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Enter by the Narrow Gate:
"Few"  are those who find it ....

Enter by the narrow gate; For the gate is wide and the way is easy which leads to destruction,  and many are those who enter by it.  But, the gate is narrow and the way is hard which leads to life.   And those who find it are few. [the Lord Jesus Christ / Gospel Matthew 7:13-14]
17,000 Foot  Mount  Ararat  in Turkey;   resting place of  Noah's Ark   [Genesis 8:4] after  the  1st  Judgment  of  flooding  4500  years  ago.
Dear  brothers-sisters  in Christ,   all  friends:

What is coming quickly now  to this world is the greatest event in world history, besides the 1st appearance of God Himself who walked this earth in the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ,  the Savior of the world.

Namely,   the  2nd  physical  coming of  Christ   to  this  earth. The  entire  universe  will  see  Him   and  His  glorious  Return. The   2nd  judgement   upon  earth  will  precede  it.

For  bonafide  believers TODAY  who  "know their God"   [Daniel 11:32]    these  are  the  most  exciting  times  to  be  alive  in  AND to  witness  in  2000  years,   since  Jesus  walked  the  earth!

Mankind's  track  record  to  REJECT  GOD

Dear  friends:   mankind  has  a  problem.   It's  called  'self-interest'  and   'worldly interest'  which  the  human  nature  desires to  exalt  FIRST,   before  God  and  His  Word.    In  a  word, mankind's  problem  is  DISOBEDIENCE  to  God  which  brings  sin into  a  person's  life.    The  first  example  of  this  is  seen  in  the Garden  of  Eden   with  God's  very  first  child,   Adam.   

Moreover,  the  Lord's  parable  regarding  the   '2  gates'    high- lights  the   2  exact  opposite  profiles of  human  nature   towards God  as  proven  through  the   past,   present  and   future  of  world  history   and  the  human  race.

On one  hand,   1  gate   leads to life,   but  the  other   leads to destruction.    Each  person  has   his  own  decision   in  life   to make  as  to  which  gate   he  chooses   to  go   through.

In fact, the human race's PROVEN TRACK RECORD  in  history starting with  Adam  in the Garden  is  to  REJECT GOD  and  then throw  out  His  Word  too, in  disobedience.   For  6000  years since  the  Garden, mankind  has proven  this  sad,  but  true, SOLID PATTERN of rejecting God, even violently and with wickedness of  heart  "Many"  have  entered  through  the  wide gate  which  leads  to  destruction,  as  the  result.

A  worsening  human  race

This  pattern of  rejecting God and  His   goodness  has  grown progressively  worse  and  worse  in  wickedness  and   into   its final   End  Time   monsterous  status   today,  as   foretold.

Adam,  God's  very  own  1st   child,   started   the  ball   rolling  of this  self-serving,   defiant   mindset  and  behavior  against  God. The  majority   of  mankindthe   "many",   have  followed  suit without  question  as  Jesus'   parable  framed.

For example, the Old Testament is filled with stories about mankind's  wickedness,  even  when  only  Noah  and  7   other persons   were  found   to   be  Godly  and   upright,   being  saved from   the   1st  Judgement  4500  years  ago.     The  rest  of mankind    ["many",  the  majority]     failed   to  make   it,   from their  rebellion and sins  before God.   Think of this alarming fact: Only  8  persons saved  out  of  a  whole  human  race  back  then.

Later,  the ISRAELITES  also  proved  their  own  stiff-necked, rebellion  against  God.  They  walked  in  circles  for  40  years  in sin  and  rebellion, when they could have  physically  travelled  to the  Promised  LAND  in  just  a  10  day  journey  from  Egypt going   north  to   Israel.

But  their rejection of  God  brought confusion and darkness upon them   unnecessarily  and   like  other  generations,   impeded their  "entering".      Again,  "many"  are  those   who   enter  by the   "WIDE GATE  which  leads  to  destruction"   as   foretold of   the   human  race.       [Matthew 7:13,14]

Then,  in  God's  greatest  manifestation  and  DIVINE  SIGN  to this  world  and   the  human  race,   He  manifested  Himself  on earth,   and   walked  sinlessly   and   Divinely  in   Christ  Jesus, Son  of  the  Living  God. 

And  what  did  the  human race  do?   They  followed  their  evil instincts  AGAIN,  to  REBEL AGAINST GOD  and  REJECT  His only  begotten Son,  by  wickedly  torturing  Him  and  crucifying Him  on  a  Cross.    The ultimate act of wickedness against God, carried  out  by  God's  own  creation,   the   "many".

