Our  Lord  Jesus  exhorted  today's  End  Time  believers.    He  said: 

"When   you   see    all    these   things,    know   that   He   is  near.....  even   right  at  the  door..."  (Math.24:33)     and  He  said,    "Be  on  guard....   lest that  day  come  upon  you  suddenly   like  a   trap...".       (Luke 21:34).               Today,   these   Bible  passages  are   critically   important. They  deal  with  having  accurate  spiritual  discernment  in  these  End Times  & also  with being   ready   &   upright,   in  Christ,    so   that   we  are   not   misled   &  blind   to   His nearness. 

As    "Here is Wisdom"   shows,   the   signing   of  the    Mideast  Peace  treaty   by  the  man of sin   literally could  take  place  today   or   more  likely  in  the  times  ahead.    But  prophetically,   it's   on   the   table  &   ready  to  happen at  any  time.     Graciously,   the Lord   is   still   allowing   more   time   for  more  souls  to   be  saved,    which  must   take place   before    "the  end"    occurs.    [Math.24:14].        The   accurate   handling   of    End  Time   scriptures  from   the   Word  of   God   will   be   a    key   in   unveiling   the   jolting  clarity   of    the   closeness    of     End  Time   events   &    the   nearness  of  our  Lord.  To   those  who  see   by   the   Spirit,   the   nearness  of   Christ   will    be   unmistakable.    
But,   for   those   who  are   spiritually  blind   &  discount   God's  Word  today,   then they  are   a   fulfillment  of   the   Apostle  Peter's   foresight   for   these   End  Times   when  he  said,   "Know  this  first  of  all,   that  in  the   Last  Days   mockers  will   come  with   their  mocking,   following  after  their  own  lusts,    &  saying,     'Where  is  the  promise  of  His coming?' "     [2 Pet.3: 3,4].          But,   in    the   prophetical   days  ahead,    some   mockers  worldwide   will   also   recognize   that   the   great  day  of   God   is  at   hand.    [as   dis- cussed   later  in  this  chapter].         Although  they  still  choose  not  to  embrace  Christ. 

Revelation  "Insight"   is  coming  to  God's  people...                   [Daniel 11:33]

The  powerhouse  Christian  men  of   God  mentioned  in  this  book   (ie. Sir Isaac Newton, John Wesley,  John Calvin, etc.)   who  identified  the  exact  profile of  the  man  of  sin  as  presented   in   "Here is Wisdom",    only  saw   the   End  Times   from  a  distance  &  as   a   future  period   that  they   all  knew   would   occur   AFTER    their   own   eras.     
But,   what   these   past   pillars  of   the   faith   foresaw  hundreds  of   years  ago,  has   shaped   up   exactly   TODAY   as    virtual-reality    to   this   generation!   

Yet  today    believers   sit    naively   to    these  End  Time   insights,   having   their   ears  tickled   by   flashy   "dead work"   ministers.      Today's    preachers  are   more  polished  in   selling   their     "Miracle   water"   &    their    latest    CD's   &    tapes   on    "financial increase"     &     "how   to  become  a   prophet   in   30  days",    than   they  are   in   the  "equipping  the  saints"    as    the   Apostle  Paul   charged    all     5- Fold    ministers   to carry   out.     [Eph.4:12].         Precious   few    "leaders"   can   be   found   today  sounding  the   trumpet   of   warning  &  readiness  to  God's  people.

But,  concerning  today's  End  Times,    the  prophet  Daniel  specifically  predicted   some- thing   very   powerful,   which  deals   WITH   TODAY'S  BELIEVERS.      Daniel  predicted that    in   the   End  Times:     "those  who  have  insight  will  provide  understanding  to  the  many."         [Dan.11:33].    

NOW   is    the  EXACT  right   time,   prophetically,   for  God's  people  to   "provide  under- standing"     to   many   concerning   the    nearness   of   Christ    &   of    the   forthcoming events   at   hand.        As   a   result   of   FIRST   gaining   End  Time    "insights"     from  the  written  Word,    then    God's   people   will   explode   into   readiness   as    they  go   forth   &     "provide  understanding   to  the  many" .       "Many"    souls  will   be  saved   to    the   glory   of   God   &   many   will   NOT   have   become    "trapped"   from  ignorance  &   from   today's   deceptions,   as  the  Lord  Himself   forewarned.    [Luke 21:34].

