About the time of the end,   a  body of men  will  be  raised  up  who will  turn their  attention  to  the  Prophecies,  and  insist  on their literal interpretation,  
in the midst of much clamor & opposition."     

Sir Isaac Newton    /    Christian & Father of modern science


Article shows  Newton's  accuracy  in stating that  'the world would end no earlier      than  2060.'      Newton's  statement  lines up  exactly with  scriptures which  show       that  the  earth  will    'pass away'   at   the  end  of  the  1000 year  reign  of  Christ      on  earth.  Obviously,  this will  take place  well  past  2060,  in  fact,  at  least  1000       years or  more from today, making  Newton's Biblical  interpretation 100%  accurate.


'And when the 1000 years were completed....[Rev.20:7]   "...the  first  heaven &  the    first  earth  passed  away..... '          [Rev.21:1].

Newton added  that his  intentions were   'not  to assert when the time of the end    will  be....' .     Newton's  wisdom is shown again in differentiating between the last        7  years  of  Tribulation   [ 'the time of the end'    which  he  knew  would  have  to come  first,  &   before  the   'world would end'   one thousand years later.     [Dan. 8:17,19; 12:7].    Clearly,  Newton  made  no   'assertion'  or  prediction  whatsoever   about    ''when"    the     "time  of  the  end  will  be"     as   the   News   writer   inac- curately   portrays.     This  makes  the   writer's    'title'   of   his  article   inaccurate.

Part of the problem in the News article is that the News writer's misunderstanding of terms  [ie. Apocalypse,  'time of the end',  'world would end' ]  causes him to present Newton's  beliefs  erroneously as  if  today's  world  can  expect nothing  prophetical      to   occur   until   at   least   2060.        When  in  fact,   Newton's   beliefs accurately  
confirm    [not  oppose]   Biblical  insights  &  prophecies  which  have  clearly   lined       up  today   for  imminent  fulfillment  as  emphatically  pinpointed at  HeIsNear.com.                   

Sir Isaac Newton
       1642 - 1727
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'Manuscript shows  Isaac Newton  calculated Date of Apocalypse'
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[ *Below commentary by Rob Conrad  [6/24/7]  concerning News story above ]
Statue of  Sir Isaac Newton - 
Oxford University in England
Most say Newton is the greatest scientist in world history
A devout Christian,  Isaac  Newton  wrote  1.3  million words about  theology  and  Biblical prophecy.   This amounts to  far more words written about  theology than  all  of  Newton's  writings  about  science combined.   His passion for  the  study  of   God,  the Bible and  history  was  equally  as  consuming  to Newton  as  his  interests  in   science  and   physics. 

Newton also identified the Biblical profile of ANTICHRIST  exactly as profiled at  HeIsNear.com.

Current  Headline News/photos  TODAY  alarmingly spotlight  ANTICHRIST'S  presence  on  the  world's stage  exactly   like  the  Bible,   Sir Isaac Newton AND   HeIsNear.com    present.       >>>
Sir Isaac Newton Identified Antichrist