Afterwards,  the human race CONTINUED in  their  proven  rebel- lion  against  God  by  chasing   Christ's  prime  Apostles  and   His prophets  out  of   town  in   the  ensuing   40 - 50   years  after Pentecost.    The  beheading  of  the  Apostle  Paul   by  the Roman  Empire's  Nero  in   68AD  spotlighted  the  human race's  pattern,  again,  of  their  hate  of  God,  His  Word and  of   His   upright  servants  who  are  His  true  children.

Except  for  John  the Revelator  who  died  naturally  in  95AD,   all of  the  other  original  Disciples  who  walked  with  Jesus  and  the writers  of  the   New   Testament   died  torturously  as  martyrs to  the  hateful   human  race,   the   "many".

Pushing  God  out  of  His  own  Church  Body!

Incredibly,  the  human  race's  rebellion  and  self-serving  nature is  also  shown  in   95AD's   depiction  of   the   body  of Christ itself.     Revelation   specifies   5   out  of   the  7    first   Century Churches   as   being   ridden   with   sin   barely  60  years  after Christ's  ascension.

The  result   by  100AD   is   written   in   history   books   and    the Bible  account   itself.    The  human  race   had   not   only  cast out  of   their  lives  God's  Son,    His   followers  and   His   New Covenant  Word,   but  worse,   the  body of  Christ  itself   was also   on  the   same  sinful   path  of   the  human   race's   pattern at   that   point:      Rejecting  God.

By  95AD's  vision  to  John,   the  body of  Christ  is  shown  in  the Laodicean  Church   as  having  pushed  Jesus  ALL THE WAY OUT of  His  own  church!    He  is  seen  standing   humbly  on the  outside-looking-in,   and  politely  knocking  on  the   'door' with  hope   to   be   invited   back   into   His   very   own   body  of Christ!     Yet,   they  could  not  even   'hear His voice' .     [Rev 3:20] 

America's  Laodicean  Church  Leaders  Today

History  now  proves  today  that  from  the  1st  century  and through  the  last  2000  years,   the  human  race's   ongoing PATTERN,  overall,  is  that  "MANY"  [the majority]   of  the people  on  earth  will  REBEL  against  GOD,  REJECT  His  Word, REJECT   His   love  and  mercies and  then  cast  Him  out  of their  lives.    

Biblical  history  confirms   man-kind's  staunch  rejection  also of  God's  true  prophets.   Why?    Because  they  are   His   true ambassadors   who   carry   God's   true   Words,    exactly    what the  human  race  has  proven  it   does  NOT  want  to  see  nor hear.

Alarmingly,  in  America  itself  today,  the  current  Church  body and  its  top TV  Ministers  and  Pastors  across  the  USA   have also  now  fallen  into  the  exact  same  worldly,   self-serving  and wealth-oriented   mindset  and  conduct   as  the  Laodiceans  of the   1st   century.

Effectively, Christ has now  been   'pushed out'  of   America's body  of  Christ   in  exchange  for   the  worldly  and  spiritually devoid   'Entertainment Tonight'   and   'American  Idol'   type of  TV  Christian   programming   predominantly  seen  today.  

In  the   mid-80's is  when TBN   began  veering  off  course  and into   what   has   now   become   a  daily   display   of   such unChristlikeness  and  fleecing  of  God's flock   that   even unbelievers  can  watch  and   accurately  discern   the   mockery and   reproach  it   brings   upon   the  Lord   and   true  Biblical Christianity.

However,  just  like  the  Laodicean  Church,   America's  top Christian  TV   Networks   themselves   [ie. TBN,  Daystar]    still remain   totally  "blind"   to  this  day  to  their  own   wordliness, their  self-serving  nature,   their  'wealthy'  mindset  and  their need  to  'repent'.     [Rev 3:14,17]      [LINK BELOW:   Laodicean Church in America]

Their  global  TV  platformsbeing  the  most  influential  in  the arena  of  Religious  Broadcasting  are  responsible  for  allowing all  of  the   ungodly   and   'clanging  cymbal'   ministers  and 'noisy gong'   ministries  and  so-called   'Prophets'   and   'apost-
les'    to   flood   the   House  of   God   and    take   center   stage  for   the   last   25   years.    [1Cor 13:1,2]     They've  made  an  absolute  mess  out  of  it.    

