Chapter 6                   Evil  in  God's  House

Religious  Evil...

Scriptures  in  the  Gospels  &  the  book  of  Acts  clearly  identify   one of the  most  devout  church-goers  of  all  time.          In    fact,    this   one had  already  been   frequenting  the  synagogues  in   Israel   even   before Jesus    had    arrived    to    minister   at    about    age  30.         But,   what kind    of    devout     religious    figure     is     this     who    can    be    seen  seated    in     the    synagogue   &    awaiting    the    arrival   of    the    very Son   of   God?          Scriptures  are   crystal   clear:     it    was   the   devil.  [Mark 1:23].        Yes,    the   devil   &   his   demons   went   to   church   two thousand   years   ago.        And,   they   went   to   the   same   church   that Jesus   went   to!          What's    more,   is    that    they   have   been   going to   church   devoutly   ever   since,    for   the   last    two   thousand   years.   
But,  what   kind  of   churches  does   the   devil   attend?       All   of   them!The   synagogues,   Spirit-filled  Christian  gatherings,     Roman  Catholic,  Islamic,   Mormon,   Buddist,   Jewish,    Hindu   &   secular  churches   with atheistic   or   even   homosexual   leaders.         But,   his  favorite  is  the true  House  of  God   where  God's   true  Spirit-filled   people  assemble &   worship   God.          This   is    because   the   devil's   greatest  way   of striking   back   at   God   &   to   sneer  at   God   &   to  mock  God:   is   to deceive,    to   confuse    &    to    bring    torment     &    even   death   upon  God's   own   children.          As   many   as   he   can.    

God's  children     [starting  with  Adam]     are    the   devil's   number   one target.      Jesus  Himself   looked   two   thousand   years   into   the   future &   warned    of    this   scheme    of    the    devil    even   within    the    End  Time    body  of   Christ,    which   is    today's   generation.       Clearly,   the devil's    last    scheme    to   deceive   God's    people   &   the   world   will  be     'religious'    as     talked    about    later   in    this   chapter.        But,  Jesus     specifically    foretold    of     the    deceiver's    global   religious  tentacles     in     the     End   Times    by     stating     that      "many  false prophets  would   arise    &    will   mislead   many,     even   the  elect [God's  children]      if   it   were  possible."     [Math.24:24].           As    for  the     devil,      he      will     continue     in     this     intent    to    deceive    &   destroy   God's    people    until    he     is    thrown    into    the    bottomless pit    at    Christ's    return.         [Rev.20:2,3].

Until    then,    the   devil   will    relentlessly   pursue    believers   &   anyone of    any    persuasion.          He    has    no    care    whether    he    destroys one    person    at     a      time     or    whether    he     destroys    multitudes  by     entering      into      a       'false  prophet'      or       'false  leader'     who heads-up     a     body    or     nation    of     unsuspecting    people.        The  methods     he    uses    to    destroy    &    murder    are    countless.       Whether    he     murders   &    destroys    with     his    subtle   camoflauged approach     or      uses     an      abrupt     &    bold    explosion    of     death makes    absolutely    no    difference    to     him.             Satan's    prime    purpose    is     to     take    as    many    thousands    &    even    millions   of people     [especially   God's  children]       to   destruction    that    he    can.  

Today,   the  prime  false  &  empty  religions  of  which  the  devil  has  had the  greatest   success   are   Islam  &   the  Roman Catholic   doctrines &   rituals   under   the    folly   of    the   concept   of   the    Roman  Papacy. Both  of   these    religions    mock   &   oppose   God's   Word    &   are   a monstrous   confirmation   of    the    devil's   religious   abilities   &   global success.         Both   religions   today    are   also    leading    hundreds   of  millions  of   people,    even   billions   worldwide,     into   darkness   under  the    deceptions   of     the   devil's    religious  mastery   over    the    last 20    centuries.         History   shows   Muhammed    as    having    allegedly  written    the    Koran    in     the    7th   century    &    the     Roman   Papacy  originating   over   1700   years   ago.

The   Bold  Originator  of   the  world's   Religious   Evil....

If   the   devil   was   bold  enough   to   take   his  seat  in   the   synagogue right   in  front  of   the  Lord  Jesus  Himself   who  had  all   power  to  cast him  out,    then   how   much   more   boldness  &  success   has   he   had  in   infiltrating    the   true   body  of   Christ   over   the   last   two   thousand years?        The   devil   also   boldly   stood  in   the   Lord's    presence   & quoted   Bible  scriptures   to   Him  directly.       How  much  more  ease  & success   has    the   devil    had   in    the   last    two   thousand   years   in deceiving   God's   children?          Or,   in   even   taking   the   forefront   at  the   pulpit    in    God's    very   own    House   with    a    shiny   new    Bible opened    in    front    of    him?  

