Are  you  100%  sure  you  would  go  to  heaven,   if  you  were  to  die  right  now?  

You  can  be...

Jesus  said:
"I  am  the way,  the truth, &  the life.   No one comes to the Father but through  Me...."              JOHN 14:6
"I   am   the  resurrection  &   the life.    He  who  believes  in  Me,  shall  live,   even  if  he  dies..."

JOHN 11:25

Why  was  the  Bible  written?

"These  things  have  been   writ- ten  to  you  who  believe  in  the  name   of   the   Son  of  God,   in order  that  you  may  know that  you  have  eternal  life."                  

Written by the Apostle John  -   I  JOHN 5:13

God's  promise  of  eternal  life...

How  do  I  receive  eternal  life?  

First,  acknowledge  out loud to  God that you  have  sinned  in  life,  no  matter  how great  or  small  the  sin,   and  that you are ready  right  now  to  be  forgiven....

Scripture  Promise:     "If  we  confess  our sins, God  is  faithful &  just to  forgive us our   sins,   and  to  cleanse  us   from  ALL unrighteousness......".            1 John 1:9


Ask   the   Lord  Jesus  directly  to   forgive all  of your sins  AND   to  be  your  Savior &  Lord,   then  asking  Him  to  come  into your  heart  &   fill  you  with  His   eternal  life,,,,  so  that  you  can  know   right  now  that  He  is  within  you  &  that  you  have  A  NEW  LIFE  IN  CHRIST    AND,    that you  have  eternal  life.......... forever.

Scripture  Promise:           Romans 10: 9, 10

"If   you  confess  with   your  mouth   Jesus  as  Lord,  &   believe  in  your  heart  that  God  raised  Him  from  the  dead,   you   shall  be  saved;   for   with  the   heart    man  believes,  resulting  in   right-  eousness,   &   with  the  mouth                    he  confesses,   resulting   in            salvation."

A Promise from the Lord Jesus Himself  to  you :

"For  God  so  loved  the  world,  that He  gave  His  only  begotten  Son,  that  whosoever  would  believe       in  Him,  would  not  perish,            but  have  eternal  life."

Spoken 2000 years ago in Israel by the Lord Jesus Christ (recorded in JOHN 3:16)

Empty garden tomb, Jerusalem
"He is not here; but He has risen."
                            [ Luke 24: 6 ] >>
A New Life in Christ...
'And this is the promise which He Himself made to us:  eternal life.'         [1 John 2:25]
A New Life in Christ...
Seek the  Lord  while  He may be found;  Call upon  Him while  He is
near.       [ Isaiah 55:6 ]
If you have just  now accepted  Christ as Savior  and Lord,  will you please let us and other believers know so we can rejoice with you?
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Have you confessed your sins to God, and  then recognized  Jesus' death  on the cross as the only way for you to be perfectly washed clean through His precious blood?

Have you also accepted and confessed out loud that  Jesus is Savior and Lord,  believing in your heart that God raised Him from the dead?  Have you asked Him to give you eternal life as the Bible promises?         Do you now KNOW that you have eternal life?  
If  so,  then  take the  very next  5-10  minutes  or more to praise and  worship  Him  for  who  He  is  and  what  He  has  done  for you  today.     In all of eternity, He alone is worthy.
If today you hear His voice,  do not harden your heart.
(Hebrews 4:7)
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