The End Times & China...
China  is  identified  in  the  book of  Revelation as  "the kings from the east"   [Rev.16:12],    being  east  of  the  Holy  Land,  Israel.

Although  China  is  the   prime  military  force  "from the east" in   the  End Times,   Korea  &  Japan  conceivably  could   be  included  as  a  part  of  these  "kings".

Scriptures  predict   that   after  the   7 year  Tribulation  period  has already  begun  &  has  progressed  into  the  Great Tribu- lation   (the  last  3 1/2 years)  then  the   "kings from the east" will   begin   their   trek  (militarily)   towards   the  Holy  Land,  Israel.
The  "Kings  from  the  east" :     China
China  &  the  world's  armies....gathered in the Valley of Megiddo  in  the  Mideast        [Rev.16:14,16]
As the  Great Tribulation  period  heads  towards  the  end of  its  3  1/2  year  nightmare at  the  hands of   "antichrist",  then  "the  kings  of  the  whole  world"  &   their  armies  (Rev.16:14)  [including China]   will have gathered  together in  Armageddon  (Rev.16:16)   in  the  Mideast.        [ see graph below ].

The  world's  armies'   (Rev.19:19)  ultimate  purpose  in  their  uniting  together in  the Mideast  will  be  "to  make war against  Him  (Jesus)   who  sat  upon  the horse,   & against   His   army". (Rev.19:19).     This  final   "war"  (Rev.16:14,16)  of  Armaged- don   literally  takes  place  on  the   final  day   of  the   7  year Tribulation  period  as  Christ  Himself  returns.  (Rev.19:11,19).  
China  &   the   "beast"   (Euro-kingdom of antichrist)  &   "the kings of  the  earth  &  their  armies"  (Rev.19:19)   will  be com- pletely destroyed  in  a  moment's  time  by  the  overwhelming  &  divine  appearance  of  the  Lord  Jesus Christ.    (Rev.19:19- Rev.20:3).        
Right now,  China  is  in  its place  prophetically.   The book of Revelation  clearly stipulates that  in order  for China  to  make  its  way  towards  the   "place of  Armaggedon"  (Rev.16:16)  in the  End Times,   then  the  "great  river,  the  Euphrates &  its water  must  be  dried  up".    (Rev.16:12).  

This  awesome  soon-coming  event   will  occur  so   "that   the  way   might  be   prepared   for  the  kings  of   the  east"  (China)   to  move  their  military personnel  westward  through  the  Mid- east   terrain  &  into  the  Holy  Land.   (Rev.16:12).

Incredibly  today,   the   Euphrates River  is   literally  now  able  to   be  completely  "dried  up"   as  predicted   for   the   End Times.    This  is  because  of  the  $32  billion  Anatolia Dam  Project   in  southeastern  Turkey   which  began  in   the  late 1980's  &  is  projected  to  be completed by  2010.  [see below]  

Any   1    of   the   22   dams   already   being   built  have   the  capability  of   literally   "drying up"    the  Euphrates  River  & allowing  China   to  cross  into  "Armaggedon",  as  the  Bible predicts  for  the  End  Times.  
The  End Time  stage  is  set  TODAY...
Map  / Euphrates River  &  the water flow through the Mideast /
Southeastern Anatolia Project
The Anatolia Project
News / Dec. 2000
[International Conflict  & the potential  "water-war" in the Mideast]
The History & Disputes of  the Anatolia  22-Dam Project
Great Tribulation
3  1/2 years
3  1/2 years
Euphrates River dries up
[ Rev.16:12 ]
Today  > >
Return of Christ  / War of Armageddon
[Rev.19:11, 19]

Final Day of
China's military  gathers for Armaggedon,  in  Israel. [ Rev.16:14,16 ]
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China's  military  will  trek  west  through  the dried up  Euphrates River,   to the Valley of Megiddo ( o )  in the  Mideast.
Prophecy in the News,
ready for fulfillment
July 14, 2009  /  Bloomberg News

Iraq's  Euphrates  River Dries  Up ----
[ "....because of upstream Dams in Syria and Turkey." ]

July 13, 2009   /   New York Times

Iraq  Suffers  as Euphrates  River Dwindles
[ "......the Book of Revelation prophesies  its drying up  as
a  Sign of the End Times...." ]

July 13, 2009 / News >>

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April 11, 2013  /  Fox News
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