My  adjectives  here  are  conservative  in   light  of  the  terms  the Lord  used  to  describe  the   Laodicean Church,   naming  them as:  "Wretched, miserable,  poor,  naked  and  blind"   and then  likening  them  to  'vomit'   because  of  their  "lukewarm-ness".        [Rev 3:14, 17]

Dear  friends:   Picture  for  a   moment   the  great   Prophets  and Apostles  Paul,  Peter and  John  standing  side-by-side  on TBN's   "Praise the Lord"  program.    Now  picture  3  of   TBN's most  highly-praised  TBN  Ministers  standing  next  to  them  on the  same  stage.     An  extreme  contrast.   

One  group demonstrates  true  humility, love, gentleness, Godly speech  and  a  true  mature  Christlike  attitude  and   demeanor towards  all  people.   The  other  group  is  cocky,   loud-mouthed, has  worldly  and  unbecoming  character  and  speech,   is  self- praising   and    wealth-oriented,   which   fail   true  Christlikeness.

Again,  the human  nature  which  is  proven  since  the  Garden of  wanting  to  PUSH GOD OUT,  even  OUT of  His  own  body of  believers,  is  thriving  in America.    TBN  and other  PRIME Religious  TV   Stations,   have   now   blinded   and   indoctrinated a   whole   generation   [since the mid-80's]   to  believe  that   what is  being  watched   DAILY   by  Americans   is   'true  Christianity' and   true   Christlikeness.    

However,   from  God's   perspective,   it   is   more  of   the   same ungodly,   self-serving  and  worldliness  of  sin  proven  in  the human  race's  track  record    Yet  today,   is  decorated   in religion  and   in  the   most   'religious'   generation  of  all   timeas   foretold   for  today's   End  Times.      [Math 24:11,24]

Alot  is  written  at   Heisnear.com   about   all   of   this   to  equip God's  people,   open  eyes  with  accurate  discernment   and   in order   to    "See to it  that  no one  misleads  you",    a   major forewarning   by   the   Lord   to   His   Disciples  and   the  body  of Christ.      [Links below]    

TBN and  Daystar  are  specifically   mentioned  here  so  people can   accurately   discern   their   platforms   as   the   prime   and most  influential   representers  of   unChristlikeness  in  today's End Times.    And,  so  as   NOT  to  be  further   misled  at   this most  crucial  period   in   world   history.     Like  the  Laodiceans, TBN   and    Daystar   still   can   repent.

Embrace  Christ  as  Savior  and  Lord

Dear friends:   Matthew 7:13,14   which  instructs  all  persons  to "enter by the narrow gate"   is  powerful  foresight  and  wisdom of  God   to   mankind  of   the  need   to  seek  God  FIRST,   and to  embrace  Him   FULLY  through  our   lifetime  on  earth.   

His  saying  that  few  "find" it,   emphasizes  every  person's inborn   need   to   diligently    'seek'   God  and   to   continually 'know Him'   through   His   Word  and   by   His   Spirit.     This  is the  very  solution   to   life,   and   to   'entering'   eternity.

Prophetically  and   as  scriptures  show,   a  GLOBAL  AWARE- NESS   of   Christ's  Nearness   will   explode   leading   up    to the   'start'   of   the   final   7   year  Tribulation.     People  will "SEE"   ALL   the   final   prophecies  ALREADY   lined   up   today and   at    an  APEX   as   Christ   foretold.      [Matt 24:33]  

This  is  a  MAJOR  PROPHECY  occurring now   and  already  in its   beginning  stages    particularly   in   America    as   shown   in Heisnear.com    site   statistics   and   its   incredible  momentum. [Math 24:33 / Daniel 11:33]

"Seeing  all  these things"   [Math 24:33]   is  vital  prophetically today  and   brings   100%    confidence  of   His  Nearness    pre- cisely    as   the   Lord   foretold,   "knowing"   He   is  near.     To re-emphasize,   a   coming   explosion   of   awareness   of   people 'seeing'    the   Nearness of  Christ   is   now   churning.

But,   embracing Christ  fully,   is  the   KEY  to    'entering by  the  narrow  gate'   and   into   eternity   with   God   forever.

Again,   at   this  CRUCIAL TIME  IN  WORLD   HISTORY,   God  is still,   as  He  always  has  since  in   the  beginning,   reaching towards  all   persons  with   great   mercies  and   love,   drawing as  many  to   Himself  as  He  can,   who  not  only  "see"  all these  things    [Math 24:33]   and   who   "hear  His  voice"  [Rev 3:20]   BUT  who  ALSO   embrace  Christ  FULLY,  100%.

