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Personal INFO  ( 4/4/24 ) :

* 5' 11"  /  
* 70 yrs,  (July 1, 1953)  /   100% perfect health
* single,  no children
* born Los Angeles, CAL
raised Orange County, CAL
* love babies & children
* no tattoos  or  piercings
* Never a felony or in prison
* Grew up in 'Ozzie-Harriet' type Conservative wonder- ful  family / ultra CONSERV
* Grad  High School 1971
* 3 Yrs College / Football Scholarship  (wide receiver)
* Dallas Cowboys  pre-camp try-out  in  Irving, TX  stadium before it was torn down;  not picked up by Dallas 1976
* entered  business career  Sept 1977  thru  June  2006
Saved, filled with Spirit  in April  1981  which  was the  1st  MIRACLE  I'd  ever  witnessed  &  to this day is the most powerful  MIRACLE I've  ever  witnessed or  experienced 
Given vision of  'Antichrist' just  7  days  after my salvation,  coming to pass  100%  to  the  'T'  today
* Pastored  Hosanna Christian Fellowship, small church  almost  3  yrs  thru  1992 / Orange County, CAL.
* 1985 - Began ministering in Los Angeles Prison facility  6 yrs  /  Associate Chaplain
* Led  over 3000 souls to the LORD  in prison ministry
* Over the years,  cast demons  out of  40 different demon-possessed  persons  (many in prison ministry)  
wrote 6 books, mostly Bible Prophecies & spiritual discernment  & Christian living
* Led my Dad to the LORD; was the most powerful salvation I've  witnessed in another  person;  he  went to heaven  6  mos  later in  '89
* Led my Aunt to the LORD on her deathbed
* The LORD caused my VIDEO  to  be   #1  in the world  for  years  RE:  'Pope of Rome being  ANTICHRIST'  matching  the  VISION  the LORD  sovereignly  gave me  7  days  after  He  saved  me & also  matching  the  1984  book  I  wrote  'Here is Wisdom  which  pinpoints  the  'Pope as  Antichrist'
* Ministry associates, friends  & coaches  &  team-mates  from  High School & college  who know me over the years,  are  in  the  Facebook Group of about 4300.

MORE  INFO  is  found  at the  'About Us section.

Here are some  simple FACTS about HeIsNear.com's  Global  Ministry  &  myself  which  most  people  are  unaware  of :

HeIsNear.Com  website  was  launched on  April  1,  2005  w/  over  10  MIL  visitors  at  this  point.   Over  11.1  MIL  visitors/views  to  the   prime  YouTube  Channel of   HeIsNear.com.

* After  29  yrs  in  the  business  world,   I   retired   in  June  2006   to   'FULFILL  my  ministry'  as  the  LORD  instructed  me  ( in   NOV  2005 ),   which  started  officially  in  DEC  2006  in  Montana,  over  17  years  ago.

* He  sent  me here to  Georgia & arrived  in  FEB  '08 .

HeIsNear.com's  Ministry/Global Outreach  operates by  FREE-  WILL OFFERINGS  for over 19 years  (since April 1, 2005)  by   individuals.   ( no advertising,  no books  or  CD's  for sale ).

* Typically  only  LINKS  (to contribute/support)   are displayed in  HeIsNearCom's  social networks  showing simply  'how to support'  this  ministry  &  NEVER  any  money-raising  gimmicks  or  constant  'Praise-A-Thons'   as  seen  at  TBN  &  DayStar  & J. Swaggart  TV.   ( IE.  Jimmy Swaggart &  son  Donnie  offer   their  autographs in  a Bible  for  $1000  offering,  ETC ).

* HeIsNearCom's  modest-level  MODE of  OPERATION   &  the  DETAILS  talked about  here  are  NOT  WIDELY KNOWN  because  of   this  ministry's  TRACK  RECORD of  NOT  PUBLICIZING  it  AND  HeIsNear.com's  REFUSAL  to  mirror  TV  Preachers  who  CONSTANTLY  are  talking  about  'money'   PUBLICLY  &  their  'needs'  for  more  of  GOD's people's   money  as  TV  Preachers  continually  FLEECE  GOD's children  for  their  own  self-serving   interests  & lifestyles.

* Although the LORD  said  that,  "The  LABORER is worthy  of  his wages"  (Luke 10:7)  referring  to  a  called  &  anointed  leader  as myself,  I  have   NEVER   (to this day)   taken  any  'wages'  or  a  'salary'  or   any  'set'  dollar  amount  from  the  FREE-WILL offerings  which come  in.     I've  trusted  entirely  in the  LORD  for  over  17  years  (DEC 2006)   VS.   TV preachers   known for taking  huge  annual  salaries,  even  millions  of  $ .

* The   #1  PRIORITY  here  AT  ALL TIMES  is  to  GET  GOD's  anointed Word out  &  the  GOSPEL of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The social media networks are prime avenues where millions have already been reached.  (YouTube, Fbook, Twitter, HeIsNearCom website).

* There's NOTHING  FOR SALE at  HeIsNear.com.   My  books  can  be  read  at  the  site  AT  NO  CHARGE.   Only  the  anointed  Word of  GOD  with  chapters  &  verses  to  back-up  the teachings  are  found  at   HeIsNear.com    VS.    LUKEWARM  TV  Preachers  who  constantly  are  selling  their  'recent  CD or  book'   with  their  'recent  revelation'   in  them  to  FLEECE  GOD's  people.

* There are NO DEBTS here or Bank loans whatsoever   VS.  many church  Pastors  &  Ministers  who  take  out  a  BANK  LOAN/DEBT to  purchase  a  CHURCH-building  or  land  to build  a  church  AND  then  that  Pastor/Minister  places  the  YOKE/BURDEN  of  that   BANK  DEBT  ( to  pay  it  off )   UPON  the  innocent  children of  GOD  under  his  own  charge. 


Rob Conrad  /  founder, HeIsNear.com
404- 914 -7914
Metro-Atlanta, GA
Email :   USincorporated@aol.com
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