A   true  leader  of  God  must & will   bring  credit, honor &  respect to  the  Lord Jesus Christ  in  ALL  of   these   5  areas :

His beliefs & teachings  will always  exalt & point to  Christ Jesus as  Savior &  Lord  & as  the divine Son of  God  according  to scriptures.   

[Today,  believers fall into  the trap of  believing that  anyone who throws the name of  "Jesus"  around &  has  a  Bible opened in  front of  him  or  her,  must  be  a  true  leader of  God.     Believers  forget  that even  the  devil  can  quote  &  teach  scriptures  &  can  even  prophesy.]        [Acts16:16,17].

speech, (godly & respectful / not flippant & worldly as we see today)

behavior, (godly &  respectful / not unbecoming & worldly as we see today)

a   moral  &  pure  personal  &  public life   (no drinking,  smoking,  carousing,  deceitful  dealings  or  immoral conduct;  must have only 1 wife,  etc..)

his attitude towards others   will show  kindness, humility,  respect  &  patience  at  all  times.  ( not  the  arrogant,  insensitive  &  disrespectful attitude  which   we   see   expressed  alot   today  by   so-called  Christian  leaders.)    

Christ's   "love for one another"   (best shown in kindness,  respect &  humility  towards  all  others, even our enemies)    is what  the  Lord Jesus  said would  ultimately   "prove that  we are His  disci- ples".      [ John 13:34,35 ]       [ Love:  more >>  ]

It  must  be  stressed  again  that  if  any  so-called  leader   fails   in   even   1   of   these  above  areas, then   he   is  UNQUALIFIED  to  represent  himself as  a   5-Fold  Leader  of  God  in  front of  the body of  Christ.      He  must  qualify   in   ALL  5   areas.

Paul  called  it   "being above  reproach"   which he   said  a   leader  or   overseer   "must  be".   [ I Tim.3:2 ].       In  fact,   Paul  said   that   unless  a  man  is    "above reproach",   then  he  does  not even   qualify   for   a    "deacon"   position   in   the church   not    to   mention   becoming   a    5-Fold  minister   in   charge  of   overseeing   God's   flock.
[ I Tim.3:10 ].  

Today's  TV  Ministers  in  America...

Many  of   today's   so-called   "leaders of  God"  in  America  fail   Paul's   1st   requirement  of   being  "above reproach"  (v.2)   right  off  the bat.   Their   attitude,  speech  and/or   behavior   is  in  no  way  reflective  of  the  humility &  kindness of  the  Lord  Jesus'   attitude,  speech  &  behavior.  

Today's  pulpit  ministers  largely  demonstrate  an  arrogant,  disrespectful &  worldly  attitude coupled  with  behavior  which  is  unbecoming.  Paul  speci- fied    that   Christ's   true   love   "is  not  arrogant"  &  "does not act unbecomingly" &  "does not brag"  as  we see  largely in  today's  ministers.  (ICor.13: 4-8).   Therefore,  many of  today's  so-called  mini- sters  are   failing  in  Christ's  ultimate  command- ment   to   demonstrate   love   in   their   speech, conduct  &  attitude   towards  others.  

This  makes them  UNQUALIFIED  for  Leadership  &   not   "above  reproach"   as  the   Apostle Paul  instructed  regardless  of  how  well  that particular  person  may   be   able   to    "teach"   or    "lead".

The  next  discernment  of   any   minister  who  is  recognized  as   being   UNQUALIFIED   would  be  to   determine  if   that  individual   leader  is   truly  a  Christian  or,  in fact,  a   false  man  or  woman of God altogether.  This requires a  deeper &  more  trained  discernment  according  to  Hebrews 5:14.   
However,   any  believer  who   rightly   discerns  a  so-called   leader   to   be  UNQUALIFIED  &   not  "above reproach"    in   the   aformentioned   areas,  then   that  believer  has  all   the  information  nec-  essary   to  avoid   him  as   his    "church  leader".
What is  the  Bible criteria  which  determines  a true prophet  / man  of  God    vs.   a   false  prophet   or   a  religious  phony ?    

Prophetically,   it's  time  right  now  for  God's  people  to   begin    knowing   &   handling   accurately    God's  Word  on  His  own  Leadership  requirements  which  qualify  &   confirm  His   true   leaders.

I Timothy  3: 1-16   Leadership  Requirements

The  Apostle Paul  laid  out  the  strictest guidelines &  requirements  for   any  &  every   aspiring  "leader"   to unwaveringly  adhere   to.     Paul's  list  was  extensive &   covered  all   details  of   a   person   &   a   person's  life     "so   that   you  may  know  how   one  ought  to conduct   himself   in   the   household   of   God." 
(I Tim.3:15). 

Any   so-called  leader  who   fails  in   any  1   of  these areas  is,    according  to  scripture,    not  qualified   to  represent   himself   in   front   of   God's   people.  
Discernment  of  End Time  Religious  Leaders
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I  Timothy 3: 1-16
"For  false  Christs   &   false  prophets  will arise & will show great  signs  & wonders, so  as  to  mislead,   if  possible,   even  the elect.  Behold, I have told you in advance."
'See to it  that  no one misleads you ..'   spoken by the Lord Jesus     [Math.24:4]

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