<---------------      7 Year Tribulation      --------------->
Return of Christ         Battle of Armaggedon
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
1000  year  Millennium Reign of Christ on earth
Mid-7 years
Russia's  military will descend upon the mountains of Israel        ;   
Iran   [Persia] Ethiopia ,   Libya  [Put] ,  Turkey 
[Beth-togar-mah] , Poland  and   East Germany   [Gomer]   will  join  with Russia  resulting in  ALL of  their  military's destruction by   Israel's  defensive and  miraculously decisive  victory
in  one  day.  
[  Ezek.  38:1-23  ]
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Damascus, Syria will  be  leveled.  
[  Isaiah 17:1  ]
This  could  occur by   guided   mis- siles  from  Israel or  even  USA;   or could   also  result  from  Syria's  own
internal  Arab  uprising   by   city   bombings  before
the  'start'  of  the
Tribulation period.

Conceivably,  this event  could  take  place  with
Ezekiel  38   & 39  or   just  months  before  or  after : 
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China  will send  their  military  west  towards  the  Valley  of Megiddo  to converge upon Israel. This  will occur  towards  the  FINAL  DAY of  the  7  Year Tribulation period.    Likely Japan,   Korea, the   European Union   and United  Nations will  combine in the  FINAL BATTLE  OF ARMAGGEDON.
[ Rev 16:12-16 ]
*Closer Look at China's  Role  w/Headline News/photos >>

These  coming,  near-future   FINAL  MILITARY  OFFENSIVES  are  set   to   be  fulfilled  as  foretold   in   Biblical   End   Time  prophecies:
Israeli   soldiers
on  24  hr  guard atop  the  Temple Mount  in Jerusalem.
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Today  > >
Rev.6:2 / Dan.9:27
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Israel's  coming 
Miraculous  VICTORY 
over  all   her  enemies
38, 39
Bible  Proof  1.5  BIL  Muslims  to  die
FINAL Prophecies  &  MIDEAST
WAR  Ready  ----  [ will start
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