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Today's   EU   (European  Union)    in    wes- tern   Europe    is   literally   Bible   prophecy being   fulfilled  right   in   front   of  our   own eyes.    Soon,  10  nations  of  the   EU   will   combine  together  to  fulfill  its  foretold  role  as  the   horrific  Euro-kingdom  from  which  Antichrist   is  now   emerging   from   within.

Scriptures  show   today's   rapidly-approach- ing   10-nation   Euro-kingdom    will    form  the  world's   nightmarish   FINAL  1  WORLD GOVERNMENT.    This   will   occur   at    the mid-point    of    the   7   Year   Tribulation which  is   right   now   spring-loaded  to  be fulfilled   in   this  generation

Geographically, the  European Union  today rests    upon    the     same     terrain   where   the   old    Roman   Empire     was    located  2000   years   ago   as    the   Bible  predicts  for    this   final    world   kingdom.  
Bible prophecy on the verge of fulfillment

[ Revelation 17:8,9,10 / Dan.9:26 / Daniel  7:24, 11:21, 23 ]
HOW ?     the   old  Roman  Empire    evolved   into   today's  European  Union
2)   BBC News"EU leaders sign new constitution"             a  lavish  ceremony in Rome.  / Oct. 29,  2004
coming End Time Headquarters      of   today's  Revived  old   Roman  Empire
[ Rev.17:9,10 ]
Today's End Times
EU's 50th Anniversary
End Time NEWS:   Rise of the old Roman Empire
March 25, 1957 in Rome, Italy Signing of the Treaty of Rome  [ which established the final Euro-kingdom as scriptures  foretell;     Soon,  the  EU  will  have 10  nations arise   together  to  fulfill  the   FINAL  End  Time   kingdom shown  in   Daniel 7:24  &   Rev.13:1-10  &   Rev.17:9,10  ]
NEWS:   March  2007
"EU  Treaty  of  Rome  50th  Anniversary"
[  established  in  March 25, 1957  ]>>>
Treaty of Rome    /    March 25, 1957

Rev. 13:3
"And the whole earth was amazed & followed after the beast...... "

[   the 1st beast of Revelation 13:1-10;  the  final Euro-kingdom,  a revived  old  Roman Empire  of  the  End Times;    the  "6th head"   (old  Roman Empire of 2000 years ago)   "whose fatal wound was healed....."    &  became a  "healed"  7th  head  of  the  End Times:   TODAY'S  EU.      Rev. 13:1-3;  Rev. 17:8-10  ]
FOX  NEWS    /     October  18,  2007

EU  Leaders  Endorse  Reform  Treaty  to  Replace  Failed  European Constitution

"....EU  has  emerged take its role in the world...."

New Signed Treaty    ".....promises to accellerate decision making so EU members can act more swiftly on global issues......" 
The 1st BEAST  of  Revelation  13________
World  History's    FINAL  EURO- KINGDOM    IN  PLAIN  VIEW  TODAY .........
EU  OBSERVER    /     January  21,  2008

EU  Officials  to  begin  Work  on  Treaty
[ readying  it  for   January  1,  2009   as  planned ]
MARCH  2007
ROME,   Italy:           Revelation's 1st  BEAST  with  7  Heads and 10  Horns   -----  Now  Rising  in power    within   W.   Europe  as  foretold   [  *View what's ahead ^ ]
'And the woman whom you saw   (the Great Harlot who rides the 1st Beast)   IS 
the  great  city.'    (ROME)     [Rev 17:18]
Old Roman Empire / 1st Century
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     Treaty  of  Rome  1957

1)   Treaty  Establishing  the  European  Union                     Rome,   March 25,  1957
Telegraph  -  UK  NEWS   /    Oct   7,   2009

EU   Draws   up   Plans  to  Establish  itself
as    'WORLD  POWER'
Economically,    the    EU   stands   alone   as the    world's    most    powerful    &     influen- cing     trading    block.      Also,   for   52  yrs  (since   the   EU   was   established   by    the Treaty of  Rome  in   1957)    the   presidency of   the   entire   EU   HAS   BEEN  HELD    by  each    'country'   alphabetically   and  on   a  6   month   rotating   basis.   

Incredibly,  and   right  on   time   in   Today's  End  Times,   the   Lisbon Treaty   has   sud- denly    enhanced     this    52    year    policy  and   upgraded   it   [Nov '09]   with   a    new  EU   policy    of    having    'Only  1   person'  as  the    'President'   over  the   entire    EU. This   NOW   swings   the   door   wide   open  for   Antichrist   to   take  the  EU   helm   as  foretold   in   Bible   prophecy.      [Dan 7:24]
ROME   will  be  its  HEADQUARTERS
> >
Express - UK  NEWS   /   August   15,   2011

EU     "On  Course  to  Become  1  Country"
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"TODAY,   the whole world   [including  the  USA]   is  NOW  in  a final   IRREVERSIBLE   mode  of  submitting   to  the   European Union ....."          [ Oct 26, 2008 / prophetic word coming to pass ]
ITALY  Taking  Over  Entire  European Union  on  July 1, 2014 ::  Jolts  POPE into  End Time Position     /      6/26/14