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the  1st
222 AD
2 Thessalonians Chapter 2   -----   'REVEALED'

One of the reasons people are MISLED RE: the TOPIC of 'Antichrist'  is the  MIS-HANDLING  of  Apostle Paul's  usage  of the  word  'REVEALED'   in   2 Thessalonians Chapter 2.

In 2Thess 2 in referring to Antichrist,  the Apostle Paul uses the word  'REVEALED'  3 times  (same Greek word).  The  KEY is knowing that  Paul is referring to 2 different  periods of time as shown below :

THE   FIRST   'REVEALING'   was   about  1800  years  ago.
In VERSE 3,  Paul addresses  Antichrist's ORIGINAL REVEALING (V.3)  of  his IDENTITY  &  being INTRODUCED INTO  this  world FOR ALL TO RECOGNIZE HIM  in physical form in  the  human race  &  world  and  up  to  this  VERY  DAY.   

( History CLEARLY proves  this TOOK PLACE  in  222 AD when  Urban the 1st   was  the FIRST EVER  to  be  installed as the  'BISHOP of Rome' .  This grew into the PAPACY over the  centuries with  ANTICHRIST himself identified  century-after- century  including  by  Pillars of  the  Christian  faith  like :  John Calvin, WM. Tyndale,  Martin Luther,  Joan of Arc,  King  James,  Sir Isaac Newton,  Charles Spurgeon,  ETC ) ;


The SECOND period of time when Paul uses  'REVEALED' pertains to Antichrist OPERATING in his FULL END TIME ROLE  during the FUTURE  End Time 7 Year Tribulation period.

From VERSE 4 through 8, Paul begins  POINTING AHEAD to the End Times which is confirmed when he mentions Antichrist being 'seated in the Temple' (V.4)  which clearly occurs at the MID-7 YEAR point of the 7 Year Tribulation, referring to the newly-built 3rd Jerusalem Temple.   (Rev 11:1,2).

Here, Paul  uses the word  'REVEALED'  2  MORE TIMES  ( V.6 & V.8 )  with  BOTH TIMES  pointing to this   FUTURE END TIME PERIOD  when  Antichrist is  'REVEALED'  ('unmasked' in Greek)   as     OPERATING   IN   his   FORETOLD   FINAL  ROLE  
( 'revealed  in his appointed time' / V.6 )   during   the  final   3  1/2  years  of  the   7  Year  Tribulation.   At  the end   of  his  'revealing'  in FULL POWER  is  when :   "the LORD shall  destroy him....at  His   coming"   (V.8)   at  Christ's  physical  return.

S U M M A R Y :

In KNOWING this accurate teaching of GOD's anointed Word,  then it's  CRYSTALLIZED  that :   1)   the clear  IDENTITY of Antichrist  has been ALREADY  'REVEALED'   about 1800  years ago  as the POPES of Rome,  2)   the  FALSE TEACHING that :  "No one knows who Antichrist is since his identity won't be revealed until the future" is  a  monstrous ERROR by  FALSE TEACHERS which  has  blinded  untold  millions.

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A N T I C H R I S T   ------   'REVEALED'
GOD   is   now    OPENING  EYES   of   His   people   to    'see' Antichrist  TODAY   even  though  top  TV   prophecy  authors  and 'experts'   are   STILL UNANIMOUSLY STUMPED   about  who  he is.    [Matthew 24:33 / Daniel 11:33]

The  FALSE TEACHING still  spewing  from  False Bible  Prophecy 'experts'  today is that : "Antichrist won't be  REVEALED until  at some point in the future. So today,  no one knows who he is."

To the CONTRARY,  GOD's Word provides vast amounts of information  regarding  the topic of  'Antichrist'  including IDENTIFYING him as  one-and-the-same  as Revelation's FALSE PROPHET,  BOTH terms  ('antichrist' & 'false prophet') being  SYNONYMOUS  &  pointing to  the SAME MAN :    the POPES of Rome.   IN FACT,  Revelation  states  that  it's  the 'WISDOM'  of GOD  to recognize his identity.   (Rev 13:18)

Plus, as Apostle Paul's writings below confirm, the true IDENTITY  of  Antichrist  has   ALREADY  BEEN   'REVEALED'  about  1800 years ago  beginning in 222 AD  as history proves.
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