Today's SIGNS of Judgement are NOW at an APEX  and  CLEAR  ....as  in  the  days  of  Noah

God  has  never  been  One  to  surprise  His  people  with judgement,   but  is    "patient"   [2  Peter 3:9]    and  loving  and "not   willing   that   ANY   perish."    [2 Peter 3:9]       He   also lets   people   know    in  advance   of   the   major   events  coming through   His   anointed   oracles   and   prophets   like   Noah.      [Amos 3:7]   

For example, from  the Garden of Eden's creation only  about 1500  years  had   passed   until   the  1st   judgement  came   in Noah's  era.   But  since  then,  4500 years  have  now  passed before  the  2nd   judgement  is  about  to  come  to  pass.    In- cluding   the  last  2000  years  since   God's own  Son  stood  on earth    also   forewarning  to    'see all  these  things'    coming. [Math 24:33]     

TODAY,    'ALL'   of    the   End  Time  prophecies    have   NOW come   together  CLEARLY,   confirming  the  Nearness  of  Christ, His   imminent   Return   AND   the    2nd  Judgement  of   God  about  to  come  upon  this  earth,     all   mirroring    Noah's   era.

Without  question,   during  the  period  of  over  100  years  of Noah's   building  of  the   ark,   his  generation  was   also   con- tinually  SEEING and HEARING   about   the  judgement  coming from   his   own   preaching   and   prophesying.    There  was  no doubt   in   Noah's  generation   as  to   the   exact   meaning  of Noah's   message.    

Eventually,   the  final   2-3   years   of   the    almost-fully-constructed  ARK  was   ALSO  loud   'physical'   confirmation to  Noah's   generation  of   the   APEX   at   hand   AND   the CLEAR  Nearness  of   God's  judgement.     

The  awesomeness  of   the  physically  massive   finished   ARK correlated  exactly  with  the  magnitude  of  Noah's  message  to: Repent   and    embrace   God   to   escape   the    pre-announced worldwide  judgement,   which  was  at  hand.

God  had  let  them  know  over  and  over  with  the most crucial  and   FINAL  SIGN  sitting  right  in  front  of  them: the  GIANT  ARK.

Today,  in  precise  likeness  to  Noah's  generation,   "all these things"   which  are  foretold  to   line  up  into  an  APEX   in   the End  Times   are  right  in  front  of   this  generation,   RIGHT NOW.   

And  EXACTLY  LIKE   the  finished  massive   ARK,   "ALL"  fore- told   FINAL   prophecies,   including   Antichrist's   appearance and   the   nearing   'start'   of   the   Tribulation,    are  clearly and   'massively'   in   their   foreordained   places   on   the   End Time    world   stage   and   IN  PLAIN  VIEW,    RIGHT   NOW.   

As  emphasized,   the  coming  explosion  of   this  generation's full awareness   of  the   End   Time  APEX   now   at   hand    is already  in  progress.     And  just   like  in   Noah's   generation, today's  populace  will  also  be  KEEN  to   'see all these things' shaped  up   today  as  soberingly   identified  at   Heisnear.com.  

America's  BLIND  Ministers   and   'prophets'

Dear  friends:   although  this   is   a  serious  and   even  solemn topic,   it   is   also  an   urgent  EYE  OPENING  word   to   exa-  mine   ourselves   to  ensure   that   our   heart   and   character line   up   FULLY  with   God's   anointed   Word    and   that   we have   absorbed   ourselves   in   Christ,   as  Savior  and   Lord.

Our  obedience  to  His  Word  and  our  true Christlikeness which  demonstrates  His  love  to  all  personsare  what  prove ourselves  as   true    'Disciples'   of   Christ.         [John 13:34,35]  
It  is  in  the  Spirit of Christ   to  have  our   'game faces'   on at   this  CRUCIAL  period   in   world   history.      As   opposed  to 99%  of   America's   top  TV   Ministries    [ ie. TBN,  Daystar ] , TV Preachers,  popular pulpit  speakers  and  so-called 'prophets',    who   UNANIMOUSLY  DO  NOT   even  so  much as   mention   ANY  of    'all these things'   which   Christ specifically   instructed   His   followers  to  watch  for,   which  are lined  up  TODAY.        [Matthew 24:33]

Most   [99%]  of  America's  Ministers   are  too  busy  trying  to build  a  name  for  themselves  and   be  recognized  publicly  as the  'great  man or woman of God',  rather  than  'equipping the  saints'    [Ephes 4:12]   and   blowing   the   TRUMPET   of alarm   and   readiness   as   are   the   KEY  requirements  of   all of   God's    true  Overseers   of   His   flock.           [Ezek 33:1-7]

