[ and Chapter Summaries ]

Chapter 1    The  Coming  Global  Spiritual  Awakening
[Shines a sobering spotlight on how the spiritual state of today's world is exactly in line with End Time prophecies.  Also detailed is the magnitude of where today's spirituality is speedily headed & its  near-future  culmination in  an  unprecedented spiritual awakening experienced commonly by every person on the face of the earth.]

Chapter 2    End  Time  Believers:     Those  who  have  Insight
[God's people have been foreordained to be the  first ones  to receive key insights & understanding depicted in scriptures to be vital  in the  perilous  End Times ahead.   Also clarified  is how God's End Time  plan will be fulfilled in those bond-servants who carry out these insights in the coming days & in the face of the fast-approaching  'start'  of the  Final 7 Year Tribulation period.]

Chapter 3    Discerning Today's Christian Leaders & TV Ministers
[Eye-opening  pinpoint discernment  &  profiling of  today's  Christian Leaders & popular TV Ministers unmasks unqualified church Leaders & actual false prophets & prophetesses seen within the body of Christ.  This insight is made so clear that  most anyone can begin  recognizing  'who's who'  amongst today's  so-called  Christian  ministers  in  America  so  as  not  to  be  misled.]

Chapter 4    Biblical  Leadership  Requirements
[The  black & white Biblical criteria regarding Leadership Requirements are presented & provide a piercingly  clear picture of  the  'bullseye profile'  of  what  a   true Christian Leader must match.  In contrast,  the detailed contradictions of  many of  today's ministers reveal the stunning reality of what Americans are really observing in the forefront of today's churches & TV pulpit ministers.]

Chapter 5    America's  Future
[Identifies  America's  exact  current  spiritual  status before  God  &  specifically states  God's ultimate prophetical call & requirement to America today. Numerous historic efforts by God to warn our country are also cited confirming His clear intentions for the USA in these End Times.]

Chapter 6    Evil  in  God's  House
[Details the religious evil that pervades globally today & its origins.  Frames   'how & why'   evil  has so successfully  infiltrated  today's  Christian churches &  will  increasingly  do so in the  prophetical days ahead worldwide.  Also profiled is the  devil's  final religious deception to this world  which has already unfolded  on  the  world's  unsuspecting  stage  today  exactly  as  scriptures  foretell.]

Chapter 7    The  Final  Move  of  God
[A powerful prophetic picture detailing the next things to occur globally,  the specific End Time purpose for  God's  people  and  the  imminent  &  final  move  of  God  on  this  earth.]

*About the book:

Non-Fiction/Prophecy:    Critical End Time topics essential to grasp in the unparalleled foretold times ahead are framed clearly for both believers & unbelievers.  A  sobering & illuminated understanding of the nearness & magnitude of forthcoming events is quickened to the reader. 

Vital Biblical prophecies which most authors & ministers today either shy away from,  have  mishandled and/or   are  still  pondering  are  crystallized  in   this  book  with  riveting  &  pinpoint  clarity  including: the  nearness  of  the   'start'   of  the  7  Year Tribulation,    the  coming  judgements  &  wrath of  God, the  timing   [not the day or hour]   of   the  rapture,     the  perilous  times  coming  for  believers,    the profiling &  unmasking  of  today's  unqualified  Leaders  &  false  ministers in  the  forefront of  today's churches  &  TV   ministries,     the  final  world  deception  of   the  devil  which  is  already  present  in today's  unsuspecting  generation,    America's  future  &   the   exact  prophetical  word  to   the   USA today   vs.   the  false  prophecies  spreading  through  the  body  of  Christ,   God's  specific  purpose &  plan  for   His  children  now  &   in  the  coming  days    and    the  final  &   divine  move  of  God  in this   earth.

Over  26 years of  diligence in  Bible  prophecy by  the  author   [former Pastor & Prison minister]   fuel the  sharp  prophetical  truths  &  discernments  made  in   this  eye-opening  book  &  are  backed  by scriptural  references  packed  in  each  chapter.

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