God's  people  are  "thirsty" ...

Today,   God's  people  are  thirsting   for  the  deeper  things  of   God.      However,  only  shallow   &   ear-tickling   sermons   are   being   delivered   from   American   pulpits.    So,  God's  people   have    now    become   caught   up   in    the   fictional  &   fairy-tale worlds  of   the     "Left  Behind"   novels   &    "the  Da  Vinci  Code"   versus    the    virtual-reality of   God's  Word    that   illuminates   the   awesome  &   shocking  reality   of   the   End  Time   events   squarely   staring   this   generation   in    the   eyes   TODAY

But  this  trend  is  about  to  change.     Soon,  the  body  of  Christ &  thirsting   people  in  the   world   will   begin   handling   &   seeing    the   scriptures   accurately   including   the book  of   Revelation   &   Daniel.       And,   those  deeper   hidden  things  of   God's  Word (like  "who  is  antichrist?")    which   had   been   hidden   &    "CON-cealed  until  the  End Times"    are    now    becoming    "RE"-vealed   for   fulfillment   in   the   days   ahead,   as the    prophet   Daniel   predicted.      [Daniel 12:4,9].          Here   again,   "those  who  have  insight"     (of   these  "RE"-vealed   things)    specifically   refers   to    God's  End  Time people   who   will  handle   God's   written   Word   accurately    AND     who   are   also  led    by   the   Spirit.         [Dan.11:33].         "For   all   who   are   being   led   by   the   Spirit  of God,    these   are   the   sons  of   God."          [Rom.8:14].

the   coming  Divine  Move  of  God :       He  will   exalt   Himself !

God's   final   move   upon   this   earth  will   be   a   divine  &   awesome  move   that   will overwhelm  the  entire  world.     And   it's  coming  soon.     In  fact,   NO  man   will  receive  any   acclaim   or   honor   for   what   is   coming.        NO   ONE   particular   minister  or   "fancy-dancy"   preacher   with   a    microphone   &    flashy   suit   will   have    any   part   whatsoever   in  prompting   it,    nor   decorating   it.   

What   is   soon   coming   will   be   a   DIVINE,  GLOBAL  MOVE  OF  GOD.     And   He  will   NOT   need   any   "superstar"    preacher   or   recent  graduate  from  any   so-called  "School of  the Prophets"    in  order   to   help   exalt   Him .       But,   God   is   about   to  do   all   of    His   own    promoting   &   exalting   of   Himself ....  ALL   BY   HIMSELF !   

End  Time   scriptures  tell   us   exactly   what  God  has   already  said   about  His  final   End  Time    "move",      which    we  are   soon  to  witness     in    this   generation.  

He  said :
"And   I  shall  magnify  Myself,   &   sanctify  Myself,    &   make  Myself  known   in  the   sight  of   many   nations !    &   they   shall   know   that    I   am   the   Lord !"   [Ezek.38:23].

That's  Right.     God  Himself   will   be   the   sole  initiator   and   His  own  greatest   promoter    of   His   FINAL  global  move

"How"   is  God  going  to  exalt  Himself ?

Just  ahead  prophetically,   God  will   exalt   Himself    by  exalting  His  Written  Word   in   this   earth .        When   God's   Word   is   exalted,     then   God   Himself    also   is  exalted .      But   how?       How   will   His   written  Word   be   exalted  in   this  earth?   
In  the  days  &   months  ahead,     TOP  NEWS  HEADLINES    will   begin  focusing   on  the    Papacy  of   Rome  as    it   becomes  the   world's   TOP  candidate   as   mediator  of   the   Mideast  Peace   problem.       At   the  same  time,   God's   written  Word    &    its  piercing   End  Time   insights   will   go   forth   from  God's   people   &  spotlight   the  the    prophetical    significance   of    the    Papacy   &   the   Mideast  Peace    process.   [Dan.11:33].        Then  as  a   result,   a   dominating   global   awareness  &    even   contro- versy    will   erupt   as   to   the   validity   of   today's   world   events   [including  the  role  of   the  Papacy  as   the   "false prophet"]    &   their   obvious  mirroring   of    the   Bible's   predictions   for   the   End  Times.   

