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In   Jesus'   prophecies  for  the  last  generation He   said    there   would   be   a   period   called the   "tribulation"    (Math.24: 9)    immediately before   His   return.    This   7   year   period   is literally    the   last   7   years  in   human  history as   man   knows   it.  

Also   referring   to   this   7  year  period,  Daniel shows   that     it    will   commence    when    "the prince  (antichrist)   who   is   to   come"   (Dan.9: 26)    "shall   confirm   the     covenant   with   the many    for   1    week".    (Dan. 9: 27).      In   the context    of    his    writing,    1    "week"     repre- sents    a    period   of,     not    7    "days",     but 7   years.   

Today,   the  Mideast  Peace  problem  is  seen almost    daily    in     the    headline   news   with world    leaders    unsuccessfully    brainstorming to    solve    the    crisis    there.      Prophetically, the   stage   is    set    now    for   antichrist   to step    in     &     finalize    a    7    year    plan  of peace    for    the   Mideast.   

This  tribulation   period    is   clearly   laid  out starting   from   Daniel  11:21  through  the   rest of    chapters   11    &    12    of   Daniel.      Also, the   book   of   Revelation   lays  out   this   final tribulation   period    starting   in    chapter   6:1 through   chapter  20:3.

                [ Rev. 6:1  -  20:3 ]
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth       (Rev.20:6) >>>>
The   "rider on a white horse"   (Rev.6:2)   symbolizes the  appearance  of   antichrist   on  the   world's  stage in  the  End  Times.    The   7  year  Tribulation  is  then triggered   at    the   signing   of    the   MIdeast  Peace agreement.   This  exact  scenario  is   spring-loaded to  occur  TODAY.
Great  Tribulation
3  1/2  years
Bible prophecy on the verge NOW of fulfillment...
Signing of Mideast Peace plan by  Antichrist  (Daniel  9:27;  11:21)
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