Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
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Return of Christ  / War of Armageddon
[Rev.19:11, 19]

Final Day of
<===    7  year Tribulation Period    ===>
Russia's   End Time  role...
Russia  is  now  set  in  place  geographically  for  its  prophetic role  in  the  End  Times.   Ezekiel Chapter 38  clearly  pinpoints an   End Time  military  super-power   which  will   "come from the   remotest  parts  of   the  north",   being  directly  "north"  of  Israel.   (Ezek.38:15).    Today,   Russia,   (in fact,  Moscow  itself,  capital  of  Russia)   is   literally  perpendicularly   "north" from   Israel  as  the  scriptures  predict  for   these  End Times.
Russia attacks Israel; Israel destroys Russia on mountains of Israel /
EZEK Chapts 38, 39
Russia's  End Time role
August   1,  2008   /   Reuters News
Russia Test Fires Ballistic Missile
August   28,  2008   /   News Daily
Russia Missile Test
Heightens Stand-Off with West

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May  7,  2008: 
Dmitry  Medvedev becomes Russia's New Leader  /  BBC News 
Russia's Leader  thru 2008  /  
Re-Elected  2012  /   News
Feb   25,   2009   /   Global Security News
Russia,   Iran  to  Sign  10  Year  Nuclear  Fuel  Contract
Jan   21,   2010    /    YNet  News
RUSSIA to  start  Iran  Nuclear  Plant  in  2010
Jan   30,   2010    /    Reuters  News
Libya,  Russia  Agree  to  $1.3 Bil
Arms  Deal   -   Vladmir Putin
Aug   13,   2010    /    News  Max
Russia's  Loading of  Nuke  Fuel  into  IRAN  Nuclear Plant  Means  Aug  21, 2010   Deadline 
Jan   18,   2011    /    BBC  News
Russia   Reaffirms   its   Recog- nition   of  a  Palestinian  State 

[ Medvedev:   "Russia  made  its  choice  a   long  time  ago.....   for  the  inalienable  right  of  the  Pal- estinians    to   an   Independent  State   in   East  Jerusalem." ]
Headline News:  

Other  countries   like    IRAN   and   LIBYA are  NOW   lining  up  with  Russia  and against    Israel,   exactly   as   foretold   in Ezekiel  38    for    today's   END  TIMES
June    6,    2011     /     Reuters
Russia   voices  "deep concern"  over  deadly   Israel Syrian  clashing  inside  Israel's northern  border,  the  Golan  Heights
Golan Heights,  Israel
Prophecy  Today:     News
The   prime   event  performed  by  Russia   in   the   End Times will  be   its  military attack  on  Israel   as  recorded in  Ezek- iel   38 &  39.    This  event  takes  place   soon  after   the  be-ginning  of  the   7 year Tribulation  period  as  Ezekiel  &  Reve- lation  both  show.     [Ezek.38:18-23; Rev.6:12-17].   [see graph below]

Incredibly,  the  small  country of  Israel  will  all  but  decimate the  military  force  of  Russia  on  the  mountains of  Israel,  as Ezekiel  predicts.   [Ezek.39:1-6].     This  event  is  not   far  off.

Other countries  which  Ezekiel  shows  will   join  with  Russia   in  the  assault  upon   Israel   are:    Iran   [Persia] ,  Turkey   [Beth-togar-mah] ,   East  Germany  and   Poland    [Gomer],   Ethiopia  and   Libya  [Put] .   These   will   also   be  quickly   crushed   overwhelmingly   by   Israel   at   the  same  time.  [Ezek. 38:4-8].        ~Rob Conrad

Russia's attack on Israel...

"And you  (Russia)  will come from your place out of  the remo-  test parts of  the north,   you  &  many  peoples  with  you,  all  of   them  riding  on  horses,   a  great  assembly  &  a   mighty army; & you  will  come up  against  My  people  Israel   like  a cloud   to  cover  the  land.     It  will  come  about  in   the  last days,   that  I  shall  bring  you  against  My  land  (Israel)....".   (Ezek.38:15,16).

Israel's  Victory...                  [  *see  FULL SCOPE  >>  ]

"And   I   (God)   shall  strike  your  (Russia's)  bow  from  your left  hand,  &  dash  down  your  arrows  from  your  right  hand.   You  shall  fall  on  the  mountains  of  Israel,   you  &  all  your troops,  &   the  peoples  who  are  with  will fall on the  open  field."            [Ezek.39:3-5].
Preparing  for  Ezekiel 38, 39
Nov    7,    2011     /     BBC  News
Russia  warns:     Israeli  threat of  strikes on  IRAN  "a  serious mistake"
Feb    22,    2012     /     Huffington Post
Russia  warns  Israel  not  to  attack  IRAN   (or catastrophic  consequences)
June    26,    2012       /      AFP  News
Palestinian  Pres  Abbas  Urges Russia's   Putin   to   Help   in  Mideast  Peace  Process
July    10,    2012       /        UK Telegraph
RUSSIA   sends  6  Warships
to  SYRIA'S   coast
12 Russia Warships to          Israel's N Border
May  17,  2013    /     Times of Israel
RUSSIA  sends 12 Warships to
ISRAEL's  N  Border   [ Syria > ]
May    17,    2013        /       Times  of  Israel  News
RUSSIA   sends  12  Warships to  ISRAEL's   N  Border   [Syria]
Feb    28,    2014       /      Breitbart  News
2000  RUSSIAN  Soldiers  &  air- craft    Invade   UKRAINE'S  Crimean  region    ( VIDEO > )
FEB  2014
'King of the North'
  (Russia / Ezek 38:15)

Crimea region
March  10,  2014   /   News :
RUSSIA   Military  &  Warships
POISED   to   Attack   ISRAEL
[ Major  End Time Prophecy In Plain  View  &  READY  Today]
Aug    7,    2014       /      FOX  News
RUSSIA  massing  huge  military build-up   on   UKRAINE  border, READY TO INVADE    ( Aug 6 / CNN )
SEPT    10,    2015       /     WND  News
RUSSIA   Sending  Submarine
with   200  Nuclear  Bombs  to  SYRIA   to  arrive  in  days
SEPT    29,    2015      /     J. Post  News
RUSSIA  sends Military  &  jets  into SYRIA ;  Netanyahu  & IDF Chief   tell  PUTIN  "do not test ISRAEL"
RUSSIA'S  Nearing  Military  Decimation  by  ISRAEL  (How, When)
OCT 2015
FEB  2014
The Ultimate Result of  what's  coming:
DEC    3,    2015    /    Bus. Insider News
RUSSIA  now  building  its  2nd
AIR  FORCE  base  in  Syria,  &
DOUBLING  its  JETS  in  region
( Jan 3, 2016  /  Global Broadcast :  Russia )
This generation is now watching,  IN REAL-TIME,  the Major Bible Prophecy of Ezekiel's  'king of the north'  (Russia) move its entire Military SOUTHWARD  in stages towards the mountains of ISRAEL,
precisely as foretold for today's End Times." 
"  founder, Rob Conrad / March 10, 2014