The   written Word  of  God    will   soon   become  exalted   &   recognized  worldwide   as   the   ultimate   perfect   predictor   of   today's  events.        Even   atheists   &   staunch  rejectors   of    the    Bible's   divine   inspiration   will    still   recognize   the    parallels   of   today's   events   with   God's  Word.      Also   obvious  to   all   people   (believers  or not)  will   be   that   God's written Word    has   become   the   ultimate   root  source   of   this   massive   global   stirring,   which  is  coming.     God's  written  word    will  truly   be   the   very   "last  word"    in    this   earth  in    these   End  Times   as   event-after-event    will  be   shockingly    pinpointed   by   God's  Word   for   all  to  see.     Then,  a   powerful   &   divine   move   of   His  Spirit   [as  talked  about later in this chapter]    will   follow  &  con-  confirm   His  Word   with   an   awesome   &   worldwide   outpouring.

God's  Word  will  also  be  exalted  in  the  days  ahead  in  the  preaching  of  the  Gospel  to   all   the  nations  on  earth.   [Math.24:14].       The  Name  of   "Jesus"   will  become  so dominant   in    people's   minds   worldwide   that   this   End  Time   generation   will    be- come   overwhelmed   with   the   ultimate  decision   to   either   accept   the   Lord  Jesus  Christ,    or   accept   the  world  &   the   "antichrist".         This  is   exactly   the  ultimate  spiritual   place   where   this   world   is   speedily   headed   right   now.      All   of   these  things   will   take   place   because  of  the   exalting  of  God's  written  Word   &   the  Name  of  Jesus   in   this  earth  in  the  days   ahead. 

Unprecedented  Global  awareness   of  God,   His  End Time Word ,   &  the  imminent  return of  the  Lord Jesus....

Prophetically,   the  coming   worldwide  mindfulness  of   God  &  His  Written Word   will be   unprecedented   in   world   history.     The   only  other   time  comparable   to   what's  coming   was  in   the  days  of   Noah,    in   the  1st   judgement  upon  the  earth.      But,  in   the  prophetical  days  ahead,    End  Time  topics   will  so   consume  the   minds  of  this  generation  that   God's Word   will   fill   the  mouths   of   all   people   [even mockers &  unbelievers!]    worldwide.      "Those  who  have  insight",   Daniel  said,   will  be  the  ones   "providing   understanding   to   the  many"    concerning   today's   events  &    their   fulfillment   of    Bible   prophecy.  

Daily:   from   households   to    coffee  shops,    at  the  workplace,   on  radio  &  TV   talk   programs   &   covered   by   the   daily   Headline   News   networks....   the   hot  topic  of   amazement    globally    will    be    the   world   events   taking   place   &    their    obvious   identical     "match"     to   events   foretold   in    the   written  Word.      This    is   what's  coming  as   this  generation  gets  closer  to  the   "signing"   of   the   7  year  Mideast  Agreement.     Namely,  an   unprecedented  global  awareness   of   the  imminent  End Time  events  &  the  return  of  Christ.

Then,   as   the  world   witnesses   the   actual   Mideast   "signing"   itself,    the  world's  people   will   be   stirred   to   the   core  with  the   realization   that   God,   by  His  Word,  has   just   divinely  &   tangibly  started   the   world's   time-clock  for  the   final   7  years  in   history  as   man   knows   it.        Many  will   be  saved   in   their   surrender   to   the   Lord  Jesus.         Even   haters  of   God   &    the   spiritually   blind   will   recognize   the   unmistakable   parallel  of    the    Mideast    "signing"     with    what   Daniel   &   John  the  Revelator    foretold.           [Dan.9:27; Rev.6:2].

