Signing of Mideast Peace  plan  by  Antichrist  (Daniel  9:27;  11:21)
Great  Tribulation
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11;    Acts 1:11;  John 14:3)
1000 year  reign
of Christ on earth    (Rev.20:6)  >>>
3  1/2  years
1948 Rebirth        of Israel        (Ezek.38:8)
              [ Rev.6:1 - 20:3 ]
Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
As  scriptures  predicted  of  the  End Times,   Jerusalem  has now  become  the  # 1  city of  international  attention,  in  clear fulfillment  of  Biblical  prophecy.                 [ Zechariah 12:1-3 ]

Both   the  Jews  of   Israel   &  her   hostile   neighboring  Arab countries   have  deep   religious   beliefs  &   ancient  histories that  cause  both   religions   TODAY  to  view   Jerusalem  as their  own  rightful  capital  city,   provoking  tensions  &   wars.  
As  a   result,    Mideast  Peace  talks   have  now   developed into   a   constant   top   News  Headline.    Prophetically,   the stage   is   now   set   for   Antichrist   of   the   End  Times   to step   forward   from   the   European  Union   and    mediate   a 7  year  Mideast  Agreement.
Dome  of  the  Rock  in Jerusalem  is  the  2nd  most  sacred  location  in  the  world  to  Muslims;  Mecca  being  their   #1   most  sacred  location.
MAJOR  Bible  Prophecy  being  fulfilled  today
Jerusalem's  Ancient  History National Geographic 
The   "wailing Wall"   [ foreground ]   is   Israel's   most  sacred  site   &  is   only  yards  away  from  the  Dome of  the  Rock.    The  wall  is  the only  remaining  part of    the    last   TEMPLE   in   Jerusalem   which   was destroyed   by    the   old   Roman  Empire   in   70AD.
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in  the  End  Times
News   /     Re-Building   the   3rd   Jerusalem   Temple
[  ISRAEL  Talks  of   animal  sacrifices,  priestly  garb,  etc  ]  
24  Hour  Guards  on  the  Temple  Mount
July   20,  2010   /   CBN News
Is  Israel  on  the  brink
of  war?

Recent  End Time  News: 
Jerusalem:  Final Hot Spot
100% Proof of Christ's Nearness  /  Video from
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June   2,  2010  /  Haaretz
Israel   faces   growing
World  pressure  to  lift
Gaza   blockade

[ United  Nations  Human Rights  Council  makes
same  demand  on  Israel ]
Jerusalem's coming 3rd Temple Discussions in the Headline
News,  right on time
more:  Israel in End  Times   >>
Feb   9,  2011  /   J. Post
IRAN  threatening  to Ignite  the  Region
Feb   4,   2011   /   YNET
Riots  in  EGYPT:   Sign  of  Islamic  Global  Uprising
Feb   4,   2011  /  Breitbart
Israel   Restricts   Arabs
into  Temple  Mount
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May 11, 2009  ^
Arrival  of  Benedict  XVI  in  Israel
VATICAN's  Major  End  Time  role w/   Israel       [   in   progress   >  ]
W W 3   boiling  /  News
Mar   4,  2011  /  Haaretz
Mideast  Unrest  may
Roll   into   Palestine  Territories
March   19,  2011   /  CBS
Israel   Planes   hit   Gaza,
Responding   to   major
Palestinian  mortar  attack
upon   Israel

[  raising  prospect  of  new
Mideast   flareup  ]
Israel's  coming  TOTAL  VICTORY  ^
March   25,  2011  /  YNET
ISRAEL   ready   to   react
"with   great   force"    /
PM   Netanyahu
March   30,  2011  / YNET
UN  Chief: 
"Divide  Jerusalem"       [ "a way  must  be  found  ...with arrangements   for   Holy Sites  acceptable  for  all." ]
May  15,  2011  /  Reuters
ISRAEL --  Palestinian
Violence   Erupts   on
Israel's   Borders
May  19,  2011  /  Reuters
Pres   Obama   Endorses  Palestinians    --    Tells  ISRAEL   to   Re-Draw   its  borders  to   include  Arabs
June   10,   2011   /   Fox
Israeli   Police   respond   in  clash  with  Palestinians  on  Jerusalem  Temple  Mount
Dec   8,   2011   /   UPI
Jerusalem  Temple  Mount bridge  to  be  closed  until  new  one  is  built
"And  it  will come about in  that  day  (End Times)   that   I   will  make   Jerusalem   a  heavy   stone   for  all  the  peoples; all  who  lift  it  will  be  sev-   erely  injured.  And  all  the  nations of  the  earth   will  be  gathered  against  it."        [ Zech.12:1-3 ]
Recent  End Time  News: 
Jerusalem:  Final Hot Spot
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January   12 ,   2012   / Israel  National  News
ISRAEL'S  Deputy Knesset  Chairman declares:  "Temple Mount  is  ours !"
February   15 ,   2012   / Israel  National  News
Key  Zionist  Org  calls on  Israel  GOVT  to  allow  all  Jews  access  to  Temple  Mount
2011  &   2010 
August    8 ,   2012   / Israel  National  News
Israel  "Dissolving"  Dome of  Rock  Foundation  to 
Build  3rd  Jerusalem  Temple  -  says  PA  TV
August   8,   2012    /     News: Israel   "Dissolving"   Muslim Dome   of   Rock   foundation
--   to   Build  3rd   Jerusalem  Temple
ISRAEL  &  World War  3 ---
How, Why, When ?
Sept  26,  2012  /  VIDEO by
ISRAEL   to  give   POPE  "Legal  Custody"                  of  TEMPLE  MOUNT
July  25,  2013      /      EXCLUSIVE  VIDEO
Historic     VATICAN - ISRAEL    Negotiations   leading   to   End  Time    7   Year  Tribulation
ISRAEL   to  give   POPE  "Legal  Custody"                  of  TEMPLE  MOUNT
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