The    answer    to    these   questions   is:    ALOT   of   boldness,    alot   of ease   &   alot   of  success,   even   in   Spirit-filled   churches  in   America today.       To   students   of    the   scriptures   then   the   idea  of   religious deceptions   &    mishandling   of   God's    word    within    the    House   of  God    is   nothing   new   at    all.             It's    been   clearly    foretold   with  many   warnings   in   the   New  Testament   writings   from   most   of    the Apostolic   writers.         Jesus   Himself   was   emphatic   about   His  followers    not     being   'misled'.       [Math.24: 4, 5,11, 24, 25].           

However,   a    key   problem   over    the   centuries   &   which   still   exists today   &   in   America,    is    the   ever-present   lack  of   knowledge  of God's  Word    plus      the     lack  of  discernment     by    believers    & especially   Christian   leaders   in   charge   of   overseeing   God's   flock.  
Today's    lack  of  spiritual  discernment    to   spot    the   devil    or    a  religious   phoney    within   the    true   House  of   God    has   unecessarily helped   in   keeping   the  door  open  for   increased   religious  deception in  the   body  of  Christ.      In  America  today,   the   lack of discernment by   Christian   leaders   over    the   last   20-30   years   has   allowed   the devil's   greatest    infiltration   of    Christian   churches    in    our   nation's  history.       

But,   believers   are   warned   to    "not   be  ignorant  of   the  schemes  of the  devil"    Paul   wrote.     [2 Cor.2:11].             "Be  sober  &  vigilant because  your   adversary   [the devil]   prowls  about  like   a  roaring   lion, seeking   whom   he   may   devour"    Peter  wrote.    [1 Pet.5:8].         And   the    Lord    Himself    warned,    "See   to   it   that   no   one   misleads you..."     as   He   went   on   to  describe   the   religious   false  prophets &    religious    deceptions    expanding     throughout     the    centuries    &  leading    up    to    the    End  Time    generation.         [Math.24:4,5].       

In    fact    today,    many    'deceitful'     religious    persons   have    easily  taken     the    forefront     in    God's    House    even    in     America.        [1 Tim.4:1].             Without   question,     today's   generation    has    evolved  into     exactly     what     the     Lord    &    the    Apostle   John    specifically foretold      [in   Math. 24  &   Revelation]        in     becoming     the     most   religiously  deceived  generation    ever.          'Many   false  prophets will   arise'     Jesus  said.      'And  will   mislead  many'.     [Math.24:5, 24].             But,     the      final    &    ultimate    religious  deception    is   epitomized     in      the      appearance     of     the     greatest     religious  imposter      ['false  prophet']       in     all      of     world     history    in     the   End   Times.          [Rev.16:13,   Rev.13:11-18]. 

Originally,   not  even   60   years  after   Christ   &   then   Pentecost,    the devil     &     his    religious  influences     had    already     impacted    the first    century   churches   as    profiled   clearly    in    the    vison    to   John in   95 AD.       Chapters   2  &  3   of    Revelation   depict    5   out   of   the 7    churches     which     had     been    birthed     by      the     Apostle   Paul in     southeast    Asia      as      already     needing     serious     repentance from     their     sins    &    evil    influences.            Only    the    churches   at   Smyrna    &   Philadelphia    were     free    from    the    need    to    repent.         

This    is     a    soberingly     loud     statement     as     to     the    religious craftiness,    purpose    &    effectiveness    of     the     devil     within    the 1st    century    body  of    Christ.          When    5   out   of   the   7   churches of    true   believers    are    seen    in    such   bad    shape    in    less    than 60    years   of     being    birthed    then    a      real    alertness    comes   to mind    about    the    spiritual    state    of     today's   Christian   world    two thousand    years    later.         This   includes   America's   current   spiritual decline    from     the    solid    Judeo-Christian   values    instituted   by   our forefathers    and     today's     misrepresentations   of    Christ     from   the  Christian   pulpits    &    by     so-called    Christian    ministries.

The   Bold  FINISHER   of   the  world's  Religious  Evil...

Since    the    first    century    the    greatest   originator  &  controller   of  all    false    religions,    all    false   religious   ceremonies   &    all    phoney religious   doctrines  is   the  devil.      Second  to  no  one  else.      Anyone [religious  or  not]      who  the  devil   finds   that   he  can   deceive   is   the very   one   he   will   ruthlessly   victimize  or   even  use   to   carry  out   his infectious  schemes  of  darkness  &  seperation  from  God.      But,   the area   of   religion  is    his   specialty  &   will   be   his   ultimate   End Time    ploy.

In    the    Revelation    vision   in    95AD,      the   Apostle   John   saw     [in advance]      the    devil's  ultimate  &   religious  grand  finale    in    the  End  Times,   having   evolved   from   centuries  of    religious   deceptions &   horrors.        He    identified     the    devil's   final   religious   product as    the    'false  prophet'.     [Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10].            John    was shown     [in  advance]      the    next    2000   year    track    record   of    the devil's    relentless     but    successful     rise     in     the     global    religious arena.         The   Apostle   clearly    recognized    the   devil    in    the    End Time     generation    as     having     packaged     himself     into     1    final religious   imposter   on    the    world's    final    stage.   

