Antichrist   today:    "Here is Wisdom."    [book/2006];    NO  OTHER  BOOK  exists  like "Here is Wisdom",    a    major   prophecy-book   which   identifies  antichrist   based  in western  Europe   &    on   the  world's  stage   today   as   scriptures   predict    for   the End Times.      Bible   scriptures   that   profile   him    coupled   with   over   100   pages of   current  News  headlines/articles  confirm,   with  jolting  clarity,   this   jaw-dropping reality    to    the    body   of   Christ.     Piercing  &   fresh   insight    from   Daniel   &    the book    of    Revelation   ignite    a    startling    realization    that     this   very    generation is    face-to-face   with   the   awesome,   climactic   prophecies  of   the   Bible.    "HiW" is    NOT    like    hundreds    of     other    End   Time    books    already    written    which ramble  &   ponder   about    "where,  when  &  who"    the   antichrist   might    be.    Nor  is    it     a      fun-reading    novel     like     the      "Left  Behind"     series.        This   book    will    open    the    eyes   of    believers    to     "see"      that    the   predictions   of    John   the   Revelator   &    the    prophet    Daniel,     are   right   in    front   of   us,    right   now.
Here is Wisdom, the book / Copyright 1984, 2006 / Library of Congress / All rights reserved.
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Hundreds of  years  ago some of the  greatest   Christian  leaders, who  are  still  highly  esteemed today,  ALL  accurately  profiled the  End Time  antichrist. 

Today"Here is Wisdom" is a   one-of-a- kind   virtual-reality book   which  spotlights  him  on the   world's  stage  now  exactly as   these  leaders  predicted  in their  eras   for   the  End Times. Headline News  articles  confirm.
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Sir Isaac Newton  [1643-1727]
John  Wesley   [1703-1791] John  Calvin   [1509-1564] 
Wm.  Tyndale   [1494-1536]
John  Wycliffe   [1324-1384]
John  Knox  [1505-1572]
Charles  Finney   [1792-1875]
Roger  Williams  [1603-1683]
George  Fox  [1624-1691]
Charles Spurgeon [1834-1892]
J.A.  Wylie   [1808-1890]
DL  Moody   [1837-1899]

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