The  prophet  Jeremiah   rightly  foretold  of   today's   End  Time 'false prophets'   and   'wicked'   [Jer 23:11]    self-serving Shepherds  of  whom  God  foretold:   "In the last days  you  will clearly  understand  it.    I  DID  NOT  send  these  prophets, but  they  ran.   I  DID NOT  speak  to  them,  but  they prophesied.    But  if  they  had  stood  in  My  council,   then they  would  have  announced  My  Words  to  My  people, and  would  have  turned  them  back  from  their evil  way and  from  the  evil  of  their  deeds."        [Jeremiah 23:20-22]

"FEW"  will  enter

TODAY,   a   most  sobering   thought  in   examining   the   Lord's statement   about   'the  FEW  who  will  enter'     is   that    this logically   points  to   probably   40%  OR  LESS   who   make  up the   'few'.     

Alarmingly,   this  shows  that  about   4  out of 10   (or less)   of those  all  around  us,   as   in   past   generations  will    'enter' into  the   'life'   which  Christ   talked  about.     It  also  means   6 (or more)   out  of  10    won't   'enter',     being  the   "many".  

Dear  friends:   If  you  saw   in  the  distance  a  huge  train barrelling  straight  at   you  and  all  of  your  loved  ones,   would you  immediately   warn  them  of  the   oncoming  danger  and then  quickly   begin  preparing   to   "enter"   into   safety?    Or, like  America's  BLIND  and   flashy  TV  Ministries,   would  you continue  in  worldliness,   sin  and   total   neglect  of   the  danger at   hand   and   the   clear   requirements  to   be  saved?

The  answer  is  obvious.    Yetthe human  race's  pattern  is STILL   proven   through   history   that   "many"   will    enter   into 'destruction',   having   chosen  to   embrace   the   flesh,   the world  and   its   empty   promises,   instead  of  embracing  God.

Scriptures  portray   the   same   for    the   End  Time    body   of Christ  saying,  "some will  fall  away  from  the  faith"    [1Tim 4:1; 2Tim 3:1]   and   likened  to   "foolish  virgins"   who   went back   into   the   world,    away  from  God.      [Matthew 25:1-10]

Dear  friends:    EMBRACE THE LORD JESUS and  receive ETERNAL LIFE FROM HIM, who loves all people and  'is not willing  that  ANY  perish'.    [2 Peter 3:9]       Be  filled  with  His Spirit    [Ephesians 5:17,18]    and  absorb  yourselves  in   God's anointed  Word  which  changes  lives  and  causes  the   'few'   to 'enter the  narrow  gate which leads to  life".    "Seek  the Lord   (TODAY!)   while  He  may  be  found."         [Isaiah 55:6]

Literally,   this  generation  is  now   living  in   the  rapidly narrowing  gap  of   time   adjacent  to   the   'start'   of   the final   7   Year   Tribulation.
More  than  ever  before,   begin  letting  others  know   about Today's End  Times,   the  Nearness of Christ   and  the  APEX of  "ALL"  prophecies  NOW  lined  up  TODAY  in  front  of this  very  generation,    as   pinpointed   at   Heisnear.com.   

This  lines  up  with Daniel's prophecy  for  End  Time  believers saying,  'Those who have insight among the people will provide  understanding  to the many."       [Daniel 11:33]

Imagine  all  the  lost  souls   in  your  own  sphere  of   life   who don't   yet  know  Christ   and/or   are   blind   still   to  the   APEX of  prophecies squarely  facing  this  generation,   whom  the  Lord depends  upon  you  to   let   them  know.

PRAY  MORE  FERVENTLY  for loved  ones  and  even strangers who  we  meet  that  they  not   only   "SEE ALL THESE THINGS" shaped  up  today but  are  saved  by  God's   grace  in  Christ Jesus.

God  is  reaching for  ALL  lost  souls  right  now in  His  mercies and   forgiveness   at   this   most  crucial   time   in   world  history.
This  is  the  purpose  of  this  inevitable  End  Time  Word.


"Even so, you too, when you see ALL these things, KNOW He is near, even right at the door."      [Matthew 24:33]

"For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. For as in those days which were before the flood they were eating and drinking, they were marrying and giving in marriage... UNTIL THE DAY THAT NOAH ENTERED THE ARK, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away;  so shall the coming of the Son of Man be."        [Gospel Matthew 24:37-39)
Noah's ARK  location  ^
Mount  Ararat
Nov  27, 2010   Rob Conrad  ~founder, Heisnear.com   to:  Global  PTRS-Friends ~
A  Prophetic  Word:    ALL SIGNS  foretold  for  the End Times are  CLEARLY at  an  APEX  Today,   ready  for  fulfillment,   as  in  the  Days of  Noah.