Today's   global    birth   pangs   are   on    fast-track   now.     They   will   increase    in    intensity   as    this   generation   draws   closer   to    the  'start'   of    the   final   7  Years.       Once   the   7   Year   period    itself  begins,    then    today's    birth  pangs   will    turn   into    the   'perilous times'     which    the    Apostle   Paul    talked    about.      [2 Tim. 3:1].       Jesus   Himself   clarified   this   in   stating    that    'birth  pangs'    will   'deliver'     the    final    generation    'into  Tribulation'.      [Math.24:8,9].  Although    the     7    Year   Tribulation     itself     will     be     the    most   stressful    period    in    history,     it    will    grow   progressively   worse  from    the    very   beginning   to   its    defined   destructive    'end'    in  the    last    3  1/2   years.         [Dan.12: 6,7].

Soon,   this   generation   will   observe   the   'start'   of    the    7   Year   Tribulation    by    the     'signing'     of     a     7   Year   Mideast   Peace   Agreement    mediated    by    the    man  of   sin.       [Dan.9:27;  Rev. 6:2].    Once    this   is    executed,     then    Revelation   shows    clearly    that    today's   declining   global  condition   will   immediately  &   drastically begin    imploding.        

Just   inside    the   Tribulation,    Revelation   states   that     "peace  is  taken  from   the   earth".     [Rev.6:4].        This   represents   spiritual   turmoil    globally   &   is   clearly   the   beginning  of   'perilous times'    worldwide   for   all   people   including  Christians.     The   same  verse   also   specifically  shows   that   a     'great  sword  was  given'     to  the  2nd   rider    ['red horse']    "that  men  should  slay  one another".    This  unmistakably     indicates    worldwide   bloodshed    at     all    levels   ranging   from   various   military   actions   to  anarchy   in   the   streets.

During   this   perilous  beginning  stage   of  the   7  Year  Tribulation,  Daniel   &   the   book  of   Revelation   [&  other  scriptures]   portray   the body   of   Christ    as    anointed    to     'preach  the  Gospel'    &   as   being    'those who have insight   &  give  understanding to  the many'. [Math.24:14;  Dan.11:33].       Although   an   increase  in   persecution  of  Christians    will    also   occur   within   the    Tribulation    [Math.24: 9,10] great    comfort    &    strength   will    come    to    the    body   of   Christ.   

This   will   result    from   scriptural   knowledge   &   understanding   while   witnessing   the    initial   unfolding   events   within   the   7   Year    Tribulation   period    and     knowing   that   Christ   is    near.       Daniel  confirms   this   by   saying   that     'the   people  who   know   their  God will    display   strength   &   take   action'.     [Dan.11:32].          However,  also    at     this    time     'some   will   fall   away   from   the   faith' .        [1 Tim.4:1;  Math.25:1].       ~Rob Conrad

Perilous Times ahead...     [2 Timothy 3:1]

[ Excerpt from   'End TIme Prophetic Insight' ]
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