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In  Jesus'   prophecies  for  the   last  gener-    ation   He   said:   "for   then   there   will   be   a   great  tribulation   such  as   has   not  oc-curred  since   the   beginning  of  the   world   until   now,   nor   ever   shall.      And   unless   those  days   had   been   cut   short,  no   life   would    have    been   saved;    but   for    the   sake   of   the   elect   those  days   shall   be   cut   short."       (Math.24: 21). 

This is  the  final  3  1/2  years  in human    history  as   man  knows   it.    It   is   also    the  2nd  half  of  the  7 year  tribulation.  
It  will  be  the  most  terrifying  time  since    world  history  began   6000  years   ago.   The  great  tribulation is also  called  the    "wrath  of  God"   in  Revelation  16: 1.

Jesus  identified   the  "start"  of  the  great   tribulation    to   be    "when   you   see   the   abomination    of    desolation    which    was spoken   of    through   Daniel   the    prophet,  standing   in  the  holy   place".  (Math.24:15). Jesus    knew     that    Daniel   9:27    clearly pinpointed    the     "abomination   of    deso- lation"    to  occur  exactly  in  the   middle    of   the   7   year   tribulation   period.      

The   "abominable"   aspect  of    the   Mid-7  year    point    is    that    Antichrist    becomes   satanically   empowered  &   then   takes  his   seat    inside    the    temple   in    Jerusalem.   He     then     "opposes    &   exalts    himself   above  every   so-called   god   or  object  of   worship...&   displays    himself    as    being   God."          (2 Thess.2: 4).    

He  also  imposes   the   mark  of   the  beast  (Rev.13:16, 17)   at   this   time   so   that   no  one    can    buy   or   sell    without    his    im- posed    marking    on    the   right   hand    or   the   forehead.     This   all   takes   place    at  the   Mid-7  year   point   which   triggers   the last     3  1/2     year   great   tribulation    per- iod    under   the   destroying   power  of    the  Antichrist   &   his   ruling   western  european  authorities.    

                 [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
return of  Christ
(Rev. 19:11)
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth   (Rev.20:6) >>
Mid-7  year  point Abomination of  deso- lation  /  Mark  of  the Beast  / antichrist  in Jerusalem   (Dan. 9: 27)
3  1/2  years
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Rev.13:1  -  20:3
Bible prophecy,  rapidly approaching in this generation...
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"For then there will great tribulation such as has not occurred since the  beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall."        [ Math.24:21 / the Lord Jesus Christ ]
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