Since   the  early  1980's,   God  has  been   war-ning   His   beloved  United   States  of   our   sins  &  our   wicked   ways   that   oppose   God.     In  1980, God    gave    Americans     His     bond-servant    &  Christian  President   Ronald  Reagan  who   repeat- edly   warned  Americans  by   reading   from  God's Word    his    "favorite  passage",      2   Chronicles 7:14.    

For   8   years,   God   spoke   over    &   over   to  Americans    through     Ronald   Reagan,     His  servant:

"And   IF......My    people   who  are  called   by    My name   humble   themselves   &  pray,   &   seek   My face   &   turn    from   their   wicked   ways,    then    I will  hear  from  heaven,   I  will   forgive  their  sin,   & will  heal  their  land."              (2Chronicles 7:13,14).

Amazingly,  America's  blind   5-Fold  Ministers,  TV Preachers   and   so-called   'prophets'   only  recog- nized,  at  best,   that   "Wow,  isn't  this  wonderful ! Our President quotes the Bible !". However, as I  have emphasized, Reagan's words were far  greater  than just 'quoting Bible scriptures'. In fact, President Reagan was literally prophesying  the heart of  God  to this  country.   Sadly, his  words   fell  on  deaf  ears  in  America.
But,   since  the  80's, the  United States  HAS NOT    "humbled  ourselves"  &  we   HAVE  NOT   "turned  from  our  wicked  ways".  The  USA  still  murders  over  1  million  unborn  babies  yearly  on  top of  the  over  40   million  babies  already  killed  since   Roe  vs.  Wade  became  law.     "God"   has  become  an illegal   topic  in  our  nation's  schools,   homosex- uality    is    widely   accepted   &   rampant,   etc.
"But   if   you   turn   away  &  forsake   My  statutes  & My  commandments  which   I   have  set  before  you  &  shall   go  &  serve   other  gods  &  worship   them, then    I   will   uproot  you   from   My   land    which    I  have  given  you,  &  this  house  which   I   have   con- secrated   for    My   name  I   will   cast  out  of   My sight,  &   I   will   make   it   a   proverb  &  a   byword  among  all   peoples.               (2 Chronicles 7:19-22).
Therefore,   to  an  unrepentant  country,  God   says:
So   far  today,   God   has   not  yet    "uprooted"   or "cast out of His sight"    the   USA,    but   His   war- ings   upon  the   USA   have  clearly  begun.   God  is always   slow   to   judge  &  to  anger,    but   the USA    is  running  out  of   time  to  repent.    Katrina  &   Rita are    2    more    loud    wake-up   calls  to    the  USA   to  repent   of  the   killing  of  unborn  babies,  blatant immoralitites  like  homosexuality  &  pornography,  &     of    the   outright    forsaking   of   God   &   prayer   in Supreme  Court   decisions. 
God bless the USA
President  Ronald  Reagan
God's Christian Servant
[at White House /
October 1984]
100% PROOF of Christ's Nearness
[ In Jesus' own words /
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