The End Times
& Syria
DAMASCUS, Syria's   soon-coming  experience in  these  End  Times:       "A  FALLEN  RUIN".
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
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Return of Christ  / Battle of Armageddon
[Rev.19:11, 19]

Final Day of
<===    7  year Tribulation Period    ===>
Damascus, Syria  is about to be destroyed in one day

The  city  of   DAMASCUS,  Syria  to be destroyed  in  these  End  Times
[  Isaiah  17: 1- 14  ]

Isaiah 17:1-14
Syrian President Bashar Assad / '08
HEADLINE  NEWS   confirming   Damascus'  coming  Fate :
August   20,   2008    /    Jerusalem Post
Assad:    Syria  may  host  Russian  Missiles
August   21,   2008    /    Times Online News
Fear  of   Mideast   'Cold War'   as  Syria strengthens  military  alliance  with  Russia
January   2,   2011    /    UPI  News
Syria  Rejects  Israel  Peace  Report
September   6,   2007    /    MSNBC News
Israel  Fighter  Jets  drop  Munitions on  Northern Syria  /  Twice  Buzzed  President  Bashar  Assad's residence  in  Damascus
Syrian Flag
February   24,   2011    /    Fox  News
2nd  Syrian  Nuclear  Site  Found
[  Syrian  Pres.  Rejects  Inspections  ]
June   11,   2011    /    Jerusalem  Post
U.S.A.  accuses  SYRIA  of  creating  Humani- tarian  Crisis
[  Syria   killed   1100+  Civilians  in   last   3   month  uprising   against   Pres.  Assad  ]

The next  prophetical  event for  SYRIA  in  these   End Times is  for  its  capital,   Damascus,   to  be  destroyed.

Today's Headline News confirm the nearness of this foretold event and its timely readiness to occur with all other Bible prophecies which are lined up now.

It  will  take  place  either  'just before'  the  7  Year Tribulation   begins   or    'right  after'   it   begins.       

If  it  were  to  occur  'after'  the  Tribulation  period  begins then  Damascus'  destruction  would  occur  in   close  timing, if  not  at  the  very  same  time,  with  Israel's  near-future destroying   of    Russia's   military    forces   from   the    north [Ezek. 38:15-21]   on  Israel's  own  mountains  which  clearly occurs   'after'   the  Tribulation  period  begins.   [ Russia in End Times,  below ]       [ Video:   Coming Mideast Holocaust ]

Either way,  Damascus'  existence is about to SOON become  non-existent.   This  could  occur  by  either  Israel's air  force  strike,   or  by   the  USA   or   even  be  bombed  by the SYRIAN   Rebel-citizens  themselves,   among  other possible  ways.
'The oracle concerning  Damascus.  Behold,  Damascus is about to be removed  from being a city.  And  it  will  become  a  fallen  ruin.  The  fortified  city  will  disappear...... ' .        [ Isaiah 17:1-14 ]
June   29,   2011    /    Jerusalem  Post
ISRAEL  warns  Syria's  Pres  Assad:    Attack  us,  we'll  hit  you  personally
July   16,   2011    /    Jerusalem  Post
SYRIA  Increasing  Arms  shipments  to  Hezbollah  Terrorists
February   1,   2012    /     CNN  News
United  Nations  Security  Council   set  for  more 
SYRIA  talks,   as  reports  of  citizen  deaths  rise
February   9,   2012    /     Israel  Nat'l  News
SYRIA  moves  its  Armored  Forces  Nearer  to  Israel's  northern  border      [ Israel  concerned
Syria's  Assad  may  start  conflict  w/  Israel ] 
March   5,   2012    /     Reuters  News
USA  Senator  John  McCain  urges  air  strikes 
on  SYRIA    [ to  defend  safe  havens  for  citizens
of  Syria ] 
May   16,   2012    /     Worthy  News
SYRIA'S   Assad   "doomed"   says   Israel's  De- fense   Minister  Barak 
October   17,   2012    /     AU News
Peace  in  SYRIA ?     POPE'S  reps  to  Syria    >>
Oct 17, 2012
2008  /  Pope welcomes Islam-
ist  terrorists to Vatican
October   17,   2012    /      Reuters News
SYRIA  Blooshed  Could  Engulf  Middle  East  --
says  Int'l  Mediator
May   12,   2013     /      Times of Israel News
More  than   80,000  Dead   in  SYRIA  Civil  War  after  2  Years
Bible  PROOF  1.5  BIL Muslims  to  die
May 1, 2013 / VID
March  13,  2013
100%  PROOF  Pope  FRANCIS is   A N T I C H R I S T        
August   27,   2013     /      Israel Hayom News
ISRAEL  ready  for  possible  attack  by  SYRIA
May 15, 2013  / 
FINAL Prophecies  &  MIDEAST  WAR   Ready  ----  
[ will  start  "SUDDENLY" : Bible / Timeline of coming End Time events ]
12 Russia Warships to Israel's North
May   17,   2013     /      Times of Israel News
RUSSIA  sends  12  Warships  to  SYRIA           >>
[ foretold  WW3,  spring-loaded  In Plain View ]
Aug 27, 2013 /
ISRAEL  Iron  Dome  Defense system  READY  --  in  Haifa,  Israel
Sept    9,    2013      /       USA Today News
Some see  Biblical visions of doom  RE:  SYRIA
RED HORSE of Revelation:  READY >