Prophetical  Meat for the body of Christ  / equipping saints

What the Bible says about:

                  [ Rev. 6:1 - 20:3 ]
3  1/2  years
1000 year  millienium reign of Christ on earth       (Rev.20:6) >>>>
Mid-7  year  point Abomination  of  desolation / Mark of the Beast  / false prophet in Jerusalem   (Dan. 9: 27)
3  1/2  years
"And  I  saw  heaven  opened,  &  behold,  a  white  horse,  &  He  who  sat  on  it   is   called         Faithful  &  True;   &  in  righteousness  He  judges  &  wages  war.    And  His  eyes  are   a     
  flame  of   fire,  &  upon  His  head  are  many  diadems;  &  He  has  a   name  written  upon
  Him  which   no  one   knows  except   Himself.   And  He  is  clothed  with   a   robe  dipped         in  blood;   &  His  name  is  called  the  Word  of  God."         [ Rev.19:11-13 ]
Return of  Christ
  (Rev. 19:11;              Acts  1:11; 
      John 14:3)
Revelation 19:11
2011  todayHe  is  near >>>
'When you see all these things....then know that He is near....'
Great  Tribulation
Jesus  said   to   His  disciples,   "Let   let  not   your   heart   be   troubled;  believe   in   God,  believe   also  in   Me.    In   My  Father's   house   are   many   mansions;   if   it  were  not   so,   I  would   have  told you;    for   I   go    &    prepare   a  place   for    you.     And   if    I   go   &   prepare  a   place  for   you,   I  will  come  again,  &    receive    you    unto   Myself;     that   where    I    am,    there   you   may    be   also."            (John 14:1-3).


Acts   1:11   says:     "Men   of    Galilee,  why  do   you   stand   looking   into   the  sky?   This  same  Jesus,  who has been   taken  up  from  you   into  heaven,  will come     in    just   the   same   way    as   you   watched   Him  go   into   heaven."


Revelation  19:11 - 16  says  "And   I  saw   heaven  opened;    &   behold,   a  white  horse,  &  He   who   sat   upon   it   is   called   Faithful   &  True;  &  in  righteousness   He   judges   &    wages  war.    And   His   eyes   are     a    flame  of    fire,     &    upon    His    head    are  many   crowns;   &   He   has   a    name  written    upon    Him    which    no    one  knows   except   Himself.     And   He   is  clothed    with    a    robe     dipped     in  blood;    &   His   name   is   called   The  Word    of    God.     And    the    armies  which  are   in  heaven,  clothed  in  fine  linen,     white    &    clean,   were    fol- lowing   Him  on  white   horses....And  on   HIs   robe   &    on   His    thigh   He   has   a    name    written,     " KING   OF   KINGS,    AND   LORD   OF   LORDS. "

Scriptures    are    clear    that    Christ's  2nd   appearance   to    the   world    will    be  His   literal  physical  return   back  to   earth.   His   return  will   take  place on    the   very   last    day    of    the   7   year   tribulation,    in    order   to   inter- vene   &   stop   the   antichrist's  efforts  to   destroy   all   of   the   human   race.
Many scriptures  specifically  state  that   the  Lord  Jesus   Christ   will  return  to  the  world   a   2nd   time:
the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ...
This  generation  will  SOON  witness