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"..their success provides new evidence that interest in the End Times is no fringe phenomena."     /    Time
" of the most popular ongoing novel series of all
time....."     /     Boston Globe
"The Left Behind series has sold more than 40 million copies..."     /  
"The  Da Vinci Code  won  best  book  at  this  year's British Book Awards  &  more  than 30 million copies have been  sold  in  about  40 languages."     /  BBC News  2/28/6 
[ *The  same audiences  (religious,  End Time  &  pro- phecy oriented)  for  the above novels  are  the  same as  for    "Here is  Wisdom",   although   "HiW"  is  also  attracting  the general  secular  audience  because of  the   magnitude  of   its    non-fiction  global   implica- tions.]
"Here is Wisdom."    target  audience:
Island  "Isle"  of  Patmos ,   Greece
[ 10 miles long, 6 miles wide, 14 sq.miles,  population: 2800 ]
Patmos   is  one  of  the  premier  resorts  for  tourists &  the  wealthy
Patmos'   shape  is  a  "C"  with  its  open-end  facing  east
St. John's Monastery (at very top);  is  #1 sacred site on Patmos;   in 1995  Patmos  celebrated  its  1900   year
anniversary of  the  Apostle John's  writing of  the  book
of  Revelation in  95 AD.;  John  was  exiled  to  Patmos  for  18  months  where  he   received  the  vision  of  the  Revelation  of  Jesus,   &   then  wrote  it.
Saint John's Monastery, Patmos Isle
F Y I   corner :
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"And  those who have  insight  among the people will provide  understanding to the many.... &  those who  have  insight  will shine  brightly  like  the brightness of   the  expanse  of  heaven,  &  those  who  lead   the  many  to  righteousness, like  the stars  forever  &  ever."     [Dan.11:33, 12:3].  
[ Patmos Ministries:  founding ministry of ]
W   O   R   L   D   W   I   D   E
Patmos  Ministries
"I ,  John,  your  brother  &  fellow  partaker in  the tribulation &  kingdom & perseverance  which  are in  Jesus,   was  on  the  Island  called  Patmos, because  of  the  word  of  God  &  the  testimony of  Jesus.    I   was  in  the  Spirit  on  the   Lord's day,  &   I   heard  behind  me  a  loud  voice  like the  sound  of   a   trumpet......

And    I   turned   to   see   the   voice   that   was speaking  with  me.   And  having  turned   I   saw 7  golden  lampstands;  &   in  the  middle  of  the lampstands   was   one   like   a    son   of   man, clothed   in   a   robe   reaching   to   the   feet,  &
girded  across  His  breast  with  a  golden  girdle,
And   His   head  &  hair   were   white  like  wool, like  snow;   &  His  eyes  were  like   a  flame  of fire....&  when   I  saw  Him,    I   fell   at His   feet as   a   dead   man......"        [ Revelation 1: 9-17 ]
the Greek Dodecanese Islands

The Mediterranean Sea
Black Sea
Isle of Patmos   (P)
Patmos Island    (& various cities on the Island)
city of Chora,
<<<<  (P)   Patmos IslandGreece
Island of
Island of
Isle of Patmos:  birthplace of the book of  Revelation in 95AD
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