This    is     why   John    wrote:      "And    I   saw   another    beast      [false prophet]     coming   up   out  of   the   earth....".     [Rev.13:11].             This  shows    the    End  Time   false  prophet's   religious    masquerade    &  religious    history   as   having    trailed   him   for   centuries  of   deception &   beastly   atrocities.          In    effect,    the    End  Time    False Prophet will    have    'grown'    over    centuries   of    development    right    up    to his    horrific    final    religious   role.          'Coming   up  out   of   the   earth' also     dispells    any     concept    of      a       'false  prophet'      suddenly    popping    out    of    the    woodwork    in    the    End  Times   as    a     new concept.           It     also   dispells   today's    popularized    notion    that     a 'recently   born   unknown   person'       in      this    last    generation   would  suddenly   appear   as    the     'antichrist' .  

The   fact   that   John   saw   the    false  prophet   as    'having  2  horns like   a   lamb'     [Rev.13:11]   clarifies   that    this   religious  imposter's appearance    to     the    unsuspecting    world    will     be    as    a     great &    wonderfully    religious    man    of      'sacrifice'.           The    'lamb'   symbolizing   Biblical   sacrifice.       In    the   devil's   last   religious   grand trickery,     the     world's    leaders    &    people   collectively    will     have  grown   accustomed    to    this    religious  icon's  disguise   &    friendly appearance   in    the    world's   scenery.  

Even   the  false  prophet's   speech   will   appear   eloquent   &   greatly attractive   to   all   religions.     Clever  speech   has  always   been  part  of satan's   nature.       However,  without   close   examination  of   the   false prophet's   appearance  &   speech   by   God's  Word   &  by   the   Spirit then    his    self-exalting   deceitful   spirit,    his   doctrines  of   demons   & his     abominable     religious     history     which     trails     him     will   go  unchecked    by   the   general    world   audience   of    the    End  Times.   

This    is    exactly   what    the    Revelator   meant    in   saying    that     the false  prophet      "looked    like   a    lamb,    but    he   spoke   as    a  dragon".       [Rev.13:11].           In    the   end,     satan    will    have    finally cloaked    himself    successfully    in     his    ultimate  religious  costume in    order    to    fool    &   destroy   as    much   of    the    human    race   as he     possibly    can     since    he     knows    that     his     time    is     short.  [Rev.12:12].           But,   until     the    exact    mid-point    of    the    7   Year Tribulation    when    the      false  prophet    takes    his     'mask'     off   & reveals     his      true    vicious     nature,       then     he     will     continue   in his     masterful     religious  disguise     throughout     the     first    3  1/2  years.            [Rev.6:2;   Rev. 13:11-18;   2 Thess.2: 3, 4].

The  Ultimate  &  Final  Religious  Deceiver...     [Rev.13:11; Rev.16:13]

Scriptures   provide   much   wisdom  &   information  about   this   coming  one   man,   the    'false prophet' .       In   fact,   today's   historic   records of    his    religious    history    are    easily    accessed   &   confirm   exactly the     scriptures'    portrayal    of    the    ultimate  religious  imposter   of the    End  Times.           Also   as    a    clear   matter   of    historic   record, many     mighty    pillars    of     the     Christian     faith     have      accurately &    publicly    identified    the    false   prophet's    true    profile   including: John  Wycliffe    [1324-1384],       William  Tyndale    [1494-1536],       John Calvin    [1509-1564],      Sir   Isaac  Newton   [1643-1727],       John  Knox  [1505-1572],      J.A.  Wylie    [1808-1890],     George  Fox     [1624-1691], Rev.   Roger  Williams     [1603-1683],      Charles  Finney     [1792-1875],  Charles  Spurgeon    [1834-1892],        D. L.  Moody     [1837-1899]       &   John  Wesley     [1703-1791].

However,   although   God's   people    have   grown    naive     [even  blind]  on    this    topic    in     the    last    150-170    years   now,     the    body   of  Christ    will    soon     re-gain    this    vital  insight   from    God's    written Word    &    from     the    clear    confirming    facts    of    history    on     this matter    as    did     these    past     men   of    God.            Also,     Daniel's &    John   the   Revelator's    portrayal   of    the     false  prophet   arising from    within    a     revived    Roman   Empire   of    the    End  Times    will soon      become     crystallized     in      this      generation     since      this     Biblical     scenario    has     already    clearly      taken      its      preliminary form     today     in     western    Europe     [the   European  Union].      

Then,    as   foretold    in   Bible   prophecy   [Dan.11:33; Rev.6:2],     global awareness    &     understanding    amongst    God's    people     will    soon become    illuminated    to    the    false  prophet's    profile   &   presence  on     the     world's     stage     as     the       'start'     of      the    Tribulation  draws     nearer    &     since    the    time    is    at     hand    for    all    things to     be     revealed     to     the    glory   of    God     &      the     Lord   Jesus  Christ.               [ Headline News links / false prophet ]

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