"Even so, you too when you see all these things, know that He is near, even right at the door."
The Lord Jesus said:
Bible  Predictions  for  the  End Times are  lined up  TODAY  confirming  that  this  generation is FACE - TO - FACE   right  now   with  the end  of  history  as  man  knows  it,   culminating   in  the return of  the  Lord  Jesus. 

The  Biblical  key  in  knowing  that  He is near   is  when  all   of  the  prophecies  predicted  for  the  End  Times  line  up   simultaneously  &  globally in  scope.      Today  they  are.   

Never  before  in   history  have  ALL   End Time events    [which   have   been   predicted]    lined   up  together  and  globally  in  scope,  as we see RIGHT  NOW  in  this  generation.

The  Lord  instructed  His  followers  to  "know"..

At  the end  of  Jesus'  discourse of   prophetical  events  that  would  take  place  just  before  His  return,   He  said   His   followers  could  definite- ly   know,   not  the day or  hour, but  the  timing  of  His nearness.   Even as  close as  Him  being  right  at   the  door .        [Math.24:33].

Of the  End Times,   Jesus also  warned  His   fol- lowers:   'Be  on  guard.... lest  that  day  suddenly come  upon  you  like   a   trap.'          [Luke 21:34].

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"How can we know that these are the End Times ?"
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Pope Francis
March 14, 2013