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Its  revelatory and shocking insights make   this   book   the   single-most critical   forewarning   of   what   this generation  must   shortly   yield    to globally.   No reader is left  unstirred.
Originally written & Copyrighted in Sept  2007    [Library of Congress]

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~ A Crucial Trumpet of Alarm ~       
Critical:  Why Knowing Antichrist's Identity brings 100% confidence of Christ's Imminent Return  >>
A N T I C H R I S T    face - to - face
A N T I C H R I S T    identified
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Contrary to ALL popular TV prophecy preachers and prophecy book authors who  unanimously  say  that   'No one can know who Antichrist is' ,  the  Bible provides vast  amounts of  information about  him and  even pinpoints his exact profile for us to know.

Non-Fiction  /  Documentaries:
Accurate  handling  of  Biblical  prophecies  in  Revelation  and  Daniel  which pinpoint    Antichrist   coupled with   hundreds  of    Headline News articles which   overwhelmingly   mirror   the   scriptures  and   identify  him  on the   world's   End  Time   stage  TODAY  make  these   two   books  the   only- 
 ones-of-their-kind   and   a    major   and   shocking   reality    to    this   final generation.       Two inevitable books;  sobering virtual-reality TODAY.
Foretold prophecy of today's End Times and of those who refuse Christ,  about to come to pass:
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Antichrist is   'the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan...and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.'       [2 Thess. 2: 9,10]
A N T I C H R I S T    'guessing-game'    ends  here

These Pillars of the faith AGREED  on   Antichrist's profile  as precisely shown at   Heisnear.com:    John Calvin,   Isaac Newton,   Martin Luther,   John Wesley,  Charles  Spurgeon,   Wm Tyndale,   Charles  Finney,   J.A.  Wylie,    D.L.  Moody,  John Knox,   Joan of Arc,   Galileo,   George Fox,   King James    >>> 
Feb  11,  2013  /  
Exclusive VIDEO
[ Benedict retires 
Feb 11, 2013 ]  
1981 Vision & 1984 Book Identify ANTICHRIST on world stage now with jolting clarity 
March  12,  2013   Exclusive VIDEO
FALSE   PROPHET  of  Revelation
[ POPES  of  Rome   ID'd   as  'ANTICHRIST' :   
1-and-the-SAME  man   as   False Prophet ]
F O U N D    N O W H E R E    E L S E
[ Crucial Video ID's  the PAPACY of Rome  (& every  elected Pope)    as ANTICHRIST ]           March 14, 2013
At this most critical time in End Time history  it is no accident that you are looking at this right now.  Your eyes are about to open to see that the Antichrist who was seen by the Apostle John in the 95AD vision and written about in Revelation is  right  in front of  this  generation  today. Multitudes all over the world have gained this highly crucial insight from these two books with a recent global surge in readership and awarness of Antichrist's identity and presence beginning in Feb '08 with continued rapid expansion through: 
May  29,  2013   /    [ 2 Min ]
Israel's  KNESSET    shown ANTICHRIST's  ID  &  coming End Time  specifics 
100%  PROOF  Pope  Francis
 is  ANTICHRIST             [ 2:28 ]
ANTICHRIST   'STANDING  in  the Holy place'  --- HUGE End Time SIGN  .....IN PLAIN  VIEW  TODAY  
June 3, 2014
June 14, 2014 / terms 'ANTICHRIST 
& False  Prophet' profile 1-and-the- 
SAME-MAN   (from:  'Here is Wisdom.'  / book 1984, Chapt 5)    EXCLUSIVE
Pinpoints Pope of Rome as ANTICHRIST
coming to pass 100% today
March 21, 2015
April 28, 
POPE   calls  for  WORLD UNITY, Urges   "CLIMATE  CONTROL   is  Top  MORAL  Issue"   
POPE Publicly Verifies Global Role as Executioner of Billions    7/11/15
[ Pope;  in USA SEPT  2015 ]     *MORE >
ANTICHRIST on World Stage, 
VIDEO -- MARCH 2013  
[1 MIN VID] :   Shocks,  changes ENTIRE  perspective  RE:  POPE FRANCIS
MADE SIMPLE for even a 5 YR Old Kid  VS.  STUMPED 'experts'

Dec 12, 2013 :  The Day the Lord showed 
me  ANTICHRIST :: [coming to pass 100% 
TODAY]      (HeisnearCom  founder Rob C.)
TESTIMONY at a glance of  HeIsNear.com  founder : Rob Conrad
It is GOD's wisdom to recognize Antichrist's ID.
[Rev 13:18] ::   Here is wisdom.  Let him who has 
understanding calculate the number of the  (false
prophet)  beast;   for the  number is that of a man; 
and his number is 666.
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