark"   are:   China,   Japan,   Africa,   the  Mideast,   Russia,     Australia,  S.  America,  Thailand,  Korea,  Indonesia,  Bahrain  &  many other     countries  globally.
3  1/2  years
[ Rev.6:1 - 12:17 ]
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth   (Rev.20:6)   >>>>
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
                  [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
August 5, 2008  /  NYT  News
Possible   Largest   Hacking-Identity  Theft    Case  Ever   /
41  million   Credit   &   Debit
cards   stolen
FEB  27,  2009   /   FOX  News
IDENTITY - THEFT :    The  #1 Consumer   Complaint   of
Today  >>>
Great  Tribulation
[ Rev.13:1 - 20:3 ]
3  1/2  years
Headline News:  Readying for the 
Reuters News
Mark of
the beast
The  "mark of the beast"   is  a   scratching [actual   Greek]      "in    the   right   hand   or forehead".   [Rev.13:16].     Its   purpose   is to   so    "that   no   one  should   be   able  to buy  or  to  sell,   except   the   one who   has the   mark.....".      [Rev. 13:17].   

This   will   occur    exactly  in  the  middle    of the   final   7   year   Tribulation   period   [as  shown  below].     Today's   technology   clearly has   readied    the    world   for   the   accept- ance    of    a    1-mark  system   by   which to     "buy  or  sell",      at     the    hands   of the   forthcoming  False Prophet.

Today,   with  Identity  theft already  recog- nized   as   a    worldwide   problem   with   the use    of    a    single  card   for   identification &   purchasing   of   goods ,     then    growing popularity  of    the   embedded   microchip into    the   skin    or   hand    [shown  by  News  articles  below]    is  the   world's   best  solution.   
This   rapidly    growing   concept    has    now begun   conditioning    the   world    for    what could   be    the  very   next   step   worldwide. That   is,   not   an  embedded   "chip",   but a   "mark"    [a   "scratching",   like  a  tattoo] on  the  right  hand  or   forehead  which cannot   be   lost   or  stolen.

Revelation  states  that   the   'mark'   will   be forced   upon   'all'   worldwide  by   the  End Time  False  Prophet.    This  will   occur  at the   exact   Mid-point   of  the  7  Year  Tribu-lation,  which  is  in  sight  today.     [graph]
He does  this  by initially  introducing the '1-World concept'   addressing  the  world's legitimate  need   to   help   the   world's  poor and   starving   people  with   their  daily  food and  supplies.  

As    his   proposal   is   being   accepted   by  global   leaders,   it   will   thrust   the    False  Prophet   into  worldwide  stardom  and  con- trol   as  the  foretold  ultimate  and  great  final  Leader  of   the  End  Times.

This  precise  scenario  is  being  carried  out TODAY    to   the   'T'   by    the  POPE    and shows  how  near  this  generation  is   to  the 'start'   of  the  Tribulation.    [News / photos below]
United Nations Panel on Global Financial Reform
says:    World should Get  Rid
of   'dollar bill'
Benedict XVI   Urges
G-8  Leaders  to
Re-write  Global
Financial  Rules -
to  defend  world's  poor;   wants  new
'Fair   International
Trade'   system
Huffington Post
Benedict XVI
Calls  for  Global
Authority  on
Economy   / 
'world political'
authority  to  manage  global
In Plain
View Today -
False Prophet and
the coming  'mark'  [Rev.13:16,17]
AUG  17,  2009   /   Fox  News
LARGEST   Identity  Theft  in United  States   History
130  million  Credit  &  Debit  Card   ID's  stolen
Pope  Calls  for Ethics  in  World Economy

[  calls for ethics & solidarity in world's  financial system  ]
Boston  News
Coming   1-World  Economic  'mark'
Headline News:  Readying for the 
Benedict  XVI
Calls  for  "World  Political

[  "there  is  an  ur- gent  need  of  a  true  world  political  authority.....  to  manage  the  global  economy."  ]
Worthy  News
Pope  Demands  that  FOOD  be 
to  ALL  globally
Huffington  Post
G20  Leaders  Urged  to  End  World  Hunger  
[ Approx  1 BIL  enduring Hunger  Worldwide ]
Telegraph  UK
EU,  after  Jan
1st,   2012:
75%  Cut  in  Funding  to  18 Million  of  EU's  poorest  Citizens

Conserv Daily  News
"Freedom  from  Hunger"  for  all - Pope  Benedict tells  United Nations

[  Pope  calls  for Change  in  Global Economics  ]

CNS  News
University  Hosts
1st-Ever  Tattoo Conference 

[  to  promote  'the role  of  tattoos  to shape  identity'  ]

Huffington  Post  
2010,  2009
Benedict  XVI  calls  for  WEALTH Re- DISTRIBUTION worldwide

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Huffington  Post  
Headline News:  Readying for the 
2012   &    2011
Benedict  XVI  calls  for  Ethics  in  how  a  "New"  world  Economy  should  be  run

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Reuters  News  
World's  Largest  ID'ing  system  in  fast  process  by  India's  GOVT  of  its  1.2 BIL  people towards  2014  completion
BBC  News  
March  7,  2012   /  CNS News
FBI  Director:      Terrorists  may  be  eyeing  full-scale  Cyber  attacks  on  USA
Identity Theft  -  NEWS
March   31,   2012    /   Forbes
Massive  Credit  Card  Breach of   estimated   10   Million  Accounts     (  more   counter- feit    Cards   could    result  )
"Fair  Distribution  of  World's  Resources"   called   for  by  VATICAN   and  Israel's  Top  Rabbis
Catholic  News  
Sept  24,  2013:
readying  for  "cashless, electronic  society"

RFID Under-the-skin Implant, is  now preparing
the  world  for
the  concept  of  the  actual  MARK.
Major  Bible  prophecy   in  plain  view  TODAY
for  near-future  fulfillment  in  this  generation ....
100% PROOF of Christ's Nearness
[ In Jesus' own words /
2 Min VID ]
May   25,   2012   /   FOX  Insider   News
Hundreds   of   Thousands  could   Lose   INTERNET   in  July   2012   from   ONLINE  Hackers  --  says  FBI
June   6,   2012   /    RT  News
Warnings  of   Global   Cyber-  Terror   Apocalypse  Told  at  ISRAEL   Cyber   Security  Conference
JUNE   14,   2012    /    USA  Today
United   Kingdom   presents   Mass  Surveillance   Plan  --   to   track   every   person's   words
Headline News:  Readying for the 
100%  PROOF  Pope  Francis
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"A  way  has  to  be  found ...."   
to  feed  the  world's  poor
U.K.  Reuters  News  
POPE  Francis  calls  for  Global  Economic system  "without  money  at  its  center"
Guardian  News  
Times of Israel