Rob Conrad, brother in Christ
founder, www.HeIsNear.com / Patmos Ministries
A  bit  more  of  my  testimony:
A  short  INTRO  to  BOTH  books:
The Divine Revelation sovereignly given to me when  God showed  me 
the  EXACT PROFILE  of Antichrist  in 1981  is 
Proven  as  100%  pinpoint  accurate,  and  coming to pass TODAY PRECISELY  as shown  to  me  and   according  to  the  inerrant  written  Word  
of  God.
-written,  copyrighted  Nov  1984
-2nd  copyright  - 1st  made  public
  Feb  2006
-written,  copyrighted  Sept  '07
-1st   published   July  2008

Divine  Revelation  Sovereignly  given  to  me
from  the  Spirit  of  God....IN  A  VISION  ('81) :

Up  until  the  7  days  prior  to  my  powerful  experience  of   being born  again  &  baptized in  the  power  of  God's  Spirit  in  1981,   I was  totally  ignorant of  the  Bible,   religion  or  even  the   story  of the  cross  of  Christ.    Literally,   no  one  had  ever  told   me   nor had   I   ever  discussed  it  with  anyone,   although   I  had  always believed  in   God.             [ ministry background    full personal testimony ]

Then,   7   days   after     I    was   powerfully  saved  &  baptized  in  the   fire  of   the  Spirit,    the  Lord  showed  me   the  exact   pro- file   of   this   forthcoming  man  of   sin.    At  that   time   (in  1981)   I   had   never   heard   the    term    "antichrist"    nor   did   I   have   the   knowledge  to   even  ask   about   such   a   concept. For   the   next   36   months,    in- depth   study   of   God's   Word  confirmed   what    I     had    seen    and     heard    in    the    Spirit   so    that  
'Here is Wisdom'     was    written   and    copyrighted  in  1984   &   registered   with   the   U.S.  Library  of  Congress.     The  Spirit  of   God's   instruction    to    me    then   in    1984     (in   terms  of  going  public  with   the   book)     was   to    "Wait."       

This,   I   did,   for   21   years,   having   keen   understanding   of   the   Lord's   intent   to   explode   the   book's   information   global-  ly    at    His   exact   timing  in   the   future,   when  He   would  let  me   know.     During  this  time   I   ministered   in  my  calling/gifts.

On  November 28, 2005,   the  Spirit  gave  clear   instruction   to  me   saying   "It is time now."   to   present  "Here is  Wisdom"  in  2006   since   the   crucial   prophetical    times  of    today   call  for  God's  Word   to  come  forth   and   to  be   handled  accurately  in  these  End  Times.   This  is  so  eyes  will   be  opened  worldwide  in   His   final   outpouring  as   foretold   in  God's  Word.       

Current  FORETOLD  world  affairs and  TODAY'S  FORETOLD  GLOBAL COMPLEXION  have   now  crystallized   the   book's  shocking   content  and   demand   its   global   attention.    'Here is  Wisdom'   is   an  inevitable  writing  to   this  generation  by   the  hand  of  God   and   to  God's   glory  in   this    final   and   most  crucial   time  in   world  history   just   before  the   return  of  Christ. I   take   NO  credit   for   this   writing   in   any  way   since   I   am  only   a   servant  of   the   Lord  Jesus   who   saved   me   and  sovereignly   chose   to   lead   me    in   this    direction.

'Here is Wisdom'  was  copyrighted a  2nd  time  in  February  2006  with  updated  Headline  News  which  overwhelmingly  show   today's  readiness  RIGHT  NOW   for  ALL  FORETOLD  BIBLE   PROPHECIES   to   be   fulfilled  quickly.

Obeying  the  Spirit's  instruction,  the   book  was  made  public  first   through  this   website   HeIsNear.com   since  Feb  1, 2006.  [*The  site   itself   had   opened  almost  a   year   earlier  on   April  1,  2005 ].    As of  February  26,  2007,   'Here is Wisdom'   was  also  made   downloadable  and   distributed   globally   through  Amazon.com's   35 - 40   Ebook  site(s).      It   is  able  to  be  read
here  at   HeIsNear.com  at   NO CHARGE  ever   since  being   made   public   first   at   this   site   in   Feb  1,  2006.     

