About the time of the end,  a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies,   &  insist on their  literal interpretation,   in  the midst of much clamor  & opposition."          Sir Isaac Newton   /   Christian & Father of modern science    
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Daniel's    "LITTLE  HORN"         [  Antichrist  /   Papacy of Rome  ]
The   EU's  establishing   in  1957's  Treaty of Rome   brought   its 10th  core  nation   [Greece]   into  the  massive   block  in  1981 &   has  now   grown  to   27   nations  with  a   population  of  about 500 million  people.     This  is  a  major  Bible  prophecy  right  in front  of  our  eyes.     Daniel  &  Revelation  foresaw   these  10 EU  nations   as    '10 kings'   &    '10 horns'    in  the  End Times.

But,  another aspect  of  this  'beastly'  final  10-horned   Euro- kingdom  is  in  place  today  also.    Namely,  the  other  'little horn'   [Antichrist]   which  Daniel  saw   coming   up   from  within this  final   10  horn  kingdom.     He   saw   the    'little horn'   as 'having  eyes,  uttering  great  boasts  &  larger  in  appear- ance'   than  even  the  first  10  horns  which  make  up  the  final  massive   Euro-kingdom   itself.        [Dan 7:20/7:24]

Without  question,  this  is  also  NOW  fulfilled in  the Papacy of Rome's   rise   from within   today's   End  Time  Euro-kingdom. Namely,   the   Pope   being  1  single  man   ['having eyes']   who 'utters great  boasts'    [ie.  the  exclusive,  but  blasphemous  & outrageous  self-claims  of  the  Pope]    and  whose  explosion  of popularity   over  the   last  10 - 20  years  has  grown   enormously 'larger in appearance than his associates'    having  an  un- precedented   over 1.2 billion   followers   [devout  Catholics] worldwide  today.  

Plus,  the  rest  of  the  world's  billons  of   people  and   world leaders  who  show  great  favor  &  respect   for  the   Pope  make the   'little horn'   even  more  monstrous  &  primed   for   its   End Time   evil   role   as   foretold.      All  IN PLAIN VIEW TODAY.

The EU's NEXT MAJOR END TIME EVENT TO OCCUR  will be by  its  collective  10  core  nations   exalting  the  PAPACY into  its  spotlight.   Scriptures  show   this  occurring   right  after the   'start'   of   the  Tribulation   &   is  ready  to  occur  now.

This  results  from  the   Papacy's   unmatched   feat   of  mediating &   'signing'   a   7   Year   Agreement   with  the  Jews   of   Israel which   'starts'   the  Tribulation.     Then,   immediately  afterward being  also   looked  to   as   the  world's  greatest   humanitarian  & 'moral voice'   to  address  the   colossal   hunger/starvation  & economic  problems of  the  world.    Revelation  shows  the Papacy being  'given a crown'    [by  the 10 nation  Euro-kingdom]    right  after   the   7  Year  Tribulation's  'start'.     [Rev 6:2]

Again,   this   precise scenario  is  ready  now   with  the   Lisbon Treaty's  newly  created   'High Representative'   seat  in  2009 allowing  any  1  individual   to   be  quickly   elected  as   the  EU's SOLE,   top   decision-making   minister.     

On  the  larger  scope,   the  Papacy   ['larger in appearance than its associates' / Dan 7:20]    already  now  has   the   EU's    [&  the United Nations']   full   attention  regarding   the   Pope's   repeated world  solution  of   'Reforming  the  Global  Economy  to  Re-Distribute  the  world's  wealth  so  no  one  goes  hungry'.   >

Again,  this  concept  is  spring-loaded   RIGHT  NOW   to   exalt  the  Papacy   into   the EU's    [&  world's]   spotlight   in  the  days ahead   as   the   world's   ultimate   humanitarian   &   'moral'   icon.

All  of   this  confirms  the   nearness  of   the  'start'   of   the   7 Year  Tribulation   to  this  generation.      After  it  starts,   the Papacy's   original  wonderful  sounding   Economic  solutions  will eventually   become  the   foretold  1-World  Economic  'mark of the beast'   at   the   Mid-point   of  the  7  years.

At  that  point,   the False Prophet   [Antichrist/Papacy of Rome] will   have  ascended   to   1-World  dictator   status  &   will   ALSO 'excercise all the authority'  of the monstrous 1-World Euro GOVT   itself.     [Rev 13:12]

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