Then,   soon  into  the  Tribulation  period,    the  book  of  Revelation  shows    [in Rev.6:12-14]  that    the   entire   planet   earth   will   shake   &    tremble   on   its    axis   in   the   most  frightening   &  one-of-a-kind   earthquake  in   world  history.     Literally,  the  whole  planet  will   shake.        "Every    island    &   mountain   will   be   moved   out   of   their   places."  [Rev.6:14].        This  coming   earthquake  will   be   yet   another   End  Time   event     [like  the    "signing"    of   the  Mideast  Agreement]     which   will   be   easily   pinpointed   by  ALL  PEOPLE   WORLDWIDE    as   exactly   matching   God's   written   Word.      God's  mercies   are   demonstrated   by   this   coming   earthquake   as   He   will   divinely   land- mark  another   tangible   moment  of   His   intervention   into   the   final   days  of   history.  His   divine  purpose   at    that   time  will   still   be   to   mercifully   reach   out   to   more   lost   souls   before   the   end,    which  is   the   Great  Tribulation  &   the  wrath  of   God.

This   coming   global  awareness   which   will   lead   up   to   the   7   year   Tribulation  &   then   explode    at    its     "signing",     will    be   topped   by   the   predicted    planetary earthquake   which    will    follow.     [Rev.6:14].          Then,   from   that   point  on    [in  the  beginning  stages of  the  7  year  period],    every  person    on   the   face  of   the   earth,  from   poorest    to    the   wealthiest    to   military  commanders   &    to   World   Leaders,  will  know    that  God   is   on   His   throne,    His  judgements  are   imminent   &  Jesus  is,   in   fact,   the   "Lamb  of  God".       At  that  time,  even   those  who   remain  against   God    will    still    acknowledge   that     "the  great  day  of   their  wrath   has   come"   although  still  refusing  to  embrace  Christ.          The  book  of   Revelation  confirms   this:

"And  the   kings  of   the  earth  &   the   great  men  &   the   commanders  &   the  rich  &  the   strong   &    every  slave   &   every   free   man,    hid   themselves   in   the   caves  &  among   the  rocks   of   the   mountains;    And   they  said   to  the  mountains  &   to  the  rocks,   "Fall  on  us  &   hide  us  from  the  presence  of   Him   who  sits  on   the  throne,  &  from  wrath  of  the  Lamb;   for   the  great  day  of   their  wrath  has  come;   &  who  is  able   to  stand?"           [Rev. 6:15-17].   

God's  Last  Divine  Outpouring...       

In   the   days  ahead    "those  who  have  insight"    &   are   filled   with  God's  Spirit   will   walk   powerfully  in   the   Spirit   &   in   the   obvious  divine   favor  of   God.      Incredible   demonstrations  of   God's   power  &  miracles   will   accompany   His   bond-servants   in   the   unparalleled  days  ahead.    [Dan.11:32,33].      Of   God's   people   in   the  End  Times  Daniel   stated,     "And  those  who  have  insight  will  shine  brightly   like  the  brightness  of    the   expanse  of   heaven,   &   those   who   lead   the  many  to  righteousness,   will  shine  like  the  stars   forever   &   ever."        [Dan.12:3].

Ultimately,    in  the   FINAL  global  move  of  God  which  is  coming,     He   will  not  only  EXALT  &  MAGNIFY  HIMSELF..... [Ezek.38:23]     but   He   also   will   mercifully   provide  His   very  own  global  outreach    for  people  to   recognize   His  Divine  visitation   upon   this   earth. 

God's  purpose    in    His   final   global   move    will   be   to   draw   as   many   souls   to  His  beloved   Son,   Jesus,   as  possible  in  His  last   Divine  sweep.     Once  He  knows  that   the  very   last  soul  to  accept  Christ  has  done  so,    then   He  will  supernaturally  "take"    all   of   His   people   from   the   earth,     in    the   twinkle  of   an   eye   as   He has  promised.    [I  Cor. 15:52;   1  Thess.4:16].        The  prophetical  words  of   the  Lord Jesus will   bring  great  strength   to   His   true   followers  in   the   perilous   days  ahead.     He  said,    "But   when  these  things  begin  to  take  place,    straighten  up   &   lift  up  your   heads,    because  your  redemption  is   drawing   near."       [Luke 21:28].          

The Final Move of God

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