For  Spirit-filled  believers  & God's  leaders  in  the   body of  Christ,  this  book  will  powerfully change   your  life  &  ministry  & will  prepare  you  for  these   next  coming  days,  prophetically.

Most  ministers  today   are  satisfied  with  listen- ing   to  their  own  water-downed,  ear-tickling  and  worldy  messages  which  keep  God's  children  in  the  dark  &   lukewarm  at   best.   This  is  obvious  by  today's  ministers  who  fail  as  true  'watchmen'  [Ezek.33:6]   over  God's  people  &   who  are   rarely  seen  operating  in   the   powerful  demonstrations  of   God's  Spirit   or   power.   

For   believers  &  ministers  who   thirst   after  the deeper  things  of  God  &  His  Spirit,   then   this will   ignite  your  walk   in   Christ.     If   you   are   a minister    who   thirsts   after    signs   &   wonders  &    the   gifts   of    the   Spirit   &    may   have   not  seen   much,    if   any,   manifestations   of   God's  power  in  your  ministry,  then  this  will   transform you   &   your   life,    immediately.

For   believers  &  God's  leaders  who  desire  the knowledge   of    "how"     to    operate   in   God's  power   for   miracles,   healings   &    casting   out  devils,    then  this   book   will   absolutely   change your  life.   

In  fact,  many  of  the  needs of   God's  people are  needs  that   can   only   be  solved  &  met  by  God's  power !

Prophetically  in   the  body  of  Christ,  it's  time that   these    deeper  things  of   God   of   His power   begin  being  exhibited   not  only   by   His leaders,    but   also    by   each   member   of   the body   of   Christ    who   thirsts    to   be   used   of  God.        
Glimpse @ the Chapters  of   'The Eyes Have IT'
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'The Eyes Have It'  book  /   Copyright 2005 / Rob Conrad
US Library of Congress
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as  a  deliverance minister, Prison Ministry Evangelist,
Church Pastor  &  Teacher
Rob Conrad
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