A   second  book,  'Two  Beasts  Rising',  was  also  written  and  made   public   in   July  2008   which  elaborates  in   even  greater  detail   the  CURRENT  spring-loaded   prophecies  about   to  come  to   pass   RIGHT  NOW.    Again,   Headline  News/photos   undeni- ably  match  the   scriptures   in   the   Non-Fiction  copyrighted  writing.     

Prophetically  in  these  End  Times....

The  topic  of   Antichrist   has  been  written  about   for   centuries   by   hundreds  of   writers  right  up  to  today's  Bible  scholars  and   popular   prophecy  authors.   

However,   no  book  has  ever  been  written,  until  now,  which  has  all   of   the   major  dynamics  of   'Here is Wisdom.'    AND   'Two  Beasts Rising' .  

Namely:   Accurate  handling of God's Word  in  profiling Antichrist,  being  written  in   the  actual   End  Times,   Identifying him  virtually  on  the  world's  End Time  stage  NOW,   and  having  Hundreds  of  Headline  News showing  him  IN  PROCESS NOW  of readying  to  fulfill   his  ultimate  role  as  Antichrist.  

THESE TWO BOOKS  stand  all  alone  in  their  inevitable  End Time   status  and   coming  global  impact.     All   of   this  is  to God's  glory  and   in   precise   line  with   His  ultimate  purpose to  open  eyes   and   to  draw   all   thirsting   lost  souls   to   the Lord  Jesus  Christ  in   the  coming  Final  Move  of  God  upon  this earth  before   His   coming   judgements   and   the   wrath  of  God.     

God's  Spirit  is  already  moving  upon  His  anointed  Word  from HeIsNear.com  and   these  writings  to  reveal  the  truth   with jolting   clarity   to   His   people   about    this    forthcoming   man of  sin    and  his   presence  TODAY.    No  longer   will   believers or   ministers   push   this    topic   to    the   side   as   evidenced today  in   the   rare  mentioning  of  the  topic  amongst  99%  of today's  preachers  and   Bible  scholars  as  if   it   were  a   secon- dary    aspect   of   God's   Word.  

'Here is Wisdom'    and   'Two  Beasts  Rising'   will   open   the eyes  of   multitudes  worldwide  of   both  God's   people   and   un- believers   to   "see"    that    the   predictions  of    John   the   Reve- lator   and   the   prophet  Daniel,  are  right  in  front  of  us,  right now. 

    Here  is  Wisdom.       the  book    /      Copyright  1984,  2006
DL Moody
J.A. Wylie
George Fox
Martin Luther
Smith Wigglesworth
Although  over  an   8  billion  populace   sits   blindly  to  ANTICHRIST's true  IDENTITY   and  of  his  TANGIBLE   presence  today,    most  believers  from  ROME's 3rd CENTURY INVENTING  of the  'BISHOP of ROME'  (Urban the 1ST, 222 A.D.)  through  the  mid-1800's   WERE KEENLY  AWARE  of  the  POPE  as  'ANTICHRIST'.    Great   pillars  of the faith also IDENTIFIED the profile of ANTICHRIST  (PAPACY)   EXACTLY  as  shown   in   these   2   books  and   at   HeIsNear.com,    including :   

John Calvin, Martin Luther, Sir Isaac Newton, John Wycliffe, William   Tyndale,  J. A.  Wylie,   John Knox,  John Wesley,  Rev. Roger Williams,  D.L.  Moody,    Smith  Wigglesworth,   Charles  H.  Spurgeon  and   many  others.    This  is  elaborated  on  and   made   crystal  clear in   both    'Here is Wisdom.'   and    'Two Beasts Rising'   in   Chapters  2,   3   &  4.    These  two  writings  will   bring  this   generation  quickly  into  a  sharp   RE-focusing   of   Revelation's    true  profile  of   ANTICHRIST  the  way   that   John   the   Revelator   himself   virtually   described  and   also   understood  it  to  be,    as  he  recorded   in   his  Revelation  writing   itself.
In 1981  the Lord saved me.   Then,  7 days later He sovereignly chose to show me Antichrist.   What I saw with my eyes open and the audible voice  I  heard  (in April 1981)   is as real to me today as if it happened  30  seconds  ago.        All  coming  to  pass  right  now 100%  to  the  "T",    according  to  God's  Word.     ~Rob Conrad
Literally,  No Other Books Exist   like  these 2  inevitable  books  as  explained  below.   This  also  makes   HeIsNear.com   the  only-site-of- its-kind  in  the  world   having   accurately   identified    Antichrist   on  the  world  stage  right  now.   Today,  ALL  other   Bible   prophecy authors  and   'experts'   are  still   UNANIMOUSLY  publicly   pon-   dering   about    'who?'   the    '2  men coming  are,   a   huge  error  made   in    'The Late Great Planet Earth  54+    years   ago    in   1970.
In  fact,   the   Bible   shows    only  1  man  coming,    not    "2".
King James
Joan of Arc    
*Historic Documentation  of  the  above Pillars of the Faith  and of  Reformers who believed   "the Papacy  is the ANTICHRIST of the Bible"     >>
Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) is well known in history because of his scientific research, especially in connection with the laws of gravitation. He was a writer, mathematician, philosopher, and also a student of Bible prophecy. His writings on prophecy - from a study of 42 years - entitled 'Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John' was published six years after his death. Newton linked the little horn of Daniel 7 with the Papacy, rising among the ten kingdoms into which the Roman empire fell. "But it [the PAPACY]  was a kingdom of a different kind from the other ten kingdoms... By its eyes it was a Seer; and by its mouth speaking great things and changing times and laws, it was a Prophet as well as a King. And such a Seer, a Prophet and a King, is the church of Rome. A Seer... is a  Bishop in the literal sense of the word;  and this Church [PAPACY]  claims the universal Bishopric. With his mouth he [PAPACY of Rome]  gives laws to kings and nations as an Oracle; and pretends to Infallibility, and that his dictates are binding to the whole world; which is to be a Prophet in the highest degree." (Newton, 'Observations on the Prophecies', p.75).

*Excerpt  from  ABOVE   *Historic Documentation:
Distributed /
Download- able   w/  KINDLE READER  @  
Amazon USA  
JAN  20,  2013 :   Video /  4:48 Min 
666   "guessing-game"   ENDS  HERE  [ 666 ID'd ]   The Final word on  history's   most   controversial number ~
Feb  11,  2013    /    Exclusive VIDEO
[ Benedict XVI  Retiring /  News Feb 11, 2013 ]  
F O U N D    N O W H E R E    E L S E
Agrees ?
100%  PROOF  Pope  Francis
 is  ANTICHRIST             [ 2:28 ]
[ Crucial Video ID's  the PAPACY of Rome  (& every  elected Pope)    as ANTICHRIST ]           March 14, 2013
March  12,  2013    /    Exclusive VIDEO
FALSE   PROPHET   of   Revelation
[ POPES  of  Rome   ID'd   as  'ANTICHRIST'   and   
1-and-the-SAME  man   as   False Prophet ]
Importantly:   Many Christians  with  whom  I  have  shared  and   taught   these truths from God's Word about Antichrist  back in the mid-1980's and in ministering in the 90's, are themselves carrying this knowledge.  This  includes my family members who  I had  distributed  the  original   hard-copy of   'Here is Wisdom'   to  when  it  was   originally  finished in  November of  1984.   All of  these believers also are keenly  aware of all these facts of my own testimony regarding the 1981 VISION  sovereignly given to me  by  the  LORD  which  identifies  the  POPES  of  ROME  as   'ANTICHRIST'.

Then,  in  making  these  writings readily available  worldwide from  this  site  since Feb 1, 2006  and at   Amazon's sites,  the Spirit of God is NOW moving powerfully with multiplied thousands of visitors  to HeIsNear.com  weekly  from all over  the world  who  are also gaining these crucial  eye-opening End Time insights. This is all  right on time prophetically in God's divine  timing in  these  End Times. Although in its beginning stages now, this fast-paced momentum of awareness  about ANTICHRIST  and  imminent  events as  identified  from Heisnear.com  and its published writings  will soon erupt in an explosive GLOBAL awareness of Antichrist's  true profile and current presence in the world.  This will result  in an  awesome  GLOBAL TURBULENCE  in  the  nearing 'start'  of  the  Tribulation  as  I   have  written  about   thoroughly  and  as specifically   foretold   in  God 's  Word   for   today's  End  Times.   ~ Rob Conrad 
Dec 12, 2013 :
The Day the Lord showed me ANTICHRIST 
---- coming to pass 100% Today
Time  "2013  Man of Year'
Pinpoints Pope of Rome as